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Hoerner admonishes defense in BIPA certified class action: ‘plaintiffs…don’t need you doing their thinking for them’

By Record News | May 30, 2019

MOUNT VERNON – Fifth District appellate judges will review an order of St. Clair County Associate Judge Kevin Hoerner, certifying a class action on biometric data for a client of former chief judge John Baricevic.

Tillery tries again

By The Madison County Record | May 8, 2019

One way or another, I'm gonna get ya, I'll get ya, I'll get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya!

Law Day 2019: Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society

By Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier | May 2, 2019

As petty and trivial as the press may sometimes be, its power to inform and to educate on the important issues of the day has endured.

Economic statements for local judges should offer more detail

By The Madison County Record | Apr 19, 2019

Though easily dismissed as a partisan fishing expedition, the clamor for President Donald Trump to release his tax returns has a certain logic. After all, it could be useful to know the financial interests of our chief executive – and of every federal, state, and local official as well.

Union County judge Boie assigned seat at Fifth District Appellate Court

By Ann Maher | Apr 17, 2019

Union County Circuit Judge Mark M. Boie, a Republican, has been assigned a seat on the Fifth District Appellate Court to fill the vacancy created by the election of Justice David Overstreet last November.

Economic statements of St. Clair Co. associate judges show wealth – and substantial student loan debt

By Record News | Apr 10, 2019

SPRINGFIELD – Resources of St. Clair County associate judges range from relative comfort to a type of strain that affects a significant swath of the American population – student loan debt – according to a review of their statements of economic interest filed with the Illinois Supreme Court.

Note to legislators and judges: Do your jobs!

By The Madison County Record | Apr 9, 2019

Note to state legislators: “You are required by the state constitution to pass a balanced budget.”

State passes bill lifting 25-year statute of repose for occupational disease lawsuits

By Ann Maher | Mar 14, 2019

The state has passed a bill that lifts restrictions for when workers suffering from occupational disease, such as asbestos, must file suit against an employer.

Gibbons defends challenge to criminal defense rule; Says witnesses exposed to intimidation

By Record News | Mar 13, 2019

BENTON – Granting criminal defendants custody of their case files would expose witnesses to intimidation, Madison County counsel Joseph Devereux asserted in U.S. district court on Feb. 27.

Divorce-related IRA fund dispute takes Edwardsville attorney to Supreme Court

By Glenn Minnis | Mar 11, 2019

Michael Hertz’s mind was on the same thing it has been focused on for more than a decade when he recently argued before the Illinois Supreme Court for first time on behalf of a client.

IL SC to hear parents' class action seeking compensation for lead test paid for entirely by Medicaid

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Feb 28, 2019

The Illinois Supreme Court has agreed to hear a class action in which the parents of minor children who underwent lead toxicity testing claim they should be able to recover damages for the cost of the tests even though they were paid for entirely by Medicaid.

Lawyers oppose motion to disclose wife of former federal judge will share $80 million fee

By Record News | Feb 18, 2019

EAST ST. LOUIS – Lawyers who settled a class action against State Farm for $250 million oppose a motion to disclose the fee for Trish Murphy, wife and law partner of former federal judge Patrick Murphy.

The astounding reversal on Illinois’ pension crisis

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Feb 7, 2019

Governor J.B. Pritzker has made his position clear on pensions: No reforms. Not necessary. Just pay them. Nobody in the Democratic party, which holds supermajorities in both the House and the Senate, has voiced any dissent.

Judge Barry Julian is off to a bad start

By The Madison County Record | Jan 31, 2019

Do the laws that the rest of us residents must follow not apply to the ones making and interpreting them?

IL Supreme Court: Ex-wife can't use past temp injunction to stop husband's sons from getting his IRA

By Scott Holland | Jan 28, 2019

The Illinois Supreme Court says a man had the right to name his children the rightful heirs of his retirement funds, even though his ex-wife contended a court order in place during divorce proceedings should have prevented it.

IL Supreme Court: No actual harm needed to sue businesses for scanning fingerprints, other biometric IDs

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 25, 2019

The Illinois Supreme Court says an Illinois privacy law doesn’t require plaintiffs to prove they were actually harmed before suing businesses and others who scan and store their fingerprints or other so-called biometric identifiers. And the decision will give a green light to dozens of class action lawsuits already pending against businesses of all sizes in the state’s courts, with even more likely to follow.

Can Pritzker keep promise to stop Illinois gerrymandering?

By Austin Berg, Illinois News Network | Jan 25, 2019

Illinois House Republicans are out with an independent mapmaking plan. And Gov. J.B. Pritzker is on the record saying he’ll reject a legislative map drawn under political influence. The 2020 census is just around the corner, after which Illinois must redraw its district lines.

Monsanto pollution plaintiffs want settlement invalidated; Hearing set today

By Record News | Jan 15, 2019

BELLEVILLE – Almost 300 plaintiffs in pollution suits have called on St. Clair County Chief Judge Andrew Gleeson to invalidate a settlement between their lawyers and Monsanto.

People suing Google over facial geometry scans of photos must prove real harm, not just 'feel aggrieved': Judge

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 2, 2019

Saying the plaintiffs bringing the action must show how they were actually harmed, a Chicago federal judge has closed the window on a class action lawsuit accusing Google of violating an Illinois privacy law by automatically creating and storing face scans of people in photos uploaded to its Google Photos service.

Supreme Court grants attorney leave to challenge appeals court decision over legal malpractice claim

By John Breslin | Dec 17, 2018

An Edwardsville attorney was granted leave to appeal by the Illinois Supreme Court in a case with its roots in a claim of legal malpractice.

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