August 5, 2013


  • $58,000- 30 Newman Drive- A & E Midwest Investments INC. to Cassandra Leflore and Jerry Leflore

  • $35,500- 1229 North 17th Street- Lisa Bowman, Dana Toenjes, and Michael Kane to Albert and Judy Hampton

  • $85,000- 100 Portland Avenue- Ramon Jellison and Carol Jellison to Matthew G. Beaston

  • $148,000- 10 Palmetto Dr.- Rudy Riva Sr. to Sonya Jones

  • $150,000- 2686 Brookmeadow Drive- Anthony G. Soots and Megan E. Soots to Maxine L. Kiefer

  • $230,000- 6200 Sandia Lane- William J. and Deidre A. Zychlewicz to Joshua A. north and Sarah M. North

  • $200,000- 22504 Eidmann Road- Kevin T. Kruse Declaration of Trust to Ryan and Catherine Kruse

  • $3,500- 720 Villa Drive- Harold L. Zaring Revocable Trust to Darrell L. Floyd and Jill D. Floyd

  • $36,900- 7633 Sedona Circle- Stonemark Developments LLC to Steve and Karen Dahm

  • $233,000- 2004 Dublin Blvd.- Duane and Carol Roth to David K. Brown and Jessi L. Brown

  • $40,000- 102 North 81st Street- Linda Castellanet to Heidi Miller

  • $74,000- 613 Devonshire Drive- The West End Affordable Housing Coalition to Gerald and Linda Klingelhoefer


  • $26,000- 221 W. Second Street- RV Holdings Three LLC to Gateway North Development Group LLC

  • $33,000- 3405 Barber St.- Robinson Realty LLC to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC

  • $33,000- 1314 St. Zita Lane- Robinson Realty LLC to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC

  • $29,000- 1122 St. Bartholomew Drive- R & R Investment Properties LLC to Robinson Realty LLC

  • $66,000- 8 W Adams Drive, 1122 St. Bartholomew Drive- Robinson Realty LLC to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC


  • $28,000- 2013 N. 7th Street- Johnnie Hearty Jr. and Anil Gupta

East St. Louis

  • $38,500- 1618 Armand Dr.- Robinson Realty LLC to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC

  • $37,800- 2011 Lynn St.- Robinson Realty LLC to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC

  • $41,200- 1107 St. Barthalomew Dr.- Robinson Realty LLC to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC

  • $30,000- 1714 Mullens Ave.- Robinson Realty LLC to Screaming Eagle Properties LLC


  • $202,500- 713 Pine Tree Lane- Michael and Kathleen Gass Trust to Joseph E. Wheeler and Jamee B. Wheeler


  • $25,000- 424 North Euclid Avenue- Theresa L. Hulslander, Jackie O. Hulslander Jr., and Michael A. Hulslander to Matthew D. Baker


  • $83,000- 409 North Jefferson- Debra M. Cameron to PD Properties

  • $154,044- 1400 Royal Forest Drive- Brian M. Salvi and Nicole L. Salvi to Henry M. Ellis Jr. and Gulein Ellis

  • $130,000- 302 Salem Avenue- Stephen R. Colbert and Sandra A. Colbert to Parry L. Colbert and Peggy E. Colbert


  • $237,000- 1326 Illini Drive- Charles and Miriam Phillips to Jeremy and Amber Beebe

  • $282,500- 1144 Red Hawk Ridge Lane- John A. Rutkowski and Cynthia G. Rutkowski to Branden R. Lewis and Brooke E. Lewis

  • $183,500- 1437 Schwarz Meadow Drive- James P. Hodskins and Debroa M. Hodskins to Shawn Lipe and Marissa Lipe

  • $142,500- 287 Cloverdale Drive- Elmer J. Schwartzkopf to Christopher J. Colombo

  • $303,000- 372 Kings Ridge Blvd- William J. Dalonzo and Kathleen Dalonzo to William H. Black and Vicki A. Black


  • $2,628- Shiloh Station Road- Edward E. Tiedemann and Sharon K. McDowell to C. Daivd Tiedemann

  • $168,000- 2609 Greystone Estate Parkway- JLP Construction Co. to Morgan LeeAnn Weeks

  • $43,000- 2578 London Lane- TTW LLC to JLP Construction Co.


