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Woman alleges insurers failed to pay underinsured motorist coverage

EDWARDSVILLE – A woman alleges her insurance company failed to provide underinsured motorist coverage.

Driver, passenger allege injuries from Alton collision

EDWARDSVILLE – More than $50,000 is sought by two individuals from an Edwardsville woman after a collision in Alton.

Woman claims she suffered back, shoulder injuries in Alton crash

EDWARDSVILLE — A woman is suing a driver, claiming that insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries.

Motorist, passenger allege injuries from Humbert Street crash

EDWARDSVILLE – A driver and passenger allege they were injured when another motorist attempted to turn before it was safe to do so and collided with their vehicle.

Customer alleges injuries from slip, fall at Alton Shop ‘N’ Save

EDWARDSVILLE — A customer is suing a grocery store chain, citing alleged negligence in keeping its premises safe for patrons.

Couple sues over Collinsville collison

A couple injured in a 2013 car accident is suing the other driver who was allegedly responsible for the crash.