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In latest decision over Superfund site, court finds in favor of toxic waste haulage company

By John Breslin | Apr 18, 2018

In the most recent judgment linked to the legacy of widespread contamination at and surrounding two industrial sites in St. Clair County, an appeals court has ruled in favor of a trucking company accused of contributing to the pollution, and against its insurer.

May 8 teleconference date set in Illinois lottery fraud case

By Karen Kidd | Apr 24, 2017

EAST ST. LOUIS — A scheduling and discovery conference is set for early next month in the fraud case of the now former private management firm of the Illinois Lottery, filed following a newspaper's investigation.

Cook County judge says Illinois politicians should not receive checks faster than state pays other debts

By Nicholas Gueguen | Mar 31, 2017

A Cook County Circuit Court judge ruled March 16 that Illinois can't give preferential treatment to state lawmakers' paychecks over the overdue debts that the state has.

Analysis: Edwardsville schools’ spending growing five times faster than enrollment

By Metro East Sun Reports | Mar 29, 2017

Local property tax spending by Edwardsville Community Unit School District 7 grew 35 percent between 2015 and 2005, while district enrollment grew just seven percent.

Illinois has hurt its economy by piling on taxes since the great recession

By Michael Lucci, Illinois Policy Institute | Mar 27, 2017

State and local tax hikes in Illinois have hurt economic growth, lowered the standard of living, and contributed to out-migration.

Special prosecutors have been picked to lead Duebbert investigation

By Ann Maher | Feb 6, 2017

Prosecutors from outside the Metro East have been picked to lead an investigation of St. Clair County Circuit Judge Ronald Duebbert to decide whether he should be charged with obstruction of justice related to a first degree murder case.

Property taxes mount on 'Home Alone' house

By Brendan Bakala, Illinois Policy Institute | Dec 6, 2016

2016 was a tough year for the owners of 671 Lincoln Ave. The red-brick, Georgian house in Winnetka, Ill., was made famous by the 1990 Christmas hit, “Home Alone,” but in real life, it’s not crowbar-wielding burglars coming for the family’s money, but the Cook County government.

Madigan's millions: Why the Speaker should release his tax returns

By Austin Berg, Illinois Policy Institute | Nov 18, 2016

Every dollar Madigan earns back for his corporate clients makes someone else’s property-tax bill go up.

Sen. McCarter: Southern, central Illinois will vote for Trump

By Kate Jacobson | Nov 8, 2016

LEBANON – Illinois Sen. Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon) said while he's unsure whether presidential candidate Donald Trump will win the state overall, he’s confident Trump will win southern and central Illinois by a landslide.

Documentary on House Speaker Michael J. Madigan out this month

By Dawn Geske | Oct 3, 2016

CHICAGO – A documentary detailing the life of Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan is scheduled for release this month.

Illinois bill backlog expected to reach $14 billion

By Brendan Bakala, Illinois Policy Institute | Sep 6, 2016

Illinois’ unpaid bills could reach new highs by summer 2017.

Madigan's map

By Austin Berg, Illinois Policy Institute | Aug 29, 2016

In a 4-3 ruling, the Illinois Supreme Court erased from November ballots a referendum on legislative mapmaking, and handed a major victory to Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan Aug. 25.

State universities’ mounting financial woes burdening Illinois students, taxpayers

By Vimbai Chikomo, Illinois News Network | Aug 23, 2016

As college students across Illinois’ nine public universities make their way to their respective campuses in the days ahead, few may realize just how little of their tuition is going directly toward instructional spending for the 2016-17 academic year.

Why Madigan wants the map

By Austin Berg, Illinois Policy Institute | Aug 23, 2016

Illinois politicians love to be involved in choosing their voters, especially Madigan.

AG Madigan aims to take bite out of Jimmy John's non-compete clause

By Mark Powell | Jun 15, 2016

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has taken aim at another labor dispute, this time against Jimmy John’s over its non-compete agreements.

The sleazy way the 'Combine' launched Denny Hastert's congressional career

By Chris Robling | Apr 27, 2016

On a blisteringly hot June afternoon in 1986, Denny Hastert was nominated by a convention of Republican committeemen at the Illinois Math and Science Academy gymnasium to succeed the ill U.S. Rep. John Grotberg.

Illinois lawmaker: Municipal bankruptcy may not be magic bullet but it's another 'tool in toolbox' for pension crisis

By Amanda Robert | Apr 20, 2016

CHICAGO - In Illinois, increasing pension obligations are consuming more of its taxpayers’ dollars, pushing cities and towns to cut core services and raise property taxes just to keep up with the payments, policy experts say.

Taxpayers' advocate trounces Illinois Teachers Retirement System: 'Nothing compares to its fraud, waste and abuse'

By Ann Maher | Mar 3, 2016

Former O'Fallon Township High School Superintendent Russell Clover who earns $185,465 in retirement is among the highest paid beneficiaries of the Teachers Retirement System (TRS), according to the Taxpayers United of America (TUA).

Rauner: CPS takeover plan lives; He predicts non-Chicago Dems will join in support

By Mark Fitton, Illinois News Network | Feb 4, 2016

SPRINGFIELD — When the time comes, suburban and downstate Democrats will join him in his effort to have the state take control of Chicago’s debt-strapped school system, Gov. Bruce Rauner said Wednesday.

Illinois Supreme Court spokesperson Tybor dies at 68

By Ann Maher | Oct 14, 2015

"My colleagues and I are deeply saddened by Joe’s passing," said Chief Justice Rita B. Garman. "He was truly dedicated to his role as the voice of the Illinois Supreme Court, and we watched in awe as he continued to carry out his duties even as he fought his illness."

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