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Monday, August 19, 2019

Illinois Supreme Court

Recent News About Illinois Supreme Court

  • Karmeier win bellows resounding message

    Newly elected Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier and wife, Mary, enjoy a moment on election night. Voters electing Washington County Circuit Judge Lloyd Karmeier to the Illinois Supreme Court sent a resounding message on Election Day.

  • Will a Maag shuffle thwart the will of voters?

    Circuit Judge Anne Callis Will Gordon Maag, who lost retention to the 5th Appellate Court, resign his seat before his term expires Dec. 6 so that a Madison County Democrat can be ushered in?

  • Coattail effect is nominal in Metro East

    While the victory of Republican candidate for Illinois Supreme Court Lloyd Karmeier was impressive, the coattail effect was moderate at best in St. Clair and Madison County.

  • Gordon Maag comes up short on retention

    Gordon E. Maag 5th Appellate Court Judge Gordon Maag not only lost his bid for Illinois Supreme Court on Tuesday, he lost retention to the appeals bench.

  • Karmeier wins Illinois Supreme Court!

    After a costly, grueling battle for the state's highest court, Washington County Circuit Judge Lloyd Karmeier is the 5th Judicial Illinois Supreme Court victor.

  • Cash flow heavy in final days of Supreme Court race

    The state supreme court race that shattered a national campaign contribution record was infused with even more cash in the final days of the campaign.

  • IG visits Vienna in wake of ethics complaint

    Three officials from the state's Office of Inspector General visited Vienna Correctional Center Oct. 29, following up on an ethics violation complaint against Illinois Supreme Court candidate Gordon E. Maag.

  • Kameier ROI and Metro East targets

    Supreme Court candidate Lloyd Karmeier Polls and reports from the field indicate that those backing Lloyd Karmeier for Illinois Supreme Court Justice may be in for a good return on investment.

  • I-LAW is freed from order

    Steve Schoeffel, pictured earlier in the month, in front of a portable billboard that was displayed throughout southern Illinois. Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch is free to move forward with its voter education campaign after Williamson County Circuit Judge Phillip Palmer lifted a temporary restraining order that attempted to squelch it.

  • Shimkus joins Karmeier for pre-election fly around

    U.S. Rep. Shimkus formerly served as Madison County treasurer. Circuit Judge Lloyd Karmeier of Nashville, seeking the vacancy on the Illinois Supreme Court from the Fifth District, will be joined by Congressman John Shimkus (R-Illinois, 19) on a pre-election day fly around.

  • A supreme upset may be in the works

    Karmeier has attracted support from both political parties. For the first time since the 1960s, a Republican appears poised to win the Illinois Supreme Court's 5th Judicial District seat.

  • Asbestos lawyer Randall Bono puts up another $200k

    Randall Bono, a powerful asbestos lawyer and former Madison County Judge, has dug into his pockets again donating another $200,000 to the newly formed Justice for All political action committee aimed at helping Illinois Supreme Court candidate Gordon E. Maag.

  • Karmeier sets out on three-day campaign blitz

    Judge Lloyd Karmeier of Nashville, Republican candidate for the Illinois Supreme Court, is taking his campaign on the road during this final week before election day. Karmeier will be making stops in 23 cities over the next three days.

  • Ethics violation follow up falls flat

    A worker who lodged an ethics violation complaint against Illinois Supreme Court candidate Gordon E. Maag, is frustrated with the state Office of Executive Inspector General’s lack of attention to the matter.

  • Poll: Karmeier 43 Maag 40

    Lloyd Karmeier As election day nears, Illinois Supreme Court Justice candidate Lloyd Karmeier is holding a slight edge over rival Gordon Maag, according to a poll by Alexandria, Virginia-based Public Opinion Strategies.

  • The Home Stretch

    Judge Ferguson Judge Ferguson pitches in...

  • ILAW director has no plans to stop educating

    The director of a southern Illinois watchdog group dedicated to pulling the plug on frivolous lawsuits said he has no plans to cease educating voters on lawsuit abuse, even though a judge in Williamson County called for the group’s radio ads to end.

  • Reeb victory would set off cultural shock waves

    St. Clair County Board Chairman candidates Steve Reeb (left) and Mark Kern. A Republican take over of St. Clair County's top job would send cultural shock waves above the hill, below the hill and beyond the county's borders.

  • Healthcare alliance SMASH ready for test

    Dr. Morris Kugler After one year, several rallies and nearly 30,000 thousand letters, the organizers of SMASH (Southern Illinois Medical Alliance for the Survival of Healthcare) are about to learn if their efforts have had a bearing on electors in Madison, St. Clair and other Southern Illinois counties.

  • Woman hopes $250k will bring peace of mind

    A Madison County woman hopes that at least $250,000 will sufficiently relieve emotional distress she suffered when Bank One allegedly failed to remove unauthorized charges from her account.