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Madison County's judiciary chair wants to prevent opioid litigation from resembling asbestos docket

Madison County Board member Mike Walters came out forcefully against modeling potential opioid litigation after the type of lawsuits the county is most well known for, saying the asbestos docket has been a "terrible drain" in terms of businesses that either want to leave or not locate here at all.

Is your firm selling a commodity?

What differentiates your services from another firm? If a prospective client wants you to do a basic legal transaction, are you really different from the other firms in town? Or, if that person is looking to, let’s say, incorporate a business, is he or she going to choose you because your firm has a higher profile than the next? But are your services fundamentally different from the next guy’s, really? Probably not much.

Judicial vacancies in St. Clair and Madison counties filled in with candidates

With the candidate filing period for the spring primary having closed on Monday, results indicate that the entire slate of circuit court vacancies in Madison and St. Clair counties will see contests in the November general election.

Hylla to seek retention in next year's election

Madison County Chief Judge Dave Hylla will seek retention to another six year term next year.

Asbestos defendants should collaborate more to balance power in tort system, consultant says

A business consultant who helps companies manage their product liabilities is calling for asbestos defendants to collaborate more in order to achieve better equilibrium with plaintiffs whose litigation risks pale in comparison.

Avocet challenges Gori Julian's fact-free case

“Round up the usual suspects.” That's the order Captain Renault gives to subordinates at the end of Casablanca, even though Rick, the man who shot Major Strasser, is standing right there in front of him.

Deposition: Bathon casts himself as fall guy in tax sale bid rig conspiracy

EDWARDSVILLE – Former Madison County treasurer Fred Bathon, who pleaded guilty of leading a conspiracy to rig bids, swore in May that he knew nothing about it because those who should have told him didn’t tell him.

Asbestos defendant seeking sanctions in Madison Co. argues it was named ‘only to harass,’ and for ‘settlement ransom’

MOUNT VERNON – Fifth District appellate judges must ponder how much evidence a plaintiff needs to sue a defendant, in the context of a Madison County asbestos suit that the Gori Julian firm filed against more than 100 companies.

Fifth District: Collinsville officer abused rights of driver who possessed 33 grams of heroin

MOUNT VERNON – Collinsville policeman Stacey McElroy plucked more than an ounce of heroin from a car after 16 minutes of investigation, too slow for appellate judges who found he abused the driver’s rights by taking so long.

Appeal granted to Ricki Jones in tax dispute with former wife reversed at Fifth District

MOUNT VERNON – Madison County Associate Judge Martin Mengarelli improperly granted former embezzler Ricki Jones an appeal in a tax dispute with former wife Dorothy Boos, Fifth District judges decided on Aug. 11.

Madison County asbestos jury docket July

Click here for the Madison County asbestos jury docket for July 2017.

Madison County asbestos motion docket July

Click here for Madison County asbestos motion docket for July 2017.

Mass actions have come to an end in state courts, Sotomayor laments

WASHINGTON – Supreme Court Justices have put an end to mass actions in state courts against two or more defendants, according to a dissent they don’t dispute.

Madison County court to fight opioid addiction among jail inmates with shared grant

The Madison County drug court will share in a $540,000 grant to start a “Behind the Walls” program to help combat opioid addiction in inmates at the Madison County Jail with the medication Vivitrol.

Fifth District Appellate Court upholds Baldwin murder conviction but reverses ruling for consecutive sentences

MT. VERNON — The Fifth District Appellate Court has upheld the murder conviction of Marcus Baldwin.

Go-cart crash prompts 36-count wrongful death suit; But coroner's verdict says man died of heart disease

The surviving spouse of a man allegedly killed following a go-cart crash two years ago at Gateway Motorsports Park has filed a 36-count wrongful death lawsuit in Madison County Circuit Court.

Edwardsville attorneys reach out to low-income residents with free legal services

EDWARDSVILLE — The Edwardsville legal community wants to remind the locals that they are working to provide legal support to lower-income individuals in need of aid.

Ex-husband ordered to pay over half of woman's attorney fees, according to appellate court's affirmation

The Fifth District Appellate Court recently affirmed that an ex-husband should pay over half of his former spouse's attorney fees from the divorce.

Court records yield more than a decade of troubles for Glen Carbon couple who died in murder-suicide

Neither Madison County justice nor Christy Campbell held Justin Campbell accountable until Christy fatally shot him.  

Madison County IT director says operating system was removed from former official's computer

Former Madison County administrator Joseph Parente left behind a computer no one can start, according to information technology director Ron Dorman.