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Motorist sues Mascoutah school, bus driver over collision

BELLEVILLE — A motorist is suing Mascoutah Community Unit School District #19 after one of its bus drivers allegedly caused a collision. 

Woman allegedly injured shoulder in trip, fall at Granite City home

EDWARDSVILLE – The guest at a Granite City residence has filed suit against the homeowner after a fall at the property.

Homeowners allege City of Alton failed to repair storm sewer

EDWARDSVILLE — Property owners are suing the City of Alton for allegedly allowing the storm sewer to fall into a state of disrepair.

Two allege injuries from Wood River collision

EDWARDSVILLE – A motorist and her passenger allege a distracted driver caused a collision in Wood River.

Woman sues owner of camper after alleged attack

EDWARDSVILLE – A woman is seeking damages after she was struck with a baseball bat while visiting a camper in Michael.

Father, minor child allege injuries after Granite City auto accident

EDWARDSVILLE – A Granite City father and his minor son are seeking damages after a collision in the city.

Motorist alleges vehicle was rear-ended by distracted driver in Alton

EDWARDSVILLE – A woman alleges she was injured in an Alton collision because of the actions of a distracted driver.

Motorist sues over Granite City rear-end collision

EDWARDSVILLE – A Granite City man alleges he was injured in a collision in the city caused by a distracted driver.

Woman alleges punching bag machine at Brazz Monkee caused fall

EDWARDSVILLE – An invitee at a Wood River establishment claims that a tripping hazard outside the women's restroom caused her to fall.

Client claims attorney failed to file suit against St. Clair County Coroner's Office on time

BELLEVILLE – An attorney is facing a suit from a former client who alleges her claim was not filed in a timely manner.

Man alleges injuries from slip, fall at Pontoon Beach Denny's

EDWARDSVILLE — A man claims he was injured when he slipped on a puddle of water on a greasy floor at the Pontoon Beach Denny's restaurant.

Alton VFW seeks partial summary judgment in woman’s suit alleging injuries on dance floor

The Alton VFW seeks partial summary judgment in a woman’s suit over alleged injuries on the dance floor, arguing that it did not owe her a duty because the fellow patron’s actions were not foreseeable.

Alton fitness center says customer should have known hot tub temperature was unsafe for use

An Alton fitness center alleges a customer should have known the temperature in its hot tub was too high for safe use in a lawsuit alleging the man died after using the hot tub.

54th Street restaurant accuses customer of causing his fall from intoxication

An Edwardsville restaurant denies liability in a customer’s slip and fall suit, arguing that the patron became intoxicated and was unable to maintain his balance.

Alton VFW denies liability in personal injury suit

Alton VFW denies liability in a woman’s Dram Shop lawsuit claiming she was injured when she was allegedly knocked down on a dance floor on the defendant’s property.