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Trial lawyer cash making its way into Fifth District race

By Ann Maher | Sep 17, 2018

The race to fill an open seat on the Fifth District Appellate Court has seen an infusion of trial lawyer campaign cash in recent weeks - from near and far.

State Farm could have argued other companies wanted Karmeier on court because of asbestos, class actions

By Record News | Sep 11, 2018

EAST ST. LOUIS – U.S. District Judge David Herndon gave class action lawyers many tools to damage Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier and State Farm, but on the eve of trial he opened a hole in the class’s armor.

Hale v. State Farm settles for $250 million

By Ann Maher | Sep 4, 2018

State Farm and plaintiffs have agreed to settle protracted RICO litigation for $250 million on the opening day of what was expected to be a long-running trial at federal court in East St. Louis.

Remodeled law library at Edwardsville courthouse to officially open

By John Breslin | Aug 27, 2018

A remodeled Law Library at the Madison County Courthouse will be officially unveiled on Wednesday.

Stiehl begins three-month circuit judge position; Gleeson ‘profusely’ thankful for Karmeier’s appointment

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Aug 23, 2018

St. Clair County Circuit Judge William Stiehl Jr. began his brief three-month appointment Thursday, presiding over the probate docket.

Poorer communities may be at greater risk for lawsuits following Supreme Court narrowing of immunity protection

By John Breslin | Aug 23, 2018

Poorer municipalities may be hit harder following an Illinois Supreme Court decision that narrows the immunity communities used to enjoy against personal injury lawsuits, according to one attorney who represents a number of local municipalities.

Stiehl steps up to fill spot in short handed circuit, looking forward to three month stint

By John Breslin | Aug 22, 2018

When Belleville attorney William Stiehl Jr. received "the call" in mid-July, he hesitated, but only for a short time.

HEPLERBROOM: Griffin joins Heplerbroom

By Press release submission | Aug 16, 2018

HeplerBroom issued the following announcement on Aug. 14.Michael T.

Judge Gleeson masters social media

By The Madison County Record | Aug 14, 2018

“Great addition to the bench. Welcome soon-to-be Judge Stiehl!”

Former Beelman Ready Mix employee’s suit at trial in Kolker’s court

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Aug 8, 2018

A forrmer Beelman Ready Mix employee’s suit alleging retaliatory discharge after refusing to drive an unsafe dump truck is at trial in St. Clair County Associate Judge Chris Kolker’s courtroom.

IL high court: Cities can't sidestep lawsuits by simply calling property repairs 'discretionary'

By Dan Churney | Aug 6, 2018

The Illinois Supreme Court has reduced the reach of the legal shield long enjoyed under Illinois state law by cities and other public bodies when faced with personal injury lawsuits, as the high court indicated the rationale advanced by lower court judges in rejecting a woman’s lawsuit over the injuries she sustained tripping on a Danville sidewalk was overbroad.

Judge Gleeson’s bias is self-evident

By The Madison County Record | Aug 3, 2018

Last week, attorney Margaret Lowery filed a petition in St. Clair County Circuit Court seeking to have Chief Judge Andrew Gleeson substituted for cause in her case against Trent’s Quality Construction. She accuses Gleeson of having demonstrated bias against her following an incident that occurred two years ago.

William Stiehl Jr. appointed circuit judge one year after LeChien's death

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Aug 2, 2018

Belleville plaintiff attorney William D. Stiehl Jr. was appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to fill the circuit judge vacancy left open following the death of former judge Robert LeChien roughly one year ago.

Clifford sought to keep 'live' defense witnesses out of Hale v State Farm trial; Herndon denies, and announces retirement

By Record News | Jul 31, 2018

EAST ST. LOUIS – Class action lawyers preparing for a $10 billion conspiracy trial against State Farm sought to prevent 17 defense witnesses from testifying live rather than let their depositions speak for them.

Asbestos defense attorney says Jeffs v Ford decision clarifies jurisdiction questions

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Jul 26, 2018

The highly anticipated Ford Motor Company jurisdiction appeal was released as an unpublished Rule 23 decision after the appellate court remained under advisement for roughly a year and a half; but an asbestos defense attorney said the ruling still provides assistance for defendants raising jurisdiction objections in Madison County

Mudge grants motion to stay in suit alleging Club Fitness stored biometric data without consent

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Jul 24, 2018

Madison County Circuit Judge William Mudge granted a joint motion to stay a class action alleging Club Fitness stored employees' biometric information without consent.

Herndon strikes campaigner opinions in upcoming Hale v. State Farm trial saying they lack methodology

By Record News | Jul 24, 2018

EAST ST. LOUIS – U.S. District Judge David Herndon excluded two experts for plaintiffs suing State Farm over its role in the election of current Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier in 2004.

Fifth District vacates defamation order in SIUE professor’s lawsuit

By Record News | Jul 23, 2018

MOUNT VERNON – Madison County Circuit Judge Andy Matoesian improperly found a defendant liable for defamation without evidence that her statements were false, Fifth District appellate judges ruled on July 10.

Why Judge Robert LeChien is ‘irreplaceable’

By The Madison County Record | Jul 17, 2018

Some judges are irreplaceable. It might be their vast knowledge of the law, their many years on the bench, their Solomonic wisdom, the unique rhetorical flair that made their opinions a delight to read even for those who disagreed with them, or some other distinctive attribute.

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