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Class notice in fax class action should be faxed, Cueto rules

By Christina Stueve | Oct 13, 2011

Cueto St. Clair County Circuit Judge Lloyd Cueto on Sept. 28 approved class action plaintiff Mixon Insurance Agency's request that an exhibit be approved in its case against Taylorville Chiropractic Clinic and its director, Philip S. Dudak.

Trial under way in Hylla's court over Collinsville accident

By Christina Stueve | Sep 20, 2011

Hassakis A lawsuit involving a car accident between two Collinsville women was heard Tuesday in Madison County Circuit Court.

Cassens and Sons identifies responsible parties in motions to dismiss

By Steve Korris | Aug 5, 2011

Bedesky Cassens and Sons, seller of tractor trailer rigs, claims that drivers can't pursue injury suits against it if they identify manufacturers of parts that caused their accidents.

Judge Mudge takes office

By Amelia Flood | Dec 7, 2010

Mudge As he thanked and praised family, friends and members of Madison County's legal community, William Mudge looked to the back of the courtroom at the man whose seat as circuit judge he'd just filled.

Stack reversed in granting Cassens & Sons summary judgment

By Ann Knef | Jan 14, 2010

Wexstten Madison County Circuit Judge Daniel Stack "erroneously" granted summary judgment in favor of Cassens & Sons of Edwardsville in an injury lawsuit brought by trucker Mark Graham, according to appellate court justices.

Building owner sues murder clean up company

By Kelly Holleran | Oct 27, 2009

A Belleville man says a cleaning company did not have his permission to clean a property he owned after a murder was committed there.

Insurer sues Sears and Whirlpool over refrigerator fire payout

By Kelly Holleran | Sep 15, 2009

An insurance company has filed suit against Sears and Whirlpool Corporation after it says it was forced to pay more than $200,000 after a refrigerator manufactured by Whirlpool and sold by Sears caught a house on fire.

Defense asks to move negligence trial due to client's pregnancy

By Amelia Flood | Jun 2, 2009

Ruth A 2000 negligence trial that was slated to begin Monday in Madison County Circuit Judge Dennis Ruth's court is on hold as the defense asks for a different trial due to their client's pregnancy.

East Alton roofer's trial continued to August

By Amelia Flood | May 12, 2009

Although the courtroom was ready, the trial in a negligence suit against an East Alton roofing company did not happen as planned. The trial has been postponed to Aug. 17 due to an attorney's family emergency.

Property damage lawsuit goes to trial Monday

By Amelia Flood | May 8, 2009

Matoesian A 2004 dispute over property damage caused by roofing repairs is up for trial Monday. The plaintiff is seeking nearly $200,000 for damages he says were caused by lax roofers and rain.

Counter suit filed by construction company

By Kelly Holleran | Feb 26, 2009

Thery Construction Company has filed a complaint against Carrie Stawar, alleging they should not be held liable for another woman's injuries because the injuries were caused by Stawar's negligence.

Country Mutual sues driver over payout to its insured

By Kelly Holleran | Jan 2, 2009

Country Mutual Insurance Company has filed suit against Norman L. Cambron, alleging it was forced to pay medical bills of one of its insured clients after he got into a collision with Cambron.

Kris Lakin settles personal injury claim, avoids trial

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 13, 2008

Lakin Kris Lakin avoided trial and settled a personal injury case filed against him.

Kris Lakin is defendant in Byron's final trial before retirement

By Steve Gonzalez | Nov 7, 2008

Byron Madison County Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron will hold his final jury trial on Nov. 10.

Chemical company wants railroad to pay for hydrochloric acid spill

By Ann Knef | Jul 11, 2007

An 800-pound hydrochloric acid spill in an East St. Louis rail yard is being blamed on Alton and Southern Railway Co., according to a civil suit filed June 25 in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Peel claims he was seduced by sister-in-law, defense rests

By Steve Gonzalez | Mar 21, 2007

Gary Peel It took Gary Peel's legal team only one day to present evidence before resting in the embattled lawyer's criminal case.

Peel trial centers on FBI agents' testimony

By Steve Gonzalez | Mar 19, 2007

FBI agent Melanie Jimenez testified that Gary Peel's demeanor changed from sarcasm to nervous and fidgety once she discovered torn and crumbled pieces of paper in his trash can at the Lakin Law Firm in Wood River on Jan. 31, 2006.

Prosecutor says Peel used nude photos to get favorable divorce settlement

By Steve Gonzalez | Mar 16, 2007

Gary Peel A federal prosecutor said he will prove that at least one of the nude photos Gary Peel took of his ex-wife's 16-year-old sister at an Edwardsville law office in 1974 depict child pornography.

Cassens' foe scolded for wasting time

By Steve Korris | Sep 1, 2006

Tom Maag Madison County Circuit Judge Daniel Stack dropped Cassens & Sons auto dealership from a personal injury suit last week and scolded attorney Brian Wendler for naming the dealer as a defendant in his suits.

Armettia Peach's case against CIM in court June 29

By Steve Gonzalez | Jun 21, 2005

Armettia Peach's class action lawsuit against CIM Insurance of Southfield, Mich. will be in court before Madison County Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron June 29 on a defense motion to dismiss.

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