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Report: States use little tobacco settlement funds for related programs

By Chris Rizo | Dec 10, 2009

Myers WASHINGTON - Although states are raking in billions of dollars in revenue this year from the 1998 tobacco multistate settlement, officials are spending a paltry amount on antismoking efforts, a national report says.

Republicans to push for tort reform

By Chris Rizo | Nov 23, 2009

McConnell WASHINGTON - The U.S. Senate will have "extensive" debate on health care reform in the coming weeks, with Republicans pushing for tort reform, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Sunday.

AP Poll: Americans want medical malpractice reform

By Chris Rizo | Nov 19, 2009

Maas WASHINGTON - The majority of Americans say federal lawmakers ought to make it more difficult for allegedly aggrieved patients to sue for medical malpractice, a poll Thursday indicates.

Survey: Medical malpractice threats hamstring doctors

By Chris Rizo | Nov 10, 2009

ALPHARETTA, Ga. - The overwhelming majority of U.S. physicians say the threat of medical malpractice litigation is influencing their practice of medicine, a survey found.

Illinois SC: Emotional distress claims don't require proof

By Chris Rizo | Nov 6, 2009

Kilbride SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that emotional distress claims don't require expert proof.

Survey: Corporate litigation to increase

By Chris Rizo | Oct 15, 2009

Dillard NEW YORK - Corporate litigation is widely expected to continue to increase over the next year, a poll of corporate counsel indicates.

Republican steps up to challenge AG Madigan

By Chris Rizo | Oct 14, 2009

Kim SPRINGFIELD - Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is no longer running unopposed for reelection next year.

Medical malpractice litigation blamed for rising health care costs

By Chris Rizo | Oct 13, 2009

Copland NEW YORK - Medical malpractice litigation has driven up U.S. health care costs dramatically, translating into higher costs for consumers, a study said Tuesday.

Illinois family seeks to sue gun manufacturer over boy's death

By Chris Rizo | Aug 31, 2009

WASHINGTON - The family of an Illinois boy who was fatally shot by his friend have petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down a federal law that protects gun companies from most civil lawsuits.

Feds, Madigan sue Midwest Generation over coal-fired plants

By Chris Rizo | Aug 27, 2009

Madigan SPRINGFIELD - Federal officials on Thursday filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Illinois attorney general and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, alleging that a company that runs six coal-fired power plants in the state is flouting federal air pollution laws.

Madigan, Oprah sue over acai berry products

By Chris Rizo | Aug 25, 2009

Madigan SPRINGFIELD - Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is suing three suppliers and a local affiliate marketer of acai berry products, charging that the companies defrauded consumers.

Governor signs AG-backed open records law

By Chris Rizo | Aug 20, 2009

Madigan SPRINGFIELD - Open records legislation championed by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has been signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn.

Democrats face 'complicated' AG races in 2010

By Chris Rizo | Aug 13, 2009

Gansler WASHINGTON - The ranks of Democratic state attorneys general could shrink after the 2010 elections, party leaders and political analysts told Legal Newsline.

Trial lawyers face tort reform 'danger zone' in health care overhaul, says lobbyist

By Chris Rizo | Jul 29, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - President Barack Obama's push for an overhaul of the nation's health care system could be stymied by Senate lawmakers, particularly moderate Democrats, the lobbyist for trial lawyers said.

Lobbyist: AAJ looking to quietly pass plaintiff lawyer tax break

By Chris Rizo | Jul 29, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - Federal legislation that would afford trial lawyers a special tax break faces an uncertain future, says one of the chief lobbyists for the nation's trial lawyers.

Nation's trial lawyers converge on San Francisco

By Chris Rizo | Jul 27, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - Trial attorneys from around the country have converged on San Francisco for the next several days.

ICJL says 'right decision, wrong author' on court's retirement age decision

By Chris Rizo | Jun 24, 2009

Murnane SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Supreme Court's recent ruling against mandatory a state law barring judges from running for retention after age 75 has drawn criticism from the state's leading civil justice group.

Illinois House approves AG-backed FOIA rewrite

By Chris Rizo | May 28, 2009

Madigan SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois House on Wednesday approved a rewrite of the state's open records law that's aimed at helping the public access public documents.

Poll: Greater diversity on Supreme Court not an issue for most Americans

By Chris Rizo | May 13, 2009

United State Supreme Court WASHINGTON - The majority of Americans say they are in no hurry for President Barack Obama to specifically appoint a minority or a woman to the U.S. Supreme Court, a poll indicates.

U.S. Attorney General urged to investigate fraud in asbestos litigation

By Chris Rizo | Apr 30, 2009

Holder WASHINGTON - The U.S. Justice Department should investigate evidence suggesting there is widespread fraud by trial lawyers litigating asbestos-related cases, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce says.

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