St. Clair County foreclosures Dec. 4-23

Carrie Gonzalez Jan. 5, 2016, 10:55am

St. Clair County Foreclosures:

December 4, 2015

Household Finance v. Marlene J. Edwards and Christopher T. Edwards, $138,410.27, 12 Lynnwood Ct., Belleville. 15-CH-824

December 8, 2015

US Bank v. Gary E. Jr. and Rachael L. Kenly, $91,485.66, 608 S. 20th St., Belleville. 15-CH-825

December 9, 2015

Associated Bank v. Jason A. Brutto, $14,397.48, 103 Woodcrest Dr., Belleville. 15-CH-826

Deutsche Bank v. James E. Isaac Jr. and Christy A. Mosby, $219,164.33, 714 Villanova Ct., Fairview Heights. 15-CH-827

Cit Bank v. Madelle Dickerson, $44,053.76, 633 Pinckneyville Rd., Marissa. 15-CH-828

December 10, 2015

Bank of America v. Michael Presson and Denise M. Steelman, $45,197.79, 1160 George St., Cahokia. 15-CH-835

December 11, 2015

Wells Fargo Bank v. Cindy Lou Stark, $90,911.24, 723 Country Meadow Ln., Belleville. 15-CH-829

HSBC Bank v. Unknown Heirs of Roberta Hawthorne, $32,000.91, 4913 Pearl Ave., E. St. Louis. 15-CH-830

Nationstar Mortgage v. William E. and Lisa K. Bequette, $70,098.81, 9334 Carbon St., Belleville. 15-CH-831

HSBC Bank v. Dennis L. and Janet Lee Powers, $17,092.80, 240 Bernice St., Collinsville. 15-CH-832

JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Dawn M. and Todd J. Bair, $110,790.75, 32 Pine Tr., Fairview Heights. 15-CH-833

Bank of Springfield v. Christopher J. Hunsinger, $57,893.48, 112 Osage Dr., Collinsville. 15-CH-834

December 14, 2015

Ditech Financial v. Unknown Heirs of Frederick Boyd, $7,927.92, 2627 Gaty Ave., E. St. Louis. 15-CH-837

Ditech Financial v. Louis Guthrie, $50,023.89, 30 Drexel Dr., Cahokia. 15-CH-838

December 15, 2015

Wilmington Savings Fund Society v. Eric and Julia Lewis, $202,744.71, 1102 N. Smiley St., OFallon. 15-CH-839

December 16, 2015

PHH Mortgage Co. v. David W. McFarland, $107,362.28, 204 Longview Dr., Belleville. 15-CH-840

Wells Fargo Bank v. Andrew S. and Rikkie Way, $95,55931, 1308 Sandalwood Dr., Belleville. 15-CH-842

Nationstar Mortgage v. Rachel R. Brooks, $46,867.12, 307 W. 2nd St., OFallon. 15-CH-843

December 17, 2015

JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Eric Stelfox, $112,382.43, 439 S. Railway Ave., Mascoutah. 15-CH-844

Quiken Loans v. Zenia McMiller, $237,192.75, 705 Chestnut Dr., Belleville. 15-CH-845

December 21, 2015

Wells Fargo Bank v. Brian K. Clark, $79,396.99, 4118 N. Park Dr., Belleville. 15-CH-846

Freedom Mortgage v. Benita D. and Brian K. Arceneaux, $313,450.66, 820 Cardiff Ct., OFallon. 15-CH-847

The Bank of New York Mellon v. Sherry L. and Timothy L. Jarrett, $23,367.47, 108 W. D St., Belleville. 15-CH-851

The Bank of New York Mellon v. Mark L. and Kathleen A. White, $29,939.35, 5 Optimist Dr., Belleville. 15-CH-852

National Loan Investors v. Vernon R. Obermeier, $208,559.59, 23 Lakewood Pl., E. St. Louis. 15-CH-855

US Bank v. Veronica R. Fisher, $79,708.84, 1990 Oak Tree Ln., Cahokia. 15-CH-856

December 23, 2015

Carrington Mortgage v. Mindy M. Feltmeyer, $74,669.28, 217 Lincolnshire Blvd., Belleville. 15-CH-853

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