September 30, 2013


  • $48,150- 3315 S. Belt West- Jack E. Chor to PK Properties and Management LLC

  • $114,000- 113 Shiloh Ridge Drive- Jamie R. Martens and Brandon Perry to Mahmoud Bedwan

  • $14,250- 701 East McKinley Street- Federal National Mortgage Association to EH Pooled Investments LP

  • $161,500- 1508 Bountiful Lane- Deane A. Mazur and Stephanie Mazur to Kyle D. Stone and Abby L. Stone

  • $325,000- 2825 Titleist Drive- Suntrust Mortgage INC. to Ronald D. and Pamela D. Stafford

  • $220,000- 2420 Heather Hill Court- Scott A. Murphy and Lisa S. Murphy to Daryl Ford and Lisa Ford


  • $112,000- 105  N 6th St- Federal National Mortgage Association to Stephen M. Scott and Brittany C. Krebel

East St. Louis

  • $750- 1809 Ohio Ave.- City of East St. Louis to Leanna Peoples

Fairview Heights

  • $86,000- 5417 Bonita Blvd.- Samuel E. Wille and Donna L. Wille to Cortney R. Secrest


  • $68,900- 2106 S 3rd Street- Gregory J. Marler to Richard P. Kuklinski


  • $130,975- 10433 New Athens Darmstadt Road- Denis R. Juenger and Tina M. Juenger to Dale C. Chinn and Debra L. Chinn


  • $60,000- 113 Powers Drive- Pamela J. Goodson to K. Bryan Bingel and Laurie A. Bingel


  • $235,000- 1505 Cedar Ridge Drive- David M. Dito and Diane E. Dito to Kenneth R. Picha and Jo Catherine Picha

  • $168,900- 6604 Arriva Drive- Osborn Homes to Howard Dietrich and Shannan Dietrich

  • $296,159- 709 Merrifields Dr.- H & L Builders LLC to Thomas J. Majka Jr. and Krista D. Brown

  • $233,500- 1210 Hamlin Court- Christine A. Brewer to Richard Hampton and Susan Hampton


  • $229,000- 314 Berwick Crossing- CNR INC. to James King Sr. and Pamela King

  • $184,700- 113 Eagles Landing Drive- Robert A. Cimorelli and Karen S. Cimorelli to RAC Closing Services LLC

  • $189,000- 3586 Sky Hawk Drive- Martin and Elizabeth Bethel to Brandon and Pilar Woodland

  • $255,000- 2628 Katrine Lake Drive- Paul J. Myrick and Mildred E. Myrick to R&W Builders INC.


  • $68,580- 5124 Douglas Road- Foley Park Farms INC. to Foley Park Farms of Illinois LLC

October 1, 2013


  • $118,500- 133 Rio Verde Drive- Ryan K. Schmittling to Jason C. Vanselow

  • $32,000- 718 Clay Street- Thomas C. Richter and Toni L. Richter to Michael J. Smart

  • $29,500- 1715 E. Belle Ave.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeddediah D. Wilson

  • $85,900- 933 North First Street- Michael Peterman and Dianne Peterman to Joshua D. Freeman

  • $19,050- 26 Jennine Drive- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Douglas Scott Jameson

  • $70,000- 3405 West A Street- Nicholaos M. Kourinos and Jane A. Kourinos to Alexander J. Smith

  • $128,000- 50 Dianne Drive- Carol S. Bell to David Abernathy

  • $39,000- 4725 Ruth Street- Federal National Mortgage Association to Tanya Kinney

  • $42,000- 18 Flamingo Drive- Estate of Frances Gajewski to Robert R. Gaebel and Nancy J. Gaebel

  • $89,900- 332 Todd Lane- Jerome and Margaret Fahsl to Victor A. Williams

  • $95,000- 624 Atlanta Drive- Centrue Bank to Advantage Self-Storage Belleville-Marco Investment Group LLC

  • $82,000- 205 South 14th Street- Walter A. Ernst and Viola M. Ernst to Mable J. Haynes

