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Herndon transfers suit alleging banks funded terror to NY

By Record News | Apr 17, 2017

U.S. District Judge David Herndon transferred to New York City a suit from attorney John Driscoll of St. Louis, claiming global banks financed terror attacks.

St. Louis attorney sues foreign banks alleging they helped Iran sponsor terror; Suit modeled after case filed in May

By Record News | Nov 29, 2016

EAST ST. LOUIS – Lawyers who for 12 years have pursued claims that banks helped Iran sponsor terror attacks have earned the high compliment of imitation.

Deutsche Bank deflects blame in suit claiming it financed terror that killed, maimed local men

By Record News | Aug 2, 2016

EAST ST. LOUIS – Deutsche Bank of Germany, defending a claim that it provided Iran with material support for attacks on U.S. troops, argues that the theory behind the claim would implicate the United States itself.

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