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Former Dow, General Steel workers hear from compensation reps

Representatives of the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) were on hand April 5 to answer questions from former employees of Dow Chemical and General Steel Industries.

Couple sue, alleging damages due to asbestos

BELLEVILLE – A husband and wife are suing over the husband's alleged exposure to asbestos during his working life; she claims she has been damaged as well.

Widow seeks damages for the alleged asbestos-caused death of her husband

BELLEVILLE – The widow of a man who spent his entire working life around asbestos is suing over his death. Negligence and fraudulent misrepresentation are among the counts.

Man with lung cancer claims asbestos exposure and negligence

BELLEVILLE – A former laborer is suing over his exposure to asbestos that allegedly led to him developing lung cancer. Negligence is among the charges.

Couple seeks damages from husband's alleged exposure to asbestos

BELLEVILLE – A husband and wife are suing over his exposure to asbestos during the course of his work life.

Widow alleges asbestos exposure caused husband's premature death

BELLEVILLE – A widow is suing dozens of companies, alleging her husband died after continual exposure to asbestos-containing products.

Daughter alleges father's death was a result of asbestos exposure

BELLEVILLE – A daughter is suing over her father's alleged exposure to asbestos during the course of his working life.

DuPont, MetLife named in asbestos-related suit

BELLEVILLE—A couple is suing a number of companies after the husband developed various ailments, including lung cancer, allegedly from working around asbestos his entire career. 

Illinois couple blames dozens of companies for husband's lung cancer

BELLEVILLE – An Illinois couple is suing nearly 70 companies and Metropolitan Life, alleging the husband developed asbestosis, a lung cancer, after working around asbestos.

Flint and Associates files asbestos case in St. Clair County


Madison and St. Clair Counties Drop in Judicial Hellhole Designation: Why are they even listed?


Lawyers Gone Wild

Are more lawsuits the answer to our sluggish economy? Certain trial lawyers seem to think so. They are working hard to make lawsuits a growing and thriving industry. They are exhibiting the same zeal, entrepreneurialism, and creativity as the small business innovators who are leading our economic recovery. The difference is that lawsuits undermine businesses of all sizes, our competitiveness, and our

40 corporations settled benzene case before Simmons' plaintiff took on 3M and lost at trial

Simmons Forty corporations that bargained their way out of a Madison County benzene exposure suit left 3M standing alone to show they should have resisted instead.

Defense experts testifies no link between benzene, Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Cialkowski An epidemiologist testifying for 3M in a Madison County benzene trial told jurors Thursday that studies indicate that benzene does not cause the type of cancer at issue in plaintiff Veto Kleinaitis's case.

Atrazine cases set for case management May 26

Scott A case management conference is set next week in a series of proposed class actions over water contamination allegedly caused by a common weed killer.

Crowder sets motion day in atrazine suits

Crowder Madison County Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder will hear pending motions in a series of proposed class actions stemming from alleged water contamination by a common weed-killer.

Crowder denies defense venue spin-off in atrazine cases

Crowder Seven named plaintiffs in a series of proposed class actions aimed at the makers of a common weed killer will remain in Madison County, a judge has ruled.

United Agri-Products files motion to dismiss atrazine class action

Crowder Another defendant in a series of six proposed class actions over alleged water contamination by a popular weed killer has filed to dismiss.

Crowder to hear motion to dismiss atrazine class actions

Tillery A defendant in one of a series of proposed Madison County class action suits over alleged water contamination by a common weed killer is moving to dismiss.

Plaintiff wants to continue trial in Hopkins Goldenberg legal malpractice case

Matoesian The widow of a man who allegedly died from an asbestos-related disease wants to put off a legal malpractice trial against several prominent Madison County attorneys.