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Friday, August 23, 2019

Illinois Supreme Court

Recent News About Illinois Supreme Court

  • Stop wasting our money and time

    East Alton plaintiff’s attorney Thomas Maag has apparently decided to drop a silly slander lawsuit he filed against Steve Tomaszewski, a former aide to newly-elected Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier.

  • Thomas Maag moves to drop lawsuit

    Madison County plaintiff's attorney Thomas Maag has moved to drop a civil lawsuit he filed last month against a former campaign staffer for Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier.

  • MCR's most frequently viewed articles on the Web

    Fungus, chicken bones, heating pads and Vioxx. Whether a plaintiff has been damaged by products, accidents or circumstances, the Madison County Record reports case details--often dramatic narrative of disfiguring injuries, lost wages and mental anguish--to a worldwide audience. (

  • #5 News Story: Philip Morris argues before state's high court

    Plaintiff's Attorney Stephen Tillery In the post-election hush, one of the most compelling news stories to be found anywhere in America unfolded before the Illinois Supreme Court Nov. 17.

  • #2 News Story: Maag files $110 million defamation suit

    Former Judge Gordon E. Maag Weeks after losing a contentious battle for Illinois Supreme Court, Gordon E. Maag, filed a $110 million defamation lawsuit against his campaign's detractors Dec. 20.

  • #1 News Story: Karmeier wins costliest state SC race; Maag not retained

    Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier In 2004, a norm in political reporting was shattered. Judicial race coverage, which typically never sees the light of mass media, chartered new territory in a high stakes, all-important race for state supreme court justice

  • Legally blonde

    Thomas Maag All in the family... Home Court?... The "B" Team.

  • Maag: Not ready for prime time

    Now we really know. Gordon Maag didn’t have what it takes to sit on the Illinois Supreme Court.

  • Maag files $110 million defamation suit

    Gordon Maag Gordon E. Maag, who lost a costly and contentious race for Illinois Supreme Court justice, filed a $110 million defamation lawsuit against detractors in his failed campaign.

  • Northern allure

    Bono Is asbestos northbound I-55? Several Springfield GOP operatives are actively surmising that the Illinois Supreme Court has plans to move Madison County's asbestos docket north to Chicago's Cook County.

  • Musical Benches!

    In his perfect world, Madison County Circuit Court Judge Philip Kardis would be scoping out lunch spots and rubbing Appellate Court elbows in Illinois' 'King City', Mt. Vernon.

  • Justice-elect Karmeier to be sworn in

    Justice-elect Lloyd A. Karmeier Retiring Illinois Supreme Court Justice Philip J. Rarick will administer the oath of office to justice-elect Lloyd A. Karmeier, when he is sworn into the state's high court during a ceremony at the Supreme Court Building in Springfield Dec. 6.

  • 'Tillery World' beckons

    For every sound judicial decision (see Judge Daniel Stack) that helps resuscitate its reputation, Madison County sees a new looney lawsuit or two that reminds us why such a mania persists over its “jackpot justice.”

  • Kuehn replaces Maag on Appellate Court

    SPRINGFIELD-- Illinois Supreme Court Justice Philip Rarick is recommending the appointment of Judge Clyde Kuehn to replace Gordon Maag on the 5th Judicial District Appellate Court.

  • Just the facts

    Taking in oral arguments in Philip Morris’ appeal of its now famous Price verdict at the Illinois Supreme Court, it was easy to find oneself mesmerized by the questions of the moment.

  • Still Smokin'

    Byron Conspiracy Theory... Sue Everybody!... Short Court... Kugler writes a record.

  • $10.1 billion drama plays in Illinois high court

    Plaintiff's attorney Joseph Power engages reporters after oral arguments were heard by five of seven Illoinois Supreme Court justices. One of the most compelling news stories to be found anywhere in America unfolded Wednesday before the Illinois Supreme Court.

  • Toss the Philip Morris verdict

    Just when you thought things might calm down around here, Madison County gets to revisit one of the cases that made it famous—Judge Nicholas Byron’s $10.1 billion class action whopper against Philip Morris.

  • After the storm

    Matoesian Don't cry for him... Post-Election pandering... Plots... Attempts.. & the Tort Reform Tide.