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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Illinois Supreme Court

Recent News About Illinois Supreme Court

  • This week in History- Oct 4 through Oct. 10

    10/5/94-- The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nomination of Third Circuit Court Judge Paul E. Riley for a spot on the federal bench. The Edwardsville native had served in Madison County as judge since 1985, including a term as chief judge from 1991-93.

  • All eyes on the 5th District

    EDWARDSVILLE-Judicial races typically don't captivate the public's attention, let alone dominate political reporting. But with millions expected to be spent on the the 5th Judicial District race for Illinois Supreme Court, all eyes are on this one.

  • What do you want to hear?

    Words speak louder than actions

  • Follow up: Tillery keeps Power

    The National Law Journal ranks attorney Joseph Power as one of the top four plaintiff's attorneys in Illinois. Springfield-- Stephen Tillery has the Power.

  • The screening solution?

    Supreme Court Justice Rita Garman When Eighth Circuit Court Judge Dennis Cashman retired last month, the power of naming his replacement fell to Supreme Court Justice Rita Garman.

  • ISBA: Karmeier better qualified than Maag

    Judge Gordon Maag The Illinois State Bar Association has released its ratings of judges running in and around Madison County.

  • Big money, big judicial campaigns

    Madison County voters are in the crossfire for one of the highest profile judicial races in recent history. Democrat Gordon Maag and Republican Lloyd Karmeier are battling for the right to represent 37 Southern Illinois counties on the state Supreme Court.

  • Med-Mal Switcheroo

    Most of us know our doctor. We've met them. We've looked into their eyes. We've shaken their hands. But few of us 'know' our insurance company.

  • Get your facts straight

    Sherman Joyce has been president of ATRA since 1994. Personal Injury lawyer Randall Bono tells quite a story in the September 2 Madison County Record.

  • Norwood's Letter

    Republican Representative Charlie Norwood (pictured, center) has represented northeast Georgia since 1995. Washington, D.C.--In a letter released today, U.S. Representative Charlie Norwood (R-Georgia) has asked U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft to investigate what he calls 'disturbing reports' about the Madison County Circuit Court.

  • Start talking, Stop Talking

    Blago's Big Secret: More meetings

  • Madison County's Dubious Distinction

    For over 30 years, the asbestos litigation crisis has rumbled through the United States, forcing many dozens of companies into bankruptcy, costing thousands of jobs and most importantly, delaying and reducing the compensation available to take care of asbestos victims.

  • Is local tort reform legit?

    Some experts say courts aren't bound by local ordinances.

  • Senate candidates embody tort debate

    Haine the trial lawyer vs. Sherrill the businessman.

  • ISBA's High Horse

    Agree? Disagree? Email us your comments to The ISBA should take off its rose-colored glasses, for voters sake.

  • Kardis Takes Center Stage in Asbestos

    Circuit Judge Phillip Kardis makes his debut as boss of the asbestos docket on Thursday. Longtime Granite City judge no stranger to controversy, spotlight.

  • Circuit Judge Philip Kardis

    HOMETOWN: Alton