St. Clair County foreclosures Nov. 25-Dec. 1

Carrie Gonzalez Dec. 15, 2015, 10:22am

St. Clair County Foreclosures:

November 25, 2015

Deutsche Bank v. Everett L. Perry and Dana Howard, $71,281.70, 703 N. 41st St., E. St. Louis. 15-CH-805

Wells Fargo Bank v. Barbara Edwards and Sherman T. Lockett, $60,030.89, 768 N. 70th St., E. St. Louis. 15-CH-806

Wells Fargo Bank v. Stanton B. and Danielle C. Clemons, $55,050.47, 47 Louise Ln., Cahokia. 15-CH-807

November 30, 2015

US Bank v. Sheridan Duncan, $77,855.03, 3615 Trendley Ave., E. St. Louis. 15-CH-808

Wells Fargo v. Rodney J. and Jill D. Kraus, $20,05020, 1426 S. Illinois St., Belleville. 15-CH-809

Reverse Mortgage Solutions v. Unknown Heirs of Ramona B. Williams and Cheryl Jones, $57,644.48, 2636 Market St., E. St. Louis. 15-CH-810

US Bank v. Joyce Pearce, $108,013.01, 14 Savannah Ct., Belleville. 15-CH-811

December 1, 2015

Nationstar Mortgage v. Richard J. and Dawn M. York, $47,286.08, 2103 E. Main St., Belleville. 15-CH-812

PHH Mortgage v. Daniel R. Arteaga, $102,772.44, 994 S. Main St., Caseyville. 15-CH-813

Midfirst Bank v. Vance E. Shook and Louise A. Tatum, $29,036.83, 217 S. Bess St., Marissa . 15-CH-814

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