  • $214,900- 9 Seven Iron Court- Paul J. Zollner and Geraldine L. Zollner to Donnie R. Gross and Jean Michele Gross

  • $250,000- 16 Forestview Court- Lee R. Wilson Jr. and Judith Trentman Wilson to Jay W. Prindable and Andrea H. Prindable


  • $10,360- 1822 Mullins- Alicia Besse to Cheryl Morris

  • $87,000- 514 St. Barbara Lane, 911 St. William Drive, 18 Edgar Street- R&R Investment Properties LLC to Robinson Realty LLC


  • $3,000- 1749 Cherokee Street- Charles Hampton and Sharon Hampton to Alfonso Gutierrez

  • $3,000- 1747 Cherokee Street- Charles Hampton and Sharon Hampton to Alfonso Gutierrez and Evangelina Gonzalez

  • $3,000- 1739 Cherokee- Chuck Hampton and Sharon Hampton to Alfonso Gutierrez

  • $3,000- 1737 Cherokee Street- Chuck and Sharon Hampton to Fausta Rodriguez

  • $3,000- 1762 Cherokee- Tara Compton and Sharon Hampton to Evangelina Gonzalez Gutierrez and Alfonso Gutierrez

  • $3,000- 1760 Cherokee- Charles Hampton to Alfonso Gutierrez

  • $5,000- 8630 Old Bunkum Road- Charles Padgett to Graciela Aviles and Alejandra Monreal


  • $3,000- 2714 Black Lane- Charles and Sharon Hampton to Alfonso Gutierrez and Jacinto Gonzalez


  • $86,250- 417 Audry Drive- Jack M. Chandler to Teresa L. Langley

  • $30,000- 1109 Falling Springs Drive- Robert Poe to Fuller Properties LLC

East Carondelet

  • $30,000- 207 Elizabeth Avenue- Matthew Branson, Dennis Branson and Linda Branson to Stephen Kowerko

East St. Louis

  • $1,000- 506 N 29th Street- Velletta Howse and Marilyn P. Brown to Ramonda Fleming

  • $20,000- 504 N 29th Street- Velletta Howse and Marilyn P. Brown to Patricia A. Hagerman

  • $2,700,000- 2419 State Street- Samich INC. to Petro Properties LLC

  • $1,100,000- 346-348 Collinsville Avenue- Midwest Fuel Center INC. to Petro Properties LLC

Fairview Heights

  • $99,900- 327 Frey Lane- Terry L. Dew to Brett Knolhoff

  • $165,000- 729 Willow Springs Hill- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to John Klomps

  • $212,900- 907 Columbia Avenue- Bruce A. Schaffer and Julie K. Schaffer to Robert T. Allen and Brian J. Evans

  • $184,900- 740 Terra Springs Way Drive- Michael L. Pope and Terri A. Pope to Tricia Tierney

  • $191,000- 5195 De Paul Drive- Loren Hodge and Vicki Hodge to Terry Dew and Daniel Eiseman


  • $149,000- 517 N Edison St- Jerry Trent and Kristy Trent to Melvin Beisiegel and Gloria Beiseigel


  • $155,700- 10920 Sylvan Vista Drive- Douglas A. Evans and Jasolyn B. Evans to Nathan P. Fohne


  • $167,500- 1203 West Harnett- Robert J. Hale and Susan D. Hale to Daniel M. Beck and Ronda A. Beck


  • $22,500- 401 E. Laurel St.- Estate of Shirley D. Willmont to Gary Roberts and Sharon Roberts

  • $168,000- 3305 Village Green Court- Joseph M. Wagner to Matthew P. Tyson and Emily K. Tyson

New Athens

  • $568,563- Kaiser Rd.- Richard S. Kaiser and Dorothy M. Kohler to John L. Kaiser and Vickie L. Kaiser

  • $158,289- 9115 Range Drive- Derek Phillips and Kelley Phillips to David Rausch and Michelle Rausch