  • $365,000- 3308 Gadwell Court- Thomas J. Kennett and Penny R. Kennett to Brian Barton and Terrie J. Barton

August 6, 2013


  • $158,500- 2886 Brookmeadow Drive- Federal National Mortgage Association to Gary R. Mitchell and Cherie L. Mitchell

  • $78,000- 10 Jennine Drive- Belleville Community Development Corporation to Debra Jean Widener

  • $60,000- 23 South 22nd Street- Paul W. Schaefer to Lindwood University

  • $73,500- 2100 East C Street- Scott Mansfield to Robert D. and Tara E. Schaefer

  • $30,000- 415 N. 75th Street- John Hill to Thomas A. Jackson


  • $23,500- 712 Water Street- Federal National Mortgage Association to James Thompson


  • $327,100- 200 Forest Oaks Drive- William A. Tyrala and Amy Maharaj-Tyrala to Kenneth D. Sheehan and Amy R. Sheehan

  • $274,563- 921 Thornridge Court- McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC to Jason and Tamara Jessup

  • $78,000- 410 W. Washington Street- Lynn E. Favreau to Roselee Sandra Vincenzo and Fredrick Salvatore Vincenzo

  • $130,000- 406 W. Lincoln Ave.- Michael Watson and Anna Watson to Courtney A. Bast


  • $25,700- 212 John Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Gilberto Del Rio

East St. Louis

  • $23,100- 1707 Wilford Ave.- Cornerstone Realty of America INC. to Harlon B. Young

  • $20,900- 1400 Dr. Mr. Lemons Blvd- Cornerstone Realty of America INC. to Marcus A. Billups

  • $27,500- 4256 Converse Ave.- Cornerstone Realty of America INC. to Gwendolyn McCallum

Fairview Heights

  • $74,200- 6 Wilshire Drive- Estate of Harter B. Dermody to Bertha I. Martinez- Chavez and Miguel A. Chavez

  • $245,000- 720 Ember Crest Drive- Raymond O. McAteer Sr. and Mary L. McAteer to Kenneth M. Abrahams and Linda M. Abrahams


  • $12,250- 110 North Edison Street- The Bank of New York Mellon to CR Capital Group LLC


  • $152,000- 11320 Terveer Road- Jerry Kesler to Brian and Deborah Pope

  • $3,415- Baldwin Road- Dynegy Midwest Generation LLC to St. Clair County, Illinois


  • $38,500- 1122 Hackberry Drive- William Ray and Marsha Ray to Michael Klein and Angela Klein

New Athens

  • $63,200- 103 South Benton Street- Marilyn J. Schatte, Judith Miller, Karen Al-Bori, and Joseph Kosarek to Kaskaskia Tool and Machine INC.

  • $69,743- 101 (Address Whited Out)- Michael, Duane, and Joe Keebler to Kaskaskia Tool and Machine INC.


  • $1,000- 970 W. Highway 50- Moto INC. to Ameren Illinois

  • $280,467- 6808 Norfolk Way- McBride Stone Briar LLC to Alexander and Victoria Macdonald

  • $169,500- 1402 Desoto Drive- Irab Jr. and Ann R. Lilly TR of 101898 to Robert M. and Elizabeth R. Lilly

  • $255,000- 509 Fairwood Hills Rd- Dustin Cooksey to Beste Cooksey

  • $205,000- 964 Sturbridge Trail- Jake Goss and Jennifer Goss to Justin Seipp


  • $380,000- 524 East Waters Edge Drive- Michaelene J. Ferrari to Shawn Beach


  • $36,000- 219 North Hickory Street- Estate of Richard Fernandez to Michael Allen Docksteiner


  • $485,543- 1014 Barteau Drive- Homes by Deesign INC. to Thomas G. and Dorothy G. Kistler

  • $288,600- 4124 Woodland Park- Heartland Home Builders INC. to Steven and Rebecca Fernlund

  • $146,500- 504 Green Haven Drive- Ronald C. Reeder and Rebecca J. Reeder to Corinne E. Whitlatch

August 7, 2013


  • $114,500- 22 Marla Kay Drive- Guy B. Kettler to Andrew Langenstein and Ashley A. Kalotek

  • $25,357- 2528 Frank Scott Parkway W.- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to David C. Blue and Ruth A. Blue

  • $47,179- 632 North 38th Street- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

  • $2,500- 613 East A Street- City of Belleville, Illinois to Fisher Smith INC.


