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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Governor Pat Quinn

Recent News About Governor Pat Quinn

  • The circus won't be the same

    It is just a matter of days now and yet I still have not reconciled my feelings about Rod Blagojevich's removal from office.

  • Illinois: Hellhole, cesspool, laughing stock

    We all live here so we've become somewhat immune to our circumstances. The fact that practically every evening's network newscast begins with an Illinois story is routine. Our local newscasts -- from WSIL in Southern Illinois to WLS in Chicago -- can get five or six minutes into the news before something other than political scandal becomes a topic.

  • Second chance for the Illinois GOP

    Six months ago, the conviction of Tony Rezko was met with unrestrained glee by those with leadership titles in the Illinois Republican Party.

  • Notwithstanding ballot mess, 'yes' to Con-Con!

    Behrend It is better to take some risks in an attempt to improve Illinois than to guarantee Illinois' status quo, which is an inevitable slide into greater fiscal crisis and unethical government.

  • Byron to be honored by liberal group for 'ensuring justice'

    Byron Madison County Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron will be honored at the third annual Senator Paul Simon, Senator Paul Wellstone Awards program later this month in Chicago.