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Sheldon Silver: Govt. evidence suggesting doctor, Simmons exchanged referrals for donations prejudiced him

NEW YORK CITY – Former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, under conviction for corruption, claims that testimony about the mesothelioma foundation of Madison County asbestos lawyer John Simmons prejudiced his jury.

Chicago doctor and researcher appears as witness in several Simmons' asbestos suits

A Chicago cancer doctor whose research organization has received funding from the Simmons Mesothelioma Foundation has appeared in at least seven Madison County asbestos lawsuits as a treating physician or expert witness for cases filed by the Simmons firm of Alton.

Simmons Foundation gave $2.5 million to Columbia Univ. over four years; Simmons firm received 26 asbestos referrals over same period

On Nov. 30, jurors found former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver guilty of giving state funds to Dr. Robert Taub while making money on referrals from him. The Simmons Foundation in 2010 executed a contract with Taub's research center at Columbia University, pledging $3.15 million in five years.

Sheldon Silver, a high-ranking N.Y. politician and asbestos lawyer, found guilty of corruption

NEW YORK (Legal Newsline) – Sheldon Silver, a once-powerful politician who worked at one of the most prominent asbestos law firms in the country, was found guilty of corruption by a federal jury on Monday. The verdict against Silver, a Democrat who was the speaker of the Assembly prior to the indictment against him, came in the fifth week of the trial, the New York Times reported.

Former Simmons CEO testifies at Sheldon Silver trial; Testimony offers lesson on wealth produced by meso cases

NEW YORK CITY – John Simmons and his firm spend $15 to $20 million a year on advertising, his former chief executive testified at the criminal trial of former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on Nov. 10. Greg Kirkland testified that the firm employs about 200 persons, which would mean that the firm spends $75,000 to $100,000 per employee on advertising.

Sheldon Silver corruption trial set to begin next month; Former NY assembly speaker drops key witness

NEW YORK CITY – Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, facing a corruption trial, won’t call to the witness stand a professor who blessed his cozy position in the asbestos firm of Weitz and Luxenburg. On Sept. 30, Silver abandoned his argument that Roy Simon of Hofstra School of Law exonerated him in a report to Weitz and Luxenburg. He declared he doesn’t intend to call Simon as an expert witness, relieving U.S.

Doctor testifying in Sheldon Silver case was treating physician in Simmons asbestos case in Madison County


Chicago researcher has appeared for plaintiffs in Madison County asbestos; Med center also accepted funding from Simmons foundation


WSJ pounds asbestos trial bar over Sheldon Silver charges; Link between politicians and lawyers 'ripe for investigation,' paper says


Reports: Simmons' foundation provided $3.15 million to researcher cooperating in Sheldon Silver case


Rand's asbestos report shows lucrative outcome for lawyer trust fund managers

Kazan Giants of asbestos litigation hold half the power in seven trust funds that paid $2.4 billion in claims in 2008, according to tables in a new Rand Corporation report.

Pennsylvania company is 89th to collapse under asbestos claims

Robreno PHILADELPHIA - Durabla Manufacturing, a Pennsylvania company that made sealing products, collapsed under the weight of 108,000 asbestos suits.

Frye motion could be magic bullet for asbestos defense

Justice Raymond Cornelius Defendants in asbestos litigation may have discovered a magic bullet.