St. Clair County foreclosures Nov. 10-19

Carrie Gonzalez Dec. 1, 2015, 11:05am

St. Clair County foreclosures:

November 10, 2015

First Bank v. Unknown Heirs of Alice K. Parle, $10,920.68, 111 Stacy Dr., Fairview Heights. 15-CH-776

PHH Mortgage v. Douglas E. Wyatt, $47,275.97, 1803 W. Adams St., Belleville. 15-CH-777

November 12, 2015

Ditech Financial v. Cynthia Brownrigg, $71,657.29, 425 Tailfeather Dr., Belleville. 15-CH-778

Deutsche Bank v. Donald R. and Kerin L. Walters, $114,312.86, 11 North Crown Dr., Collinsville. 15-CH-779

Wells Fargo Bank v. Neil E. Parker, $128,881.20, 201 Blanc Lee Dr., Swansea. 15-CH-780

The Bank of New York Mellon v. Ralph J. Wright, $8,734.44, 35 Circle Dr., Fairview Heights. 15-CH-781

Freedom Mortgage v. Robert W. and Darlene A. Fohner, $189,514.38, 2849 Smokehouse Way, Belleville. 15-CH-782

Wells Fargo V. Wally Loeffelman, $139,184.89, 1108 Arrowhead Dr., Collinsville. 15-CH-783

November 16, 2015

The Bank of New York Mellon v. Chenir Griffin Sr. and Karen Griffin, $60,398.43, 20 Countryside Ln., Fairview Heights. 15-CH-785

Caliber Home Loans v. Louie J. and Donna L. Smith, $78,510.07, 210 S. Long St., Caseyville. 15-CH-786

November 18, 2015

Wells Fargo Bank v. Elton and Monica Allen, $212,476.78, 2820 Old Caseyville Rd., Swansea. 15-CH-789

PHH Mortgage v. Margaret M. Davlan, $27,591.17, 1515 Pin Oak Ln., Swansea. 15-CH-790

Wells Fargo Bank v. Emma L. Steel, $109,978.86, 2345 Coniferous Dr., Belleville. 15-CH-791

US Bank v. Robert J. Green, $89,835.88, 1538 N. Church St., Belleville. 15-CH-792

November 19, 2015

First National Bank of Sparta v. Alice F. Simons and Dennis Mines, $15,407.82, 802 S. Hamilton, Marissa. 15-CH-793

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