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LeChien should not have jurisdiction over state labor dispute, critic says

By Ann Maher | Dec 7, 2016

St. Clair County Circuit Judge Robert LeChien has granted a temporary restraining order for American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 31 to block contract terms imposed by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

AFSCME blames budget failure for lack of pay raises, unpaid healthcare and expenses

By Record News | May 10, 2016

State employees lacking a contract ask St. Clair County Circuit Judge Robert LeChien to preserve provisions of their previous contract. 

Social service providers sue Rauner for vetoing appropriations, demand state pay $100 million

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 4, 2016

A group of more than five dozen Illinois social service agencies have sued Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner and a collection of state agencies, alleging the governor’s decision to veto three appropriation bills in June 2015 has provided cover for the state to unconstitutionally refuse to pay them more than $100 million they are collectively owed for services rendered under contracts with the state of Illinois.

AG Madigan and personal assistant appear to have changed positions on employment status

By Ann Maher | Nov 17, 2015

A personal assistant who seeks status as a state employee in two pending work comp claims, was a plaintiff in a recent high profile labor class action arguing for non- state employee status. The work comp claims brought by Stephanie Yencer-Price of Springfield are now central to a brewing legal and political battle between state leaders.

AG Madigan sued over refusal to fight work comp claims brought by 'personal assistants'; CMS director says millions have been improperly paid

By Ann Maher | Nov 17, 2015

Over the past five years, more than 200 personal assistants have received $5.8 million in workers' compensation benefits, according to a spokesperson with the Central Management Services, which averages $29,000 per claim,

Electricity vendor tells state to pay up; Also, counseling vendor terminates contracts

By Mark Fitton and Greg Bishop | Nov 13, 2015

SPRINGFIELD — Another vendor says it may have to cut off service to the state of Illinois because the state’s inability to pay its bills is threatening the vendor’s ability to continue doing business. In a disconnection-warning letter dated Oct. 29, Southwestern Electric Cooperative Inc. told the state it is behind on its accounts. “As a not-for-profit utility, Southwestern … relies on its members to pay their bill so we, in turn, can pay our bills and provide power to 22,000 homes, hospitals,

After losing override battle in Springfield, state workers seek arbitration from Judge LeChien

By The Madison County Record | Sep 25, 2015

State employees who failed to succeed with legislation placing their contract negotiations in the hands of an arbitrator now aim to achieve that objective in St. Clair County. On Sept. 17, they asked Circuit Judge Robert LeChien to maintain the status quo in litigation pending arbitration of the state’s authority to lay off employees.

It’s back to court for state and its unions; AFSCME and others seek wages, increases, med payments

By Mark Fitton | Sep 21, 2015

State employee unions have returned to court in an effort to lock in continued pay for the fiscal year, get medical claims paid, stop layoffs and retain step pay raises and semi-automatic promotions despite lack of a contract. At the end of June, Illinois entered fiscal year 2016 without a budget and without new labor contracts, and its biggest unions sought to make sure their members in state government continued to be paid. The unions have so far succeeded in the courts, and their members co

State employees get another win in pay dispute; Fifth District upholds LeChien

By Mark Fitton | Jul 28, 2015

SPRINGFIELD — State employees can keep getting their regular paychecks for the near future, another state court has ruled. In a ruling entered Friday, the Fifth District Appellate Court refused to overturn a circuit court’s order that state employees continue to be paid — despite the lack of a state budget — while those employees pursue a lawsuit.

Most state workers to go unpaid; Judge says no to full wages without a budget

By Mark Fitton | Jul 8, 2015

SPRINGFIELD — Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger plans to appeal a judge’s ruling that state employees who work during a no-budget shutdown can be paid only minimum federal wage — $7.25 an hour — plus overtime. Munger, R-Lincolnshire, said she was disappointed by and respectfully disagrees with the ruling issued by Judge Diane Joan Larsen on Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court. "My office will soon file an appeal to today's decision,” the comptroller said. Attorney General Lisa Madigan, D-Ch

Alton attorney surrenders law license amid ARDC charges of conversion, pattern of misconduct

By Ann Maher | Nov 18, 2014

Robert Scott Forbes of Alton has surrendered his law license amid charges that he misappropriated $9,324.66 from the state of Illinois and engaged in a pattern of misconduct to conceal his misconduct by making false statements to attorneys, appellate court justices and others, filing false discovery responses, fabricating documents and testifying falsely under oath.

Plaintiffs in retiree health insurance suit respond to Madigan's motion to dismiss

By Bethany Krajelis | Dec 11, 2012

The Illinois Constitution’s Pension and Benefits Protection Clause does not limit “benefits” to retirement income, a handful of state retirees assert.

Lawsuits over state's new retiree health insurance law consolidated in Sangamon County

By Bethany Krajelis | Sep 25, 2012

Maag Four lawsuits over a new law that requires state retirees to pay premiums for their health insurance will be handled in Sangamon County.

Retired state employees file class action over new health insurance law in Madison County

By Bethany Krajelis | Jul 18, 2012

Flint Forty-eight retired state employees filed a class action lawsuit last week in Madison County, challenging a new law that will require retirees to start paying premiums for their health insurance.

Illinois AG sues driver for work comp benefits paid in auto accident

By Kelly Holleran | Oct 27, 2011

Madigan Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Illinois Department of Central Management Services in which the department claims a driver struck one of its vehicles, which was parked on the side of the road.

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