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One of Illinois' top tax credit recipients to shutter 1,000-employee HQ

By Austin Berg, Illinois Policy Institute | Sep 12, 2018

Illinois issued more than $60 million in EDGE tax credits to Takeda Pharmaceuticals from 2003 to 2013, more than any other company received over that time.

Moody’s: Illinois pension debt-to-revenue ratio hits all-time high for any state

By Adam Schuster, Illinois Policy Institute | Sep 4, 2018

According to a new report by Moody’s Investors Service, Illinois’ unfunded pension liabilities equaled 601 percent of state revenues in 2017, a U.S. record.

Rest of the nation sees 31 percent faster jobs growth vs. Illinois in 2018

By Orphe Divounguy and Bryce Hill, Illinois Policy Institute | Aug 21, 2018

Illinois experienced its sixth consecutive month of jobs growth in July, yet continues to trail the pace of growth in the rest of the nation for 2018.

David v Goliath type race playing out in 113th District; Hoffman has close to $1 million, but Jameson has thousands of contacts

By Ann Maher | Aug 17, 2018

Republican candidate for state representative Doug Jameson hopes to pull an upset in November over long time incumbent, Democrat Jay Hoffman of Belleville.

Why your property tax bill is so high and how to fix it

By Austin Berg, Illinois Policy Institute | Aug 7, 2018

Less than 50 cents of every additional property tax dollar over the last 20 years went to pay for services that raise home values. Instead, the primary driver of the rise in property taxes was pension costs.

3 ways Illinois can improve its property tax assessment system

By Vincent Caruso, Illinois Policy Institute | Aug 1, 2018

The method by which local governments calculate Illinoisans’ property tax bills is broken. Here’s how Springfield can fix it.

Belleville residents picking up huge tab for work comp payouts

By Vincent Caruso, Illinois Policy Institute | Jul 30, 2018

Illinois industry shoulders the burden of the highest workers’ compensation costs in the region. But what many Illinoisans paying some of the nation’s highest property taxes may not realize is that they’re picking up the tab for those costs, too.

Hog-tied: Illinois state law not equipped to address local governments’ pension problems

By Joe Tabor, Illinois Policy Institute | Jul 25, 2018

Avenues for state oversight for cities with financial difficulties have limited utility in the face of massive pension debt and have almost never been invoked since Springfield passed them into law in 1990.

Alton voters will choose whether to eliminate township in November

By Vincent Caruso, Illinois Policy Institute | Jul 17, 2018

Alton residents are paying for two overlapping units of government – the city of Alton and Alton Township. But voters will soon have the chance to slash costs by dissolving the city’s redundant township.

If Frank Mautino didn’t break the rules, the rules are broken

By Austin Berg, Illinois News Network | Jul 16, 2018

When it comes to political graft, paying people under the table isn’t too complicated – as long as you have some blurred lines to hide in.

Jobs data: After 2017 income tax hike, Illinois slows while nation grows

By Orphe Divounguy and Bryce Hill, Illinois Policy Institute | Jul 11, 2018

As national jobs growth kept up a steady clip, Illinois saw jobs growth dip after lawmakers passed a historic tax hike.

East Alton eyes $35K in savings, but pension woes loom much larger

By Vincent Caruso, Illinois Policy Institute | Jul 10, 2018

Severely underwater public safety pensions have already derailed the finances of other municipalities, such as Harvey and North Chicago.

Janus v. AFSCME is a huge win

By Mailee Smith, Illinois Policy Institute | Jun 27, 2018

In a 5-4 ruling on June 27, the U.S. Supreme Court declared forced union fees violate the First Amendment rights of government workers.

En route to Rauner’s desk: Victories for licensing reform, regulatory rollback and axing golden parachutes

By Mindy Ruckman, Illinois Policy Institute | Jun 26, 2018

Nearly 600 bills are on their way to the governor, some of which would be encouraging changes to the status quo.

Illinois sees fourth straight month of jobs growth in May

By Bryce Hill, Illinois Policy Institute | Jun 26, 2018

Illinois’ jobs situation improved in May, but the state needs long-term solutions such as a spending cap to get on a path to fiscal health and assure investors more tax hikes are not on the horizon.

Belleville has seen sharpest population decline among top Illinois cities since 2010

By Vincent Caruso, Illinois Policy Institute | Jun 13, 2018

As Illinois struggles to address its people problem, population loss has plagued communities across the Land of Lincoln. But the shrinkage in some areas has been more severe than others.

For Speaker Madigan, when do drips become a flood?

By Austin Berg, Illinois Policy Institute | Jun 11, 2018

A few brave souls have come forward with their stories about the behavior under Madigan’s dome. But how many still feel powerless?

Belleville school districts are ripe for consolidation

By Vincent Caruso, Illinois Policy Institute | Jun 7, 2018

Illinois has more units of local government than any other state in the country, many of which are duplicative and overlapping. In Belleville, where the majority of the city’s school districts cover fewer students than the state average, consolidation efforts could boost efficiency while saving taxpayer dollars.

Progressive income tax resolution passes in State House

By Ann Maher | May 30, 2018

A progressive income tax resolution passed in the State House on Tuesday 61-52, mostly along party lines.

Illinois Supreme Court ruling a victory for government transparency

By Jeffrey Schwab, Liberty Justice Center | May 29, 2018

The court’s ruling strengthens Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act, a crucial tool in holding government officials accountable.

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