  • $260,305- 1209 Gregerson Court- Federal National Mortgage Association to Alonzo Nelson and Dawn Harper

  • $83,500- 305 Howard Drive- Zachary Yoder to David and Charity Braden

  • $96,500- 505 S. Smiley Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Paul Schroth and Connie Schroth

  • $120,000- 0 Hartman Lane- Fontabella NFP to Stauder Group LLC

  • $82,000- 405 Willow Drive- Rita D. Ferreri to Michael A. Terry

  • $168,900- 817 Pacific Crossing Drive- Osborn Homes INC. to James M. Feucht and Bethany A. Jenkins

  • $298,000- 609 Tennyson Court- Huntington Chase Homes Corporation to Janice D. Shirley

  • $48,000- 1318 Arbor Green Trail- The Parcs at Arbon Glen LLC to Huntington Chase Homes Corporation

  • $252,989- 1409 Victoria Square Court- Kappert Construction Co. INC. to Patricia A. Sherbert


  • $195,000- 307 Berwick Crossing- TTW LLC to Harrison K. Eaton and Carolyn S. Eaton


  • $150,000- 310 North Lincoln Street- Charles and Jennifer Klein to Mark Wagner

  • $292,500- 5259 Shingle Oak Lane- Adam A. Karr and Julie A. Karr to Eveline Sicka and Anni Sicka

  • $235,695- 5533 South Woods Manor Drive- D & F Contracting INC. to Michael A. Knop and Megan K. Knop

  • $35,000- 4041 Autumn Oak Drive- D & F Contracting INC. to Thomas Nollau and Lesa Nollau


  • $162,450- 2824 Ranch Trail Rd.- Alan L. Helfer Sr. and Heather M. Helfer to Ronald J. Ausman Jr.

October 2, 2013


  • $100- 329 Susann Court- Protestant Memorial Medical Center INC. to West End Redevelopment Corporation

  • $164,900- 225 Southwind Drive- Steven A. Schwab and Connie Y. Schwab to Gary Wary Goldacker and Carolyn A. Goldacker

  • $115,000- 7400 Claymont Court Unit 1- Steven Voyles to Revocable Trust of Jeanette Trover

  • $192,054- 2336 Slammer Drive- McBride & Son Residential Illinois to Andrey Barshay and Nedezda Barshay

  • $205,000- 23 South First Street- Jack Carby to KKB Properties LLC

  • $45,000- 923 Moreland Drive- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Floyd L. Turnage

  • $50,500- 1207 Third Avenue- Donald L. Vandyke and Linda S. Vandyke to Wilbur R. Franke and Leona J. Franke

  • $107,500- 248 Oliver Lee Drive- Norma Jean Harper to Amanda J. Votrian


  • $7,000- 2871 North 89th Street- Pina Kshirsagar, Hemant Kshirsagar, Kiran C. Patel, Hemlata Patel, Rajushai N. Shakta, and Jayshreeben Shakta to Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local Union 268

  • $259,343- 152 Forest Oaks Drive- McBride & Son Residential to Scott T. and Amanda M. Eversgerd

East St. Louis

  • $11,957- 174 North 80th- Scott Sieron to Olivia Dunn

Fairview Heights

  • $120,000- 8 Patricia Drive- Antoinette Luszowski to Dean Folkerts and Peggy Folkerts


  • $130,000- 1 Erb Court- Delores Lehman to James G. Perrine and Lindsay M. Perrine


  • $53,000- 611 W Church Street- Stacey A. Schaeffer to Wesley D. Juenger


  • $35,000- 7319 My Lakeview Drive- Lawrence Tod to Christopher Pfeil and Wendy Pfeil

  • $215,000- 2631 Paradise Lane- Darlene E. Schwab, Steven A. Schwab, and Craig A. Schwab to Steven A. Schwab and Connie Y. Schwab

  • $220,000- 24 Liederkranz Lane- Erwin Betz 1994 Declaration of Trust to Lorraine A. Westerheide

New Athens

  • $95,000- 1007 Spotsylvania Street- David J. Zipfel and Kari N. Zipfel to Charles Klein Jr.


