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No exit strategy from Illinois budget standoff

By The Madison County Record | Apr 14, 2016

Taxpayers must be vigilant in holding members of the Illinois General Assembly accountable, especially at this unprecedented time without a state budget and as we approach the new fiscal year. Now is the time that legislators could propose the most dangerous solutions to the state’s financial crises, including hiking the state income tax or imposing a new, devastating income tax on retirement benefits.

Should old Pat Quinn then be forgot and never brought to mind?

By The Madison County Record | Dec 23, 2014

Ho ho ho! Outgoing Gov. Quinn has the last laugh, or so he thinks.

Prosecutor's contributions show strong preference for Democratic candidates and causes

By The Madison County Record | Oct 29, 2014

In Madison and St. Clair counties, confidence in the local governmental and judicial systems was tested like never before when in the last year and a half a county treasurer was brought to justice on corruption charges and an elected state court judge was jailed on heroin charges.

Appellate court upholds life sentence in '94 Belleville murder

By Steve Korris | Mar 11, 2011

Baricevic MOUNT VERNON – St. Clair County Chief Judge John Baricevic harbored no prejudice when he sentenced Bobby Williams to life in prison for killing store clerk Sharon Bushong, Fifth District appeals judges decided on March 8.

Injunction over state employee pay moved to federal court

By Amelia Flood | Jul 15, 2009

Illinois Human Services case worker Barb Reardon didn't want to talk politics when it came to her union's request to force the state to pay her and tens of thousands of state workers Wednesday.

If taxpayers finance judicial campaigns, let's remove political parties

By Ed Murnane | Apr 5, 2009

At long last, one of the spotlights in Springfield has been shining on the issue of judicial selection – specifically how we select judges in Illinois and finance their campaigns.

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