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Monday, October 21, 2019

Illinois Supreme Court

Recent News About Illinois Supreme Court

  • McGlynn and Spomer named to appellate court

    Belleville attorney Stephen McGlynn has been named appellate judge of the 5th Judicial Circuit to fill the vacancy that will be left by Judge Clyde Kuehn, whose temporary assignment ends July 7.

  • Moving up the food chain

    Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier Department of Justice looks poised to deliver it to the voters of St. Clair County.

  • Under seal: wondrous court tales kept secret

    Mark McKenna Case files at Madison County's courthouse hold wondrous stories for the world to read. But the most amazing stories are kept under seal by order of the court.

  • Reaction flows in med mal epicenter

    Gary Graham A bipartisan medical malpractice insurance reform compromise reached by state lawmakers inspired mixed reaction in the Metro-East--epicenter of the volcanic issue.

  • Med mal deal reached; officials and 'the people' respond

    Sen. Frank Watson announces agreement A monumental bipartisan medical malpractice insurance reform compromise was reached Wednesday evening in Springfield which would cap non-economic damages at $500,000 for doctors and $1 million for hospitals.

  • The real thing

    When the Pulitzer family agreed to sell its St. Louis Post-Dispatch to Lee Enterprises earlier this spring, it did so with one unique stipulation.

  • SMASH crusade goes statewide

    Metro East surgeon Morris Kugler, M.D. believes in the strength of numbers and unity.

  • High court rules in favor of title company fees

    Supreme Court Justice Rita B. Garman (4th District) For 39 years the Illinois Supreme Court has allowed title companies to prepare legal documents without law licenses, reasoning that they act “pro se” - for themselves.

  • Ferguson re-elected Madison County's chief judge

    The circuit judges of Madison and Bond Counties have re-elected Circuit Judge Edward Ferguson as chief judge for the 3rd Judicial Circuit in Illinois.

  • Rekowski honored with Clarence Darrow award

    John J. Rekowski, chief public defender for Madison County, received the prestigious 2005 Clarence Darrow Award from Saint Louis University School of Law in a ceremony at the university recently.

  • Rebel yell

    Bailiff Charles “Rod” Taylor guards the second floor of the Madison County Courthouse with a wink and a smile. He’s a friendly and familiar face.

  • Get out...

    In a sunshine state While Washington types debate what to do with the flame-retarding substance that made him rich and famous, asbestos ace Randy Bono is living permanently in Florida where he’s starting a new business, a source tells Dicta.

  • Med mal stakeholders testify against new version of bill

    The Illinois Senate Executive Committee heard testimony from doctors, hospitals, lawyers and insurers Wednesday on medical malpractice reform, but indefinitely delayed a vote on a bill that most stakeholders do not like.

  • ICJL reports judicial reform groups are anti-business

    ICJL president Ed Murnane A report by the Illinois Civil Justice League claims that state campaign finance reform groups veiled as independent critics are actually funded by “anti-business” special interest foundations.

  • Plaintiff Peach awarded windfall judgment against Granite City

    9 Briarcliff Dr. in Granite City--Peach offered $68,900 for it. Posing as the buyer of a Granite City home, a resourceful Madison County woman pulled $20,000 in $100 bills out of her purse and handed it over to an incredulous seller as down payment for a $68,900 house she had never seen on the inside.

  • From the peanut gallery

    Madison County Chief Judge Edward Ferguson has banned smoking within 150 feet of the new Criminal Justice Center on St. Louis Street.

  • Demagnetizing Madison County

    Painter Luke Lindau lives in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. But when Lindau wanted to sue his former employers for allegedly exposing him to asbestos, he headed south for justice. To the suburbs of St. Louis, that is.

  • Appellate Court reverses Matoesian's decision in AT&T class action

    AT&T prevailed in an appeal to the 5th Appellate Court regarding a class action consumer fraud case filed by Sandra K. Ragan and Dennis Mangiaracino in 2002 in Madison County Circuit Court.

  • Illinois pols, reformers react to class action reform

    "There are still alot of state classes," said Mike Pope of Chicago's McDermott, Will & Emery. With a few strokes of his pen Feb. 18, President George W. Bush signed into law an act which Congressman John Shimkus (R-Collinsville) described as "a bill that most people believe is a major tort reform that will go down in history as making a big difference."

  • Byron transfers Pfizer class action to Cook County

    Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron A consumer fraud class action lawsuit against drug giant Pfizer has been transferred from Madison County to Cook County, where it will be consolidated with a similar case.