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Civil justice reforms proposed in House include venue reform, joint and several liability and judicial retention

SPRINGFIELD - Legislation that would restrict judges from seeking election to their own seats has been refiled after dying in a previous session of the Illinois General Assembly.

Madigan says he won't resign in wake of staffer sexual harassment scandal

Speaker Michael Madigan says he has no plans to resign in the wake of allegations his political operation slow-walked an investigation of a staffer alleging sexual harassment by a supervisor.

Ives: Madigan should step down over handling of sexual harassment complaint

The office of House Speaker is a powerful position that carries with it a great deal of responsibility. It is because of Speaker Madigan’s failure to carry out the responsibility of his leadership position that we’re at this point. He failed to do his job and ensure that a Legislative Inspector General was in place and that complaints were handled in a timely manner.

Illinois pensions: Overpromised, not underfunded

For years, the state’s political elite has blamed ordinary Illinoisans for the state’s pension crisis.

Like a good neighbor: Illinois sees record loss of people to neighboring states

Solving Illinois’ people problem requires addressing the high cost of government, which makes the state far less attractive for people looking to plant roots.

New laws set to take effect Jan. 1 include ban on part-time participation in IMRF

More than 200 new laws will take effect in Illinois on Jan. 1, including one that restricts part-time office holders, whether elected or appointed, from participating in or receiving benefits from the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF).

Census: Illinois loses title of 5th largest state to Pennsylvania

Census data released Dec. 20 show the Land of Lincoln is no longer the fifth-largest state in the U.S.

Beiser stepping down from State House one year early; Bristow appointed Monday

State Rep. Dan Beiser (D-Alton) has resigned the seat he has held since 2004, likely providing the benefit of incumbency for the Democrat candidate seeking to succeed him.

Government unions, your property tax bill and the power of giving

Balancing the scales at the bargaining table is an essential step in fixing the property tax problem.

Student loan troubles? Illinois officials can suspend your professional license

Almost a quarter of Illinois workers need licenses to work in their professions, and workers who default on student loans can face the suspension of those licenses.

New IRS data: Illinois sees record loss of people, income to other states

The Land of Lincoln is experiencing heavy losses of people and income to other states, new IRS data reveal. Illinois lost more than 86,000 people and $4.75 billion in adjusted gross income to other states from 2015-2016.

McCarter calls Springfield a 'gross atmosphere' in wake of sexual harassment allegations

SPRINGFIELD - Programs on how not to engage in sexual harassment were given to lawmakers this week following recent bombshell allegations made by a lobbyist who claimed a ranking member of the state Senate harassed her.

In 'Spring(field) Vegas,' a toxic culture thrives in the dark

The culture of silence will end eventually. And when it does, it will be with a deafening roar.

While Illinois courts Amazon, privacy litigation threatens tech firms, Illinois employers

The flood of biometric privacy litigation engulfing tech companies and employers should make the General Assembly think twice before passing new regulations that could increase costs and compliance burdens for companies.

Illinoisans see less income after taxes than residents of all neighboring states

Illinoisans saw more than 30 percent of their income go to income taxes and property taxes from March 2015 to March 2016 – a higher share than residents of every bordering state.

Illinois is becoming a home equity desert

The highest property taxes in the nation are stripping families of both their home's value and their ability to get a return on the largest investment most will make in their lifetime. Illinois’ property tax system is inequitable, inefficient, and indecipherable.

Illinois' pensions debt grew more in one year than half of states' entire budgets

In one year, Illinois' pensions added more debt than 25 U.S. states' entire budgets.

You can't fire me, I quit

You can't fire me, I quit

Illinois' next tax hike could mean pain at the pump

A proposed increase in gas taxes to pay for state infrastructure spending would impose another burden on overtaxed Illinoisans.

Illinois lawmakers stampede for the exit

The most likely driver is pretty obvious to most Illinoisans: the rage of constituents.