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When the boys came out to play, Simon Greenstone ran away

By The Madison County Record | Mar 1, 2016

Some asbestos lawyers act like bullies, targeting companies besieged by lawsuits, inflating claims and claimants, using questionable evidence, concealing or delaying claims against other entities, etc.

Double-dipping asbestos law firms exposed

By The Madison County Record | Feb 26, 2015

Two years ago in federal bankruptcy court, the Houston law firm of Williams Kherkher Hart Boundas moved for summary judgment against Garlock Sealing Technologies, which had accused the firm of making fraudulently inconsistent claims about the origin of a client’s mesothelioma.

Asbestos law firm gets well-deserved comeuppance

By The Madison County Record | Jan 17, 2014

There are at least two reasons to request a summary judgment. One is that the facts in the case are not in dispute and it makes no sense to waste time and money on a trial. Another reason is sheer lawyer bravado, an audacious attempt to hornswoggle the judge with an argument that won’t bear scrutiny and a trial that likely would go badly.

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