  • $60,000- 1009 W. Nixon- Dearold D. Merriman and Marlene E. Merriman to Steven T. Ogden

  • $185,000- 1508 Keck Ridge Drive- Nicholas M. Correnti and Jennifer M. Kirchner to Paul T. Lee and Larine Suet Wing Mui


  • $155,000- 3561 Harbor Way- Jerry D. and Claudia Smith to Sean Toolen

  • $272,300- 2603 London Lane- Wendy Hendley to Jacob Lukens and Jeri Lukens


  • $150,000- 160 Pine Dale Dr.- William Raetz to Paul Zollner and Geraldine Zollner

  • $332,500- 1860/62 Carrington Way- Dallas Interiors INC. to MOIS LLC

October 3, 2013


  • $16,800- 611 West Adams Street- Donna Stough to Brian Keith Brown and Melissa Nicle Brown

  • $97,463- 5619 North Belt West- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

  • $64,335- 1937 Celebration Park Circle- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of Veterans Affairs

  • $5,000- 308 North 5th Street- Robin J. Guetterman to Emmit D. Edwards

  • $82,500- 226 Kansas Avenue- Alan P. Shelley and Jorie B. Shelley to Tro’jon Smith

  • $44,065- 197 Huntleigh Drive- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Fairview Heights

  • $190,000- 935 Clemson Ave.- Daniel W. Flaschar and Erin M. Flaschar to Alan P. Shelley and Jorie B. Shelley


  • $4,974,547- 9730 Hayden Drive- H & H Motel LLC to B.W. Motels LLC

New Athens

  • $5,000- Clinton Street- Richard Bell to Codi R. Deffenbaugh

October 4, 2013


  • $90,000- 637 North 38th Street- Keith D. Eccles to Groves Investments Co.

  • $75,000- 1448 Vicksburg Drive- Deutsche Bank to Willie Pirtle and Gwendolyn F. Pirtle


  • $46,000- 261 St. John Drive, 222 St. John Drive- Wayne Dixon and Tanya Dixon to Robinson Realty LLC

  • $5,000- 1 Marilyn Lane- Charlotte Green to John R. Francis


  • $26,500- 2 North Oakland Drive- Fannie Mae to Vicki Jackson

  • $220,000- 1213 Pisa Dr.- Jason M. Anderson and Anna M. Anderson to Scott L. Waeltz and Cecilia M. Waeltz


  • $60,000- 848 Autumn Rise Lane- F & F Land Company LLC to Daniel J. Sternau

East St. Louis

  • $240,000- 4201 Cookson Rd., 2776 N. 44th St., 4023 Maple Ave.- Margarita G. Abilez to Eric L. Stewart and Ashley C. Stewart


  • $160,000- 529 N. Edison Street- Hawkins Development Company LLC to Shirley E. Steinbeck


  • $45,000- 402 Westminister- Heirs and Legatees of Maureen E. Wilson to O’Fallon Professional Building INC.

  • $248,000- 433 Wiegerstown Drive- Stephen G. Bailey and Theresa A. Bailey to Nicholas Sinnott


  • $65,000- 300 W. Wakefield- Ralph J. Shinevar Jr. and Alice A. Shinevar to Lynwood E. Dillman

Washington Park

  • $6,500- 1444 N. 46th Street- E & W Gateways INC. to Bank of America

October 7, 2013


  • $27,973- 3812 S. Park Drive- Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Bank of America

  • $89,000- 210 South McKinley Drive- The Likes Family Trust to Eric S. Tinsley

  • $72,000- 21 Newman Dr.- Vilray F. Fulton Jr. and Ruth A. Fulton to Matthew T. Steele and Michelle L. Voegtle

  • $65,000- 609 S. Jackson Street- Christopher A. Dunker to Gregg L. Crawford

  • $247,000- 1617 Colfax Court- Heartland Home Builders INC. to Dusty Kallal and Alicia Kallal

  • $58,500- 6312 Town Hall Road- Lydia Hudson and Constance Solomon to James Jacob Jr.


