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Cruse and Gleeson pleased with voter confidence as they easily win retention in 20th Judicial

By John Breslin | Nov 7, 2018

Three judges were retained by voters in the 20th Judicial Circuit, including one who faced a campaign to oust her following a decision to lower bail for an alleged child murderer.

Madison County clerk candidates spar; Property tax exemptions the latest front

By John Breslin | Nov 5, 2018

In the race for Madision County Clerk, the two opponents have sparred now for weeks, largely with the challenger launching attacks, and the incumbent crying foul over a claimed smear campaign.

Busy times in Twentieth Judicial Circuit in final stretch of election cycle, and beyond

By John Breslin | Oct 31, 2018

Three contested judicial elections that could potentially lead to three associate judge vacancies, three retention polls, one judge still on administrative duties, and controversy over bail for an alleged child murderer - these are busy times within in the Twentieth Judicial Circuit and for its Chief Judge Andrew Gleeson.

Republican candidate in long shot bid for bench pulls few punches in attack against 'elitist' system

By John Breslin | Oct 30, 2018

Republican Katherine Ruocco is pulling few punches in the last week of her long shot bid for a place on the bench as a Twentieth Judicial circuit judge.

Circuit court candidates set out positions ahead of keenly watched poll; Evans upbeat on campaign

By John Breslin | Oct 30, 2018

Three open circuit court seats in the Twentieth Judicial Circuit will be decided next week, in what are the most most competitive judicial contests seen for some years.

County clerk calls suit alleging election judges shut out of counting ballots 'ridiculous'

By John Breslin | Oct 23, 2018

Madison County Clerk Debra Ming-Mendoza has described a complaint that she shut out election judges and monitors during the 2016 count as "ridiculous."

Madison County officials differ sharply on election cyber security in wake of '16 Russian hacking

By John Breslin | Oct 19, 2018

A "white hat" hacking test of Madison County's computer systems is causing confusion and sharply differing positions over the involvement of the county clerk's office - which handles elections.

Local circuit court judge attends swearing-in of St. Eve to federal appeals bench

By John Breslin | Oct 18, 2018

Belleville native Amy St. Eve was officially sworn in last month as a new judge on the U.S Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Holbrook says only one complaint over machines during early voting - from Belleville lawyer wanting to cast 'no' on retention

By John Breslin | Oct 18, 2018

Only one complaint over a possible glitch in voting machines has been fielded during early voting, according to St. Clair County Clerk Tom Holbrook.

Republican candidate from East St. Louis describes attack flyer linking him to 'Springfield insiders' as 'preposterous'

By John Breslin | Oct 17, 2018

A Republican candidate for the Illinois House of Representatives has described as "preposterous" an attack flyer linking him to corporate interests and Springfield insiders.

Jameson reacts angrily to attacks by opponent over Quincy veterans' home tragedy

By John Breslin | Oct 13, 2018

Republican candidate for the 113th District, Doug Jameson, has reacted angrily to attacks on him by his opponent, Democratic incumbent Jay Hoffman, over the Quincy veterans' home tragedy.

Appellate court orders new hearing on murder conviction

By John Breslin | Oct 12, 2018

A man convicted of murder should receive a hearing on his claims of ineffective assistance of counsel, an appeals court ruled.

Jasper Oil Producers lose appeal against Dupo Oilfield verdict

By John Breslin | Sep 24, 2018

Dupo Oilfield Development did not break a contract with Jasper Oil Producers, an appellate court ruled on Sept. 10.

Appellate court backs decision to strip parental rights from jailed father

By John Breslin | Sep 24, 2018

Madison County Circuit Court properly stripped a convicted sex offender of his parental rights, an appeals court ruled on Aug. 30.

No evidence of other alleged crimes allowed in murder case, appeals court rules

By John Breslin | Sep 24, 2018

Prosecutors cannot introduce new evidence of earlier crimes allegedly committed by a man charged with first-degree murder, an appeals court ruled.

Couple divorced four times in 26 years in court again over property settlement

By John Breslin | Sep 20, 2018

A couple, divorced four times from each other, are in dispute over a property settlement.

Questions raised over links between donors, lawyers and state AG offices

By John Breslin | Sep 17, 2018

Free market thinkers and those who believe in some government intervention are involved in an increasingly sour battle over the issue of climate change.

Pension spiking needs review, House candidates say

By John Breslin | Sep 10, 2018

SPRINGFIELD – Two Republican candidates fighting for a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives believe the practice of increasing pay of public sector workers in their final years, so-called pension spiking, should be reviewed.

Gibbons ordered to pay $2,500 FOIA penalty involving 2013 fatal crash

By John Breslin | Sep 7, 2018

EDWARDSVILLE –– Madison County State's Attorney Tom Gibbons was ordered to pay a $2,500 civil penalty for failing to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request filed by a man convicted in a fatal crash who alleges his plea deal was broken.

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