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Kay seeks to repeal recent state income tax increase

By Ann Knef | Jan 25, 2011

Kay SPRINGFIELD - State Rep. Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) has introduced legislation to repeal the recent 67 percent state income tax increase passed in the General Assembly on the final day of a lame duck session.

$5 million priest abuse verdict against Catholic Diocese of Belleville upheld at appellate court

By Ann Knef | Jan 22, 2011

Stewart The Fifth District Appellate Court has upheld a $5 million jury verdict against the Catholic Diocese of Belleville in a St. Clair County sexual abuse case.

Peel's case was a last one for renowned litigator

By Ann Knef | Jan 20, 2011

Solovy Chicago attorney Jerold Solovy, who represented Gary Peel at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and at the U.S. Supreme Court, died Wednesday at his home in Naples, Fla.

Supreme Court rejects Peel's child pornography appeal

By Ann Knef | Jan 19, 2011

Peel WASHINGTON - The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday turned down the appeal of former Glen Carbon attorney Gary Peel, convicted on child pornography charges involving nude photographs he took of his 16 year-old sister-in-law in 1974.

Husband sues doctors, hospital over wife's death

By Ann Knef | Jan 11, 2011

A man acting as special administrator for his deceased wife alleges that negligence by her physicians and Memorial Hospital led to her death from a heart attack.

Woman seeks damages after collision in Shiloh

By Ann Knef | Jan 11, 2011

A woman says she was injured after another driver collided with her on Interstate 64.

Real estate firm seeks damages for missing rent

By Ann Knef | Jan 11, 2011

A real estate firm claims that Mid America Management Group and two men responsible for observing the conditions of the firm's lease with Mid-America owe more than $40,000 in back rent.

Carman seeks $50K in suit against Illinois Central

By Ann Knef | Jan 11, 2011

A man who worked for Illinois Central railroad for more than 30 years claims his job led to disabling injuries.

Driver sues over collision with parked car

By Ann Knef | Jan 11, 2011

A woman says she was injured when her car struck a vehicle parked on a public road in Stookey Township.

O'Fallon lawyer's FELA verdict to be tested at USSC

By Ann Knef | Jan 6, 2011

Marcus O'Fallon attorney Bob Marcus said he considers it an honor that a Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA) case he won in federal court will serve as a proximate cause test case in oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court on March 28.

Lawsuit Loan Shark bill to be heard in committee Thursday

By Ann Knef | Jan 5, 2011

SPRINGFIELD – As Illinois lawmakers wrestle with raising the individual income tax rate to help keep the state solvent, a piece of legislation that would expand opportunities for personal injury attorneys may be on a fast track for passage in the current lame duck session.

Madison County numbers: Foreclosures up; Asbestos down - maybe

By Ann Knef | Jan 5, 2011

Foreclosure filings in Madison County were up more than 20 percent from last year -- 1,271 in 2009 to 1,549 in 2010.

Area legislators weigh-in on tax increase proposal

By Ann Knef | Jan 5, 2011

McCarter As Illinois faces a staggering $13 billion deficit, state senators from the Metro-East are split over an income tax increase that could come up for vote by early next week.

Dwight Kay is Record Person of the Year

By Ann Knef | Jan 3, 2011

Kay The Madison County Record applauds State Representative-elect Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) for convincing voters in November to retire Democratic incumbent Jay Hoffman of Collinsville.

Emanuel residency supporters have connections to Madison County

By Ann Knef | Dec 22, 2010

Clifford Some of Chicago's top trial lawyers have joined ranks to keep mayoral hopeful and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel on the ballot in the Feb. 22, 2011 election.

Napp recognized for volunteerism; recipient of 'Community Quarterback Award'

By Ann Knef | Dec 16, 2010

Napp (left) pictured with Lucia Rodriguez, an owner of the St. Louis Rams, after receiving the 2010 Georgia Frontiere Community Quarterback Award. Rodriguez is the daughter of Frontiere, who died of breast cancer in 2008. A Madison County associate judge who tries to "pay it forward every day" was recently selected among 150 volunteer leaders across the bi-state area for a top honor.

Passenger on out-of-control bus sues Madison County Transit

By Ann Knef | Dec 15, 2010

A passenger on a bus that crashed into a Collinsville home says he was severely injured in the collision.

Man, insurer seek damages from Madison County Transit

By Ann Knef | Dec 15, 2010

Bailey A man and his homeowner insurer are seeking damages from Madison County Mass Transit and a bus driver after the driver collided with the man's Collinsville home.

Man sues on behalf of woman killed in two-car collision

By Ann Knef | Dec 15, 2010

Parker Geoffrey J. Scott is suing the driver of a vehicle who allegedly caused a two-car crash that led to the death of Mindi Mae June Rogers.

Madison County's chief judge responds to ATRA report

By Ann Knef | Dec 14, 2010

Callis Madison County Chief Judge Ann Callis responded to the American Tort Reform Association's report released today that puts the court on a judicial "Watch List" due in part to a growing asbestos docket.

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