  • $22,000- 519 St. Barbara Lane- Mary F. Unland, Michelle M. Frisch, David W. Unland, and Cynthia A. Unland to Terry S. Rutledge and Linda M. Rutledge

  • $116,000- 103 Dorcas Drive, 1406 Williams Street, 714 St. Paul Drive, 714 St. Martin Drive- R & R Investment Properties LLC to CR Investments LLC

  • $32,500- 261 St. John Drive- Robinson Realty LLC to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC

  • $32,500- 222 St. John Drive- Robinson Realty LLC to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC


  • $85,006- 407 W Lincoln- The Bank of New York Mellon to Steve Rawdon


  • $19,000- 4232 Market Avenue- U.S. Bank to Paul Porter Jr. and Alice V. Porter

East St. Louis

  • $29,500- 6338 Church Road- Robinson Realty LLC to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC


  • $293,500- 4700 Muellers Lane- Morris M. Coate and Mary J. Coate to Harvey L. Mirty Revocable Living Trust


  • $38,000- 707 S. Grace Street- Adam R. McBride to Shirley J. Witthoft


  • $41,000- 24 East South Street- David H. Sauerhage to Kathleen Popovich

  • $53,000- 1115 and 1116 Lear Lane- Straqr Properties LLC to New Tradition Homes LLC

  • $31,000- 116 West Oak Street- Starla Shaver to Mark Laquet and Linda Laquet


  • $277,100- 1055 Chapel Hill Drive, #24B- Stone Bridge Villas LLC to Frutiger Living Trust

  • $285,825- 540 Frost Court- Huntington Chase Homes Corporation to Patricia G. Crabtree


  • $42,000- Knab Road- Randall L. Donovan and Susan L. Donovan to David C. Pierpoint Family Revocable Trust


  • $104,398- 1400 Kinselia Ave- Ronnie L. Martindale Surviving Joint Tenant of Sharon M. Martindale to Springleaf Financial Services of Illinois INC.

October 8, 2013


  • $80,000- 66 Arabelle Drive- Murphy Shalabi to Charles R. Stancil

  • $80,000- 428 South 14th Street- Samantha Schaefer to Richard and Dana Schaefer


  • $25,640- 713 Falling Springs Rd- Amber Graves to Tina M. and Lawrence R. Willis

East Carondelet

  • $79,994- 2006 State Street- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD


  • $1,273,950- Schmoll Road- D. Windham D. Brockmeier to K Fifteen LLC


  • $13,500- 134 St. Christopher Court- St. Christopher Villas LLC to JLP Construction Co.

  • $234,000- 1120 Linden Place- Richard Butler and Jill Butler to Mary Price

  • $255,145- 9632 Weatherby Street- Kappert Construction Co. INC. to Kelly Shemwell


  • $105,000- 613 S. Lafayette Street- Trudy Famula to Robert Dale Hines and Catherin R. Rapp Hines


  • $62,000- 402 and 404 Vancroft Place- Scott/Troy Developers LLC to Barnes Properties INC.


  • $336,973- 1424 Olroyd Drive- Fulford Construction INC. to Daniel R. Nelson and Christine R. Nelson

October 9, 2013


  • $1,350- 405 North Illinois Street- Paul Fuehne to IDOT

  • $70,000- 5 Saint George Drive- David Lorig and Brooke Z. Lorig to Russel J. Selph and Cheryl J. Selph

  • $214,946- 5 High Forest Drive- The Private Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $62,500- 928 Werner Road- Barbara Ann Carrico to Megan L. Anderson and Todd C. Anderson


  • $120,000- 12 Davis Place- Dennis E. Craft and Jean M. Craft to Jeffrey R. Daugherty

East St. Louis

  • $16,670- 429-439 North 8th Street- Ronald McCloud to Christian Activity Center

  • $1,400- N 65th St- Michelle A. Dueker and Brend L. Huskey to St. Louis U-Pic-A-Part LLC