  • $17,000- 1316 St. Raphael Street- Gene Young JR. to Metro Property Partners LLC

East St. Louis

  • $35,000- 121, 125, and 129 Exchange Avenue- North End Missionary Baptist Church to S & H Property LLC

Fairview Heights

  • $35,000- 9628 Ridge Heights- Federal National Mortgage Association to Gregory M. Whitehead

  • $28,520- 35 Potomac Drive- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Tonya Deering


  • $117,500- 503 W. Washington Street- Dustin Trankle and Nicole Trankle to Michael R. Farris Revocable Trust


  • $137,000- 1314 Terrace Green Lane- Elizabeth J. Angenend to Candice Seipp

  • $158,000- 8 Jaime Lane- Regions Bank to Jacqueline Bonilla


  • $34,974- 1602 and 1603 Vincent Dr.- Regions to Union Pacific Railroad Company

August 8, 2013


  • $220,000- 2405 Fairway Dr.- Bank of America to Thomas R. Lynch and Monica Lynch

  • $158,000- 51 Westhaven Meadows- Brandon and Joy Dell’Aringa to Jeremy J. Dejournett

  • $32,000- 1419 Floradora Drive- Estate of Cynthia Ann Elder to OPM Land Trust #1

  • $474,000- 920 N Illinois- G C Leasing INC. to Belleville Township High School District #201


  • $170,000- 1251 Pin Oak Lane- Howard Keith Rule and Kathleen M. Rule to Allen B. Dones and Diana P. Dones

  • $99,500- 403 Geaschel Dr.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Jason Short

Fairview Heights

  • $212,000- 655 Ember Crest Drive- Edward J. Kionka and Terri K. Kionka to Edmund J. Chase Revocable Trust

  • $179,000- 125 Crystal Lane- Sushil Ramrakha and Staci Ramrakha to Scott M. Forrest and Michelle L. Forrest


  • $143,800- 207 North Walnut Street- Diana Sorce to Christopher L. Dodson

  • $153,000- 203 Silverthorne Drive- Field Stone Land Investments LLC to Donna J. Kolb and Holly R. Schroeder


  • $3,500- 419 McAllister Street- Church of God in Christ/Illinois Southeast Jurisdiction to Anthony C. Buhl and Karen S. Buhl


  • $245,000- 1216 Shadow Ridge Crossing- James B. Thoman and Jennifer Lee Thoman to Josh Henry and Keri Henry

  • $208,000- 920 Victoria Lane- Mary L. Carroll Revocable Living Trust to Kenneth J. Pinkerton and Joele K. Pinkerton

August 9, 2013


  • $86,000- 611 N. Illinois Street- Arleen M. Wuebbels to People of the State of Illinois, Department of Transportation

  • $33,000- 6200 West Washington Street- Robert J. Brutto and Joan C. Hardesty to Michael and Janice Brutto

  • $72,500- 3212 Seven Pines Drive- Citibank to Dat Nguyen

  • $101,000- 14 Berrywood Drive- Michelle Reed and Becky Venuti to Rachel Temple

  • $258,000- 4 Signal Hill Blvd- Angela L. Cooper to Melissa Ann Rockwell- Hopkins


  • $100- 520 Old Caseyville- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to CitiMortgage INC.


  • $210,000- 2266 Stemier Road- James T. Beasley and F. Diana Beasley to William R. Stumpf and Shannon Stumpf


  • $284,000- 705 Thoreau Drive- Michael R. Skorseth and Melissa R. Skorseth to Odis Atkinson

  • $229,900- 1546 Peach Orchard Road- Michael F. Seymour and Carol J. Seymour to William H. Manthe Jr. and Jacqueline Manthe

  • $134,000- 104 Easton Avenue- Karen M. Gordon to Logan J. Brodax and Amber E. Brodax


  • $230,000- 5398 Live Oak Drive- Richard L. Tindall and Cheryl S. Tindall to Lawrence S. Schott and Rochella Schott


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