Steve Korris Oct. 12, 2013, 1:37pm

Sean McGilvery of Belleville, alleged heroin supplier to former St. Clair County judge Michael Cook, plans to plead guilty.

U.S. District Judge Michael Reagan posted notice on Oct. 10, that he would hear a change of plea on Thursday, Oct. 17.

McGilvery had signaled his intention to withdraw his not guilty plea on Sept. 10, when he moved to continue a trial that would have started in six days.

Reagan delayed the trial until November, sealing both the motion and his order granting it.

Drug agents arrested McGilvery at his home on May 22, along with Cook.

In June, grand jurors indicted McGilvery on a charge of conspiracy to distribute heroin and Cook on a charge of possession.

U.S. Attorney Stephen Wigginton identified McGilvery as a distributor for Deborah Perkins of Fairview Heights.

Wigginton had previously obtained an indictment against Perkins as the leader of a heroin ring, and against her son Douglas Oliver and Eric Beckley of Centreville as distributors.

Perkins and Oliver pleaded guilty and await sentencing.

Beckley and Cook delayed their trials in order to pursue plea negotiations.

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