  • $145,000- 215 Jo Mar Avenue- L. Kevin Vick to Louis Phillip Canman and Cindy Canman

October 10, 2013


  • $116,000- 300 Sandra Drive- Steven Keel and Cynthia Keel to Steve E. O’Neil

  • $41,800- 7014 W. A St- Federal National Mortgage Corporation to Bradford and Mary Kamenee

  • $147,000- 130 Dianne Drive- Robert G. Yankey and Sybl A. Yankey to Michael Lee Gray Jr. and Dana A. Gray

  • $22,000- 3515 Marion Street- Davvid Schobert and Joann Hettenhausen to Evan Mauldin and Virginia Mauldin


  • $36,500- 911 St. William- Robinson Realty LLC to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC

  • $34,500- 18 Edgar St.- Robinson Realty LLC to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC

  • $40,000- 514 St. Barbara- Robinson Realty LLC to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC

  • $58,000- 40 W. Adams Drive, 307 Isabell Street- R & R Investment Properties LLC to CRinvestments LLC

  • $31,500- 307 Isabell St.- CRinvesments to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC

  • $37,500- 40 W. Adams Drive- CRinvestments LLC to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC


  • $70,000- 404 Miranda Drive- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Gerald Luter Jr.

East St. Louis

  • $47,350- 313 Green St.- Screaming Eagle Properties LLC to Horizon Trust Company

  • $28,000- 943 N. 84th St.- CRinvestments LLC to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC


  • $10,000- 915 Blackhills Drive- Sandra K. Cifuentes to Pamela Ann Ponder

  • $161,250- 909 Meadowlark Drive- James A. Awerkamp and Karen M. Awerkamp to Travis A. Miller and Tara L. Miller

  • $215,500- 881 Allenbrook Ave- H & L Builders LLC to John P. Schroeder and Misty A. Schroeder

  • $198,000- 7064 Milburn Estates Drive- Jace R. Staponski and Jordan E. Staponski to Kelly J. Luzum and Latash S. Luzum

Washington Park

  • $12,500- 1831 No. 61st St.- Vollmer Realty INC. to William Gooch

October 11, 2013


  • $114,900- 49 Lakeview Drive- Lisa Kerhart to Christopher R. Kraft

  • $260,000- 2926 Fourteenth Fairway Dr.- Jerry W. Rodgers and Patricia A. Rodgers to Jason B. Ham and Rachel L. Bailor

  • $117,258- 125 North Deleware Avenue- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

  • $35,000- 2711 London Lane- TTW LLC to C.P.R. Properties LLC

  • $37,000- 2686 London Lane- TTW LLC to C.P.R. Properties LLC

  • $7,138- Part of 100 N. 15th Street- Karen Heathey to Donna J. Munro and Oddlore Munro


  • $18,900- 1826 Harvest Avenue- Prairie State Properties LLC to James P. Clark

  • $20,000- 1832 Mullens- Tamishia Lewis and Michael Suggs to Thomas Lemons Jr.

  • $46,000- 217 St. John Drive- Wayne Dixon and Tanya Dixon to CRinvestments LLC

  • $3,350- 310 Plum Street- James R. Rogers to Rachell V. Weber

  • $32,500- 217 St. John Drive- CRinvestments LLC to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC

East St. Louis

  • $9,300- 3300 Trendley Ave.- Prairie State Real Estate Holdings LLC to Bey Miller

Fairview Heights

  • $142,000- 861 Harbor Woods Drive- McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC to Robert Sperry


  • $100,000- 307 East Mill Street- John and Rosemary Mense Revocable Trust to Bryce Davis and Kate Sodam


  • $259,271- 905 Sturbridge Trail- McBride Stone Briar LLC to Mark A. Lorenzo Jr. and Katy J. Lorenzo

  • $190,000- 708 White Oak Drive- Sade Investments LLC to Bradshaw Property Group LLC


  • $204,500- 133 Montrose Court- McBride Eagles Landing LLC to Brian M. and Christine M. Bushong


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