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Ming-Mendoza defeats Adler for Madison County Clerk

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Nov 7, 2018

Incumbent Democrat Debbie Ming-Mendoza defeated Republican Steve Adler for Madison County Clerk after the two sparred in an attack campaign alleging voter fraud.

‘Super poll watcher’ will have access to ballot counting, resolving suit against MC Clerk

By Brian Brueggemann | Nov 5, 2018

Republicans will have a “super poll watcher” monitoring the election Tuesday, under terms of an agreement reached in a lawsuit that accused the Madison County clerk’s office of conducting closed-door vote tabulations in a previous election.

Madison County clerk candidates spar; Property tax exemptions the latest front

By John Breslin | Nov 5, 2018

In the race for Madision County Clerk, the two opponents have sparred now for weeks, largely with the challenger launching attacks, and the incumbent crying foul over a claimed smear campaign.

County clerk candidate calls incumbent's claim over ballot supervision at residential facilities a ‘fabrication’

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Nov 2, 2018

Republican candidate Steve Adler said the Madison County clerk’s assertion that election judges supervise the voting process for Beverly Farm residents is a “fabrication.”

Election judges and poll watchers were shut out in '16, suit claims; Republican seeks injunction for access

By Ann Maher | Oct 22, 2018

A lawsuit filed Monday seeks an injunction requiring Madison County Clerk Debra Ming-Mendoza to make election night vote counting open to all election judges and poll watchers.

Madison County officials differ sharply on election cyber security in wake of '16 Russian hacking

By John Breslin | Oct 19, 2018

A "white hat" hacking test of Madison County's computer systems is causing confusion and sharply differing positions over the involvement of the county clerk's office - which handles elections.

County chair calls for forensic audit of Wood River levee district; Gibbons calls it irresponsible to discuss open investigations

By Ann Maher | Sep 26, 2018

Calling for a forensic audit of the Wood River Drainage and Levee District over possible misappropriation of funds has become the latest tussle between political rivals in Madison County government.

Requirements for political candidates should be sensible, and fairly enforced

By The Madison County Record | Mar 20, 2018

Some fancy restaurants have dress codes, insisting that male patrons wear coats and ties on the premises and sometimes have extras on hand to loan out for those who show up in shirt sleeves.

AG: Madison County Sheriff violated FOIA in refusing to release video at Clerk's office

By Ann Maher | Mar 8, 2018

The Madison County Sheriff's Office violated the Freedom of Information Act by denying access to video footage of a county board member filing election petitions at the County Clerk's office in December, according to a ruling issued by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office on March 6.

Madison, St. Clair county clerks transition to mandatory e-filing with ease

By Chandra Lye | Mar 5, 2018

EDWARDSVILLE – Although e-filing for courthouses across Illinois has been mandatory since Jan. 1, local circuit clerks' offices have been using digital records for years.

Election judges always in demand as primary election approaches, county clerks say

By John Sammon | Mar 2, 2018

EDWARDSVILLE – County clerks in Madison and St. Clair counties said finding judges to serve in primary and general elections is a constant need.

Dugan rules for Democrat board member Dalton in Republican's electoral challenge

By Ann Maher | Jan 18, 2018

Madison County Circuit Judge Dave Dugan has ruled in favor of Democrat county board member Elizabeth Dalton following a challenge to her nominating papers for the March 20 primary.

Judge will decide by Wednesday whether county board member Dalton will stay on ballot

By Ann Maher | Jan 16, 2018

Madison County Circuit Judge Dave Dugan is expected to rule by tomorrow whether petitions of Democrat County Board member Elizabeth Dalton will withstand electoral challenge from a Republican constituent.

Thousands go to polls for early voting in Madison County

By Christina Stueve Hodges | Oct 25, 2012

Madison County poll workers from left: Beth Gori, Andrea Brodzinski, Lisa Budde, and Linda Werner.

Madison County Circuit Clerk Matt Melucci dies

By Ann Maher | May 11, 2012

Melucci Madison County Circuit Clerk Matt Melucci has died after suffering from lung cancer.

Madison County: Von Nida says election day running 'very smoothly'

By Ann Knef | Nov 4, 2008

Madison County Clerk Mark Von Nida said the county's 20-25 percent early voting turnout is "really paying off" by having set up smooth sailing on election day.

Judge rules voters must be notified of misleading ballot information

By Chris Rizo | Oct 3, 2008

CHICAGO - Illinois voters must be notified at the polls on Nov. 4 that there is misleading language on the ballot, a judge has ruled.

Ornament links Simon and Lincoln in Springfield

By The Madison County Record | Dec 8, 2005

Madison County Clerk Mark Von Nida shows off a pine cone ornament, one similar donated to the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, as requested of the state's county clerks. It may not have been obvious at first. But a few days after receiving a request from the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield for a Christmas ornament representative of Madison County, the choice was clear for County Clerk Mark Von Nida

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