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Madison County is subject of White House conference

By Ann Knef | Dec 16, 2004

Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli Not only did the subject of tort reform play a substantive role in a two-day economic conference held at the White House Wednesday and Thursday (Dec. 15-16), Madison County, Ill. also achieved recognition as a "speed trap" for American civil litigation.

At No. 2, St. Clair follows Madison County on 'Hellhole' list

By Ann Knef | Dec 15, 2004

For the first time, St. Clair County, Ill. has the dubious distinction of being named a "judicial hellhole," by the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA), which released its third annual report ranking the nation's worst courtrooms.

SBC to begin $12 million payout: customers get $25, lawyers, $1.9 million

By Ann Knef | Dec 13, 2004

Christmas may be a little sweeter for SBC customers. As a result of a $12 million class action settlement reached two months ago, claim forms entitling them to a $25 refund are being mailed in December statements.

Bar and grill owner discusses success: Q & A with Laurie Chavez

By Ann Knef | Dec 9, 2004

What is the most intriguing aspect of running an eating/drinking establishment on Main Street in Edwardsville?

Victims' advocate believes crisis solved through trust: Q & A with Wojcieszak

By Ann Knef | Dec 9, 2004

Doug Wojcieszak Q: Human error occurs regularly in all areas of life. How do you correct a medical system in which doctors rely more on tests and less on clinical experience for fear of being sued?

'Commonsense' enacted by Illinois legislature

By Ann Knef | Dec 9, 2004

Representative Terry R. Parke (R) 44th District In spite of the weight carried by trial attorneys in the state capitol, legislation banning consumers from suing restaurants or food manufacturers for their obesity, sailed unanimously through the House and Senate earlier this year.

MCR in Washington Post spotlight

By Ann Knef | Dec 6, 2004

Jeff Birnbaum The Madison County Record splashed onto the front page of the liberal-leaning Washington Post Dec. 6, causing a ripple of national and local media curiosity.

More tests, less acumen reshaping medicine

By Ann Knef | Dec 2, 2004

Unnecessary tests, redundant consultations, the dispensing of prescription drugs in American medicine.

Justice-elect Karmeier to be sworn in

By Ann Knef | Dec 2, 2004

Justice-elect Lloyd A. Karmeier Retiring Illinois Supreme Court Justice Philip J. Rarick will administer the oath of office to justice-elect Lloyd A. Karmeier, when he is sworn into the state's high court during a ceremony at the Supreme Court Building in Springfield Dec. 6.

Rocky Rhodes sues for accident injuries

By Ann Knef | Nov 30, 2004

A motorcyclist involved in a violent collision is seeking retribution in familiar turf.

Q & A with retiring Associate Judge Lola P. Maddox

By Ann Knef | Nov 30, 2004

Judge Maddox, Madison County's first female judge, reflects upon her public service as she retires Nov. 30.

Argosy shareholder files class action

By Ann Knef | Nov 24, 2004

Argosy Gaming Company shareholder Judi Ann Ringhofer of Vernon Hills filed a class action suit against the company, its chairman and board members, claiming an announced merger with Penn National Gaming Co. does not adequately compensate shareholders given the company's "stellar third quarter 2004 financial results."

Wangard hopes to bring balance on board

By Ann Knef | Nov 17, 2004

A desire to bring balance to a county board with bad spending habits is partly what motivated pediatrician Chris Wangard to run for public office.

Dust in vents spews forth $100k suit

By Ann Knef | Nov 15, 2004

A woman who inhaled unusual quantities of dust and particles while attending a business seminar at an Alton Holiday Inn is suing the hotel and its owners for more than $100,000.

$10.1 billion drama plays in Illinois high court

By Ann Knef | Nov 11, 2004

Plaintiff's attorney Joseph Power engages reporters after oral arguments were heard by five of seven Illoinois Supreme Court justices. One of the most compelling news stories to be found anywhere in America unfolded Wednesday before the Illinois Supreme Court.

Janet Heflin named new associate in Madison County

By Ann Knef | Nov 9, 2004

Janet Heflin Janet Heflin, an Edwardsville family law attorney, received at least five votes on a first ballot to become Madison County's newest Associate Judge.

Karmeier win bellows resounding message

By Ann Knef | Nov 5, 2004

Newly elected Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier and wife, Mary, enjoy a moment on election night. Voters electing Washington County Circuit Judge Lloyd Karmeier to the Illinois Supreme Court sent a resounding message on Election Day.

Will a Maag shuffle thwart the will of voters?

By Ann Knef | Nov 5, 2004

Circuit Judge Anne Callis Will Gordon Maag, who lost retention to the 5th Appellate Court, resign his seat before his term expires Dec. 6 so that a Madison County Democrat can be ushered in?

Karmeier wins Illinois Supreme Court!

By Ann Knef | Nov 2, 2004

After a costly, grueling battle for the state's highest court, Washington County Circuit Judge Lloyd Karmeier is the 5th Judicial Illinois Supreme Court victor.

Kameier ROI and Metro East targets

By Ann Knef | Nov 1, 2004

Supreme Court candidate Lloyd Karmeier Polls and reports from the field indicate that those backing Lloyd Karmeier for Illinois Supreme Court Justice may be in for a good return on investment.

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