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Rick Jones divorce trial set to begin

By Steve Korris | Apr 10, 2009

Bailey Ricki Lee Jones of Wood River would like to avoid a federal prison sentence but he can't get out of a divorce trial that could hurt worse than prison.

Sears and other big names sued over lawnmower horsepower

By Kelly Holleran | Feb 26, 2009

White Outdoor lawnmower Twelve prominent lawnmower manufacturers, including Sears, are accused in a St. Clair County class action lawsuit of conspiring together and overstating the horsepower in their products so they could charge consumers higher prices.

Sauget residents file class action over hazardous waste

By Kelly Holleran | Feb 13, 2009

A group of Illinois residents who live in or near Sauget have filed a class-action lawsuit over the release of various hazardous substances that they claim has created a severe health risk and has contaminated their properties.

Divorce proceeding: Rick Jones says IRS, FBI have his ledgers

By Steve Korris | Aug 1, 2008

IRS and FBI agents have obtained records of former developer and contractor Rick Jones of Wood River, according to a document in his divorce proceeding against wife Dorothy Jones.

Think corn prices are high now?

By The Madison County Record | Jul 20, 2008

Our readers need no reminders that food prices are soaring. Their pocketbooks are lighter because of it.

Hartford trustees stir litigation pot with new suit

By Steve Korris | Jul 18, 2008

Stack Hartford village trustees, who for years watched outside lawyers represent the entire village in lawsuits over pollution from refinery operations, have suddenly decided that they too can represent the entire village.

Stack allows atrazine class actions to go forward, but leaves door open for defendants

By Steve Gonzalez | Jul 8, 2008

Six proposed class actions against major chemical manufacturers will be allowed to continue after surviving motions to dismiss filed nearly 30 months ago with Madison County Circuit Court Judge Daniel Stack.

Premcor, Apex Oil on the hook for Hartford clean-up

By Steve Korris | Jun 27, 2008

Stack In a simple solution to the puzzle of distributing blame among many oil companies for pollution in the village of Hartford, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency proposes to force two of them to clean up messes they didn't make.

Stack close to ruling in Holiday Shores atrazine class actions

By Steve Gonzalez and Ann Knef | Jun 27, 2008

After 30 months under advisement in Madison County Circuit Judge Daniel Stack's court, six class action lawsuits against major chemical manufacturers will finally get a ruling.

River worker alleges illegal oil discharge in termination suit

By Ann Knef | Jun 18, 2008

A former employee of American River Transporation Co. and Archer-Daniels-Midland claims his employment was terminated in retaliation for reporting that oil was being discharged into sewers and the Mississippi River.

BP says Wood River clean up has 'never stopped'

By Steve Korris | Jun 9, 2008

Deer Park WOOD RIVER – Atlantic Richfield environmental business manager Tom Tunnicliff, responsible for cleanup of the former American Oil Company refinery in Wood River, says he can't talk about how his predecessor, Greg Jevyak, handled the cleanup.

IEPA director unaware of Wood River problems

By Ann Knef | May 26, 2008

IEPA Director Douglas Scott Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Director Douglas Scott apparently was unaware of problems in the six-year-long Wood River refinery clean-up until a newspaper report documented them, internal communications show.

Former BP exec's lawyer wants 'courtesy and largesse' info blocked

By Steve Korris | May 16, 2008

Deer Park is one of the areas in Wood River slated for clean-up. Former BP Amoco contractor Rick Jones of Wood River performed innumerable "acts of courtesy and largesse" for former BP Amoco environmental manager Greg Jeyvak, according to Jevyak's attorney.

Stalled Wood River cleanup begs question: What did $30 million buy?

By Ann Knef | May 12, 2008

Six years and about $30 million later, questions remain about the integrity of a major environmental clean-up in Wood River.

Wood River may take legal action against BP

By Steve Korris | May 2, 2008

Wood River officials are considering legal action to hasten the clean up of contaminated soil in the city. As pictured during a dedication ceremony in 2002, Deer Park was one area targeted for remediation. WOOD RIVER – City manager Jim Schneider and councilman Bill Redden say Wood River is considering legal action over BP Amoco's slow cleanup of refinery pollution.

Brownfield cleanup in Wood River collapses

By Steve Korris | Apr 25, 2008

Former Illinois EPA Director Renee Cipriano prepares to cut ribbon at Deer Park in 2002. WOOD RIVER – Six years after state and local leaders unveiled a plan to clean up 840 acres of refinery pollution and attract all sorts of industry, those in charge of the project have gone away but the pollution has not.

Mascoutah home owners sue city for sewer backup

By Ann Knef | Nov 19, 2007

A Mascoutah couple claims the city's failure to maintain its sewage system and lift station caused raw sewage to back up into their basement on four separate occasions within six months.

Holiday Shores cases against chemical makers await ruling

By Ann Knef | Nov 15, 2007

Judge Stack After two years under advisement in Madison County Circuit Judge Daniel Stack's court, six class action lawsuits against major chemical manufacturers await action.

Judge Jack's nursing background triggered furor over still-active silicosis suits

By Steve Korris | Nov 2, 2007

Judge Janis Jack When U.S. District Judge Janis Jack of Texas exposed 10,000 phony silicosis claims, her history as a nurse triggered a strong reaction to the shoddy practices of attorneys in her court and doctors who served them.

77 multi-million dollar suits filed against Monsanto

By Chris Dickerson | Oct 4, 2007

Stuart Calwell WINFIELD, W.Va. – A Charleston, West Virginia attorney has filed more than 70 cancer lawsuits against Monsanto and related companies over its old plant in the town of Nitro.

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