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Workers' comp attorney praises Wisconsin governor for proposed elimination of review board

CHICAGO – An Illinois workers’ compensation attorney who calls Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker a genius is saluting the politician for his proposed elimination of an independent review board for workers’ compensation cases.

Common Core is promoting Islam in public school classrooms

Parents in High Mount School in Swansea were outraged that a public school would paint a positive picture of Islam by teaching impressionable young students that Islam bears no responsibility for the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States. Such teaching does reflect the growing trend in American education to portray Islam as a Religion of Peace, how Islam is a misunderstood force for good, or that Islam is just another world religion that is no better or worse than other religions.

I-LAW and local leaders join together to host 'Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits' public forum

Akin A national survey of CEOs from Chief Executive Magazine was just released and the State of Illinois is ranked the third worst state in the country to do business. Only New York and California fared worse than the Land of Lincoln.

Silicosis suit moves north out of Madison County to Dairy State

Madison County Circuit Judge Andy Matoesian has sent a silicosis lawsuit filed by a Mount Vernon man who was exposed in Brillion, Wisc. out of the land of Lincoln north to the dairy state of Wisconsin.