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Monday, September 16, 2019

Grandone Media Strategies

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    Marketing in good times versus bad times

    According to government statistics, the economy is humming along at a good pace. Unemployment is near record lows and companies are experiencing market highs. Everything is good. So, why would a law firm want to start a marketing effort now?

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    What percentage of business should come from referrals

    Much of a law practice’s marketing is targeting prospective clients and designed to inform them about your firm and its services, and to get them to call you when they need help. Thank you Mr. Obvious! What if you could get business to come to you without the cost of advertising, public relations, memberships and other marketing expenses we all pay to get new business?

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    Will artificial intelligence replace you in 2045?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) in law practice is both controversial and inevitable. Will it make routine work easier or more complicated?

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    Get noticed by getting your news out

    The days of spending time writing a press release, getting it approved, mailing it to the newspaper and television and waiting a couple of days, hoping for the best are long gone. News now is instantaneous. It is a 24/7 beast that must be fed. If it happened last month, it isn’t news any longer. It’s history.

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    Business development: Planning for competition in the new year

    What is your business plan for 2017? How do you plan to attract or push new clients to your firm? If you are like many firms, you have no formal plan. You rely on referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations because, after all, you’re good at what you do. Right?

  • Law firms need business development help

    The practice of law in the service of the people is an honorable profession that comes with a great deal of responsibility.