Madison County foreclosures Aug. 17-21

Carrie Gonzalez Aug. 25, 2015, 10:28am

Madison County Foreclosures:

August 17, 2015

Wells Fargo Bank v. Harry A. Woods Jr. and Donneetia M. Woods, $45,570.87, 106 E Maple St., Hartford. 15-CH-471

August 18, 2015

JPMorgan Chase Bank v. James Bryan, $53,139.48, 12 Dorothy St., Moro. 15-CH-472

1st MidAmerica Credit Union v. Mark A. Schwappach, $11,846.78, 201 Niagara, E. Alton. 15-CH-473

First National Bank in Staunton v L.H.Hedger & Sons Metal Co., $320,672.33, 3661 Wanda Rd., Edwardsville. 15-CH-474

August 19, 2015

Deutsche Bank v Amy Kerr-Waters, $84,410.10, 429 E. Acton Ave., Wood River. 15-CH-475

First Collinsville Bank v. Kathleen M. Moore, $114,963.21, 121 Weston St., Troy. 15-CH-476

US Bank v. Elizabeth and Steven E. Bantz, $55,141.81,327 Sheridan St., Bethalto. 15-CH-477

August 20, 2015

Bank of America v. Marcus J. Gleggett and Nicole E. Moore, $83,,420.18, 3828 Horn Ave., Alton. 15-CH-478

First County Bank v. Troy J. Hook and Katherine L. Hook, $45,733.68, 421 Valley, Collinsville. 15-CH-479

US Bank v. Kevin F. and Angela A. Rogers, $81,659.01, 5602 King Arthur Ln., Godfrey. 15-CH-480

US Bank v. Joshua J. Hearn, $61,500.56, 2438 Edison Ave., Granite City. 15-CH-481

Wells Fargo v. Kelly A. Roseman, $123,267.15, 2400 Copper Creek Rd., Maryville. 15-CH-482

August 21, 2015

Mortgage Research Center v. Ralph William Jr. and Jessica L. Logsdon, $234,215.13, 80 Bridgewater Ln., Highland. 15-CH-483

US Bank v. Shane M. and Noemi O. Golden, $126,770.86, 408 David St., Bethalto. 15-CH-484

Green Tree Servicing v. Quincy A. and Jennifer L. Fergurson, $60,754.08, 1132 E. 7th St., Alton. 15-CH-485

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