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IHA responds to Governor's State of the State address

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Hylla responds to Court critics

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Reaction mixed to Supreme Court's Obamacare decision

Keefe The U.S. Supreme Court has narrowly upheld President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law, saying that the provision requiring individuals to purchase health insurance falls under Congress' taxing powers, not the Constitution's Commerce Clause.

Quinn signs bill to clear up court's 2010 Provena ruling

Quinn Gov. Patrick J. Quinn today put his stamp of approval on a handful of Medicaid-related bills, including one proposed in direct response to a 2010 Illinois Supreme Court ruling over property tax exemptions for non-profit hospitals.

IHA praises Gov. Quinn, lawmakers

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IHA commends passage of SB2194

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Provena decision could have 'chilling effect' on hospitals, lawmaker says

Clayborne A two-year-old Illinois Supreme Court decision that snatched the property tax exemption from a central Illinois hospital could have a "chilling effect" on all state hospitals, says an area lawmaker.

Illinois Hospitals Key to Jobs and the Economy

As President Obama focuses on job creation when he unveils his American Jobs Act proposal, it is important to note that one sector continues to create jobs during this fragile economy: hospitals and health care. Even though there was no net increase overall in jobs nationwide in August, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that hospitals added nearly 8,000 jobs that month and 75,000 more jobs

ICJL supports Obama's call for medical liability reform

Murnane President Barack Obama's consideration of medical malpractice reform during Tuesday's State of the Union address prompted a positive, yet cautious, reaction from Illinois Civil Justice League (ICJL) President Ed Murnane.

Strong reaction follows medical malpractice reform overturn

Fitzgerald In a 4-2 opinion, the Illinois Supreme Court has overturned the state's medical malpractice reform law.

Blagojevich had signed caps on damages bill into law

Blagojevich signs bill into law in 2005. More than four years since medical malpractice reform was enacted in Illinois, stakeholders anxiously await a state Supreme Court decision on its constitutionality.

Judge Larsen: 'We may not refuse to follow' the law

When Cook County Circuit Judge Diane Joan Larsen declared a state law establishing caps on damages in medical malpractice cases unconstitutional, her much anticipated ruling prompted an outpouring of criticism as well as praise.

Chicago judge says caps on damages is unconstitutional

Murnane CHICAGO -- Cook County Circuit Judge Diane Joan Larsen ruled that a law enacted in 2005 by the Illinois legislature violates victims' rights by capping damages.

Callis passes big test with skeptical audience

Ann Callis traveled 300 miles from Madison County to Cook County to appear before an audience that has been highly critical of her courthouse for decades.

Summit in Chicago: ICJL and judges discuss med-mal and more

Ed Murnane Officials from the Illinois Civil Justice League (ICJL) and members of a newly created Madison County medical malpractice committee met last week in Chicago to discuss problems involving the judicial system and lawsuits against doctors and hospitals.

On heels of reform, Chamber pushes for more

Echoes of praise rung from major backers of medical liability reform after Governor Rod Blagojevich signed reform legislation into law Thursday.

Saint Anthony's in Alton hosts historic signing

Dr. Burger An against-all-odds legislative victory for medical liability reform advocates unfolded as Governor Rod Blagojevich finally signed the state's medical liability reform bill into law Thursday. It would have automatically become law Friday had he not signed it.

Med mal deal reached; officials and 'the people' respond

Sen. Frank Watson announces agreement A monumental bipartisan medical malpractice insurance reform compromise was reached Wednesday evening in Springfield which would cap non-economic damages at $500,000 for doctors and $1 million for hospitals.

Med Society cautiously optimistic on caps amendment

Dr. Craig A. Backs Talk of a caps bill passing in the State House this spring had the Illinois State Medical Society buzzing with optimism.

Activist groups peddle messages before president's address

Anti- and pro-tort reform groups were actively peddling messages in anticipation of U.S. President George W. Bush's visit to the Metro-East Wednesday.