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Former jailer pleads guilty to theft of government property

By Ann Maher | May 18, 2018

A former St. Clair County jailer accused of stealing money from a detainee has pleaded guilty to theft of government property.

Report: Metro-East property tax rates nearly double national average

By Joe Kaiser, Illinois Policy Institute | Apr 24, 2018

Both Madison and St. Clair County taxpayers paid a higher effective tax rate than the national average in 2017, a year which also saw continued outmigration from the region.

Kolker campaign cautions residents on social media scam

By The Madison County Record | Feb 6, 2018

St. Clair County Associate Judge Chris Kolker wants Metro-East residents to be aware of a new scam that is being perpetrated on social media.

Yandle denies class certification in St. Clair County bid rigging suit

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Jan 31, 2018

District Judge Staci Yandle denied class certification in a bid rigging suit against former St. Clair County treasurer Charles Suarez and several tax buyers, concluding that a class action would “rapidly become unmanageable.”

Felonious mayors, a tradition in Alorton

By The Madison County Record | Dec 20, 2017

If it's true that American voters get the government they deserve, then the roughly two thousand residents of Alorton in St. Clair County must be truly deplorable. Or, they're extremely tolerant and forgiving.

Bond County circuit judge Knight not running for retention; Deadline to file for judicial vacancies approaches

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Nov 29, 2017

Bond County circuit judge John Knight has confirmed that he will not run for retention in 2018.

Clay picked to lead association of court clerks

By The Madison County Record | Nov 18, 2017

PEORIA – Colleagues of St. Clair County circuit clerk Kahalah Clay elected her as president of the Illinois Association of Court Clerks on Nov. 13.

Herndon grants dismissal in former St. Clair County employee's retaliation suit

By Karen Kidd | Nov 17, 2017

EAST ST. LOUIS – Federal judge David R. Herndon dismissed a former St. Clair County Intergovernmental Grants Department employee's suit alleging retaliatory discharge. 

Special prosecutor sought again to investigate an elected St. Clair County judge

By Ann Maher | Oct 7, 2017

St. Clair County Chief Judge Andrew Gleeson has ordered the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct involving an unnamed circuit judge in the Twentieth Judicial Circuit.

St. Clair County foreclosure mediation program becomes mandatory

By The Madison County Record | Sep 27, 2017

A foreclosure mediation program that began in St. Clair County in January 2014 has become mandatory for owner-occupied residential foreclosure cases.

Baricevic defending felony suspect

By Record News | Sep 26, 2017

BELLEVILLE – Former St. Clair County chief judge John Baricevic, now in private practice, has undertaken the defense of a felony suspect.

Gleeson forms exploratory committee on voluntary drug testing for judges

By Ann Maher | Sep 22, 2017

St. Clair County Chief Judge Andrew Gleeson has formed an exploratory committee to "advance the implementation" of a voluntary judge drug testing program in the circuit.

Goldenhersh will not seek another term at Fifth District in '18

By Ann Maher | Sep 20, 2017

Fifth District Appellate Court Justice Richard Goldenhersh will not seek another 10-year term when his current one expires at the end of next year.

Haida wants leaks to stop in Carl Silas murder investigation

By Record News | Sep 15, 2017

St. Clair County Circuit Judge Robert Haida said at a hearing on Sept. 15 that he would order Sheriff Rick Watson to stop leaks from the investigation of the murder of Carl Silas.

St. Clair County real estate Aug. 22-28

By The Madison County Record | Sep 12, 2017

St. Clair County real estate listings: August 22 to August 28, 2017. A home at 116 Antler Creek Court in Caseyville sold for $356,000 on Aug. 23.

St. Clair County foreclosures Aug. 28-Sept. 1

By The Madison County Record | Sep 12, 2017

There were 10 foreclosures in St. Clair County from August 28 to September 1, 2017

LeChien funeral on Friday; Uncertainty exists in filling vacancy

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Sep 6, 2017

BELLEVILLE – Having served as a judge for 30 years, St. Clair County Circuit Judge Robert LeChien, 65, died on Aug. 31.

St. Clair County Circuit Judge LeChien has died

By Ann Maher | Aug 31, 2017

St. Clair County Circuit Judge Robert P. LeChien, 65, has died, according to courthouse officials.

St. Clair County seeks class certification in Trinity guard rail litigation

By Record News | Aug 14, 2017

EAST ST. LOUIS – St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly and special assistant David Cates, who claim a Texas firm must remove bad guardrails from roads statewide, expect local crews to distinguish good ones from bad ones.

St. Clair County real estate June 12-19

By Elizabeth Alt | Jul 19, 2017

An O'Fallon home sold for more than $448,000 as part of the recent St. Clair County real estate transactions for June 12-19.

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