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July 22, 2013


  • $25,000- 516 Dutch Hollow Road- Christopher J. Stump to Bruce J. Hampton

  • $71,550- 317 Bunker Hill Road- Estate of Adoracion Butler to Randall W. Laird and Melissa N. Laird

  • $268,850- 3025 Roan Hill Drive- Heartland Home Builders INC. to Robert B. and Carrie S. Johnson

  • $18,500- 707 East McKinley Street- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Scott Kronenberger

  • $65,000- 12 Mariknoll Drive- Judy Thomason to Raiesha Young

  • $19,799- 147 Paulette Drive- U.S. Bank to Quantum Lending LLC

  • $29,299- 7 Lakewood Drive- Deutsche Bank to Ali Kitchell

  • $88,500- 139 Clearview Drive- Thomas E. Thompson and Rita M. Thompson to Lynn Wipperman


  • $11,500- 520 Saint Barbara Lane- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Jian You Yang


  • $46,299- 1224 Columbia Road- Wells Fargo Bank to Timothy Batson

East Carondelet

  • $99,000- 2007 Imbs Station Rd- Danita Bridges, Glen Garner, and Angel Oldham to Danita Bridges

East St. Louis

  • $3,000- 3319 Trendley Avenue- E & L LLC to Ciara Corley

Fairview Heights

  • $116,500- 17 Carlin Drive- Todd Gorney and Wendi Gorney to John Essington and Christina Essington


  • $120,000- 106 N. State Street- Matthew Amann and Tabitha Amann to Joshua P. Jacobs and Mary P. Jacobs


  • $40,000- Vacant ground with barn, Pister Road- Marlene C. Harsin to Joseph Timothy Schartung and Linda Louse Schartung

  • $109,000- 1105 Natalyns Trace-SMR LLC to Charles D. Pitts and Marianne Skaggs


  • $5,000- 701 S. Bess Ave.- Raymond Thomas Potter to Paul A. Light and Catherine M. Light


  • $72,885- 4808 Centreville Avenue- Mathias Development Corporation to Scott E. and Shanon A. Osick


  • $39,900- 4900 Glade Court- Mark F. and Jodelle Vernier to Anthony P. and Angela K. Gilbreth


  • $25,850,000- 3810 North Illinois Street- Villas at Crystal Lake LLC to Crystal Lake Partners LLC

  • $61,350- 15 Westgate Drive- Dolores M. Ervin to Randall W. Laird and Melissa N. Laird

Washington Park

  • $9,000- 1416 N 47th- Aabrial and Tamika Johnson to Elaise Moss

July 23, 2013


  • $238,000- 2293 Cromwell Lane- Aldo S. Adams and Lisa L. Adams to Kevin Nykanen and Kimberley Nykanen

  • $56,000- 65 Granvue Drive- Julie L. Huffman to Dennie Suchman

  • $190,000- 201 Turning Leaf Circle- Willard and Linda Taylor to Aaron and Samantha Harpel

  • $67,000- 113 Rosette Drive- Belleville Community Development Corporation to Ryan J. Kleinik

  • $60,000- 1328 Lebanon Avenue- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Brandon Payne

  • $52,500- 212 North 32nd Street- Carol Nester to Donald P. and Carmen D. Rigney


  • $60,000- 104 St. Christopher Lane- Billy S. Jackson to Stephan L. Cimarolli


  • $314,802- 737 Autumn Rise Lane- Dettmer Homes of Illinois LLC to Michael and Lindsey Reuss

East St. Louis

  • $500- 668 N. 37th St.- Chris Word to Gregory Lewis

  • $48,250- 7116 Park Ave- Robinson Realty LLC to Horizon Trust Company

Fairview Heights

  • $82,000- 14 Orlando Place- Richard and Joyce Ess to Edward Belba


  • $135,000- 710 North First Street- Barbara Ann Stewart and Mary Lynne Carnahan to Katie Von Holdener and Robert C. Holdener


  • $104,000- 403 East Third Street- Lauren and Jason Lauren to Alexandria Elbe

  • $338,900- 709 Chatsworth Court- Fulford Construction INC. to Michael Wood and Julie Wood

  • $290,000- 1338 Bossler Lane- Omar and Gloria Palacios to John and Sheri Park

  • $116,000- 802 North Madison Drive- Keith A. Hardy and Teri L. Hardy to Steven R. Boston and Deanna E. Boston

  • $181,000- 757 Deer Creek Road- Benjamin L. Creger and Gonul Greger to Robert J. Eberhart and Erin K. Eberhart

  • $35,000- 1409 Victoria Square Court- Southern Illinois Land Investments LLC to Kappert Construction Co. INC.


  • $89,900- 1818 Ambrose Terrace- Gunna D. and Shanthi Ravi to James D. and Barbara A. Allen

Washington Park

  • $200- 5405 N. Park Drive- Dorris Davis Helping Hand Shelter to House of Prayer to All Nation

July 24, 2013


  • $145,000- 2783 East B Street Rd- Claudia S. Colombo to Marylou L. Kusmanoff and Carol A. Easterley

  • $112,500- 2 Commodore Drive- Laurette L. Wiley, Wyatt Rawlings III, and Kay Rawlings Eigenbrod to Lauren Watkins

  • $137,000- 6010 Heritage Station Road- Karen M. Lynn to Jarran T. Riley

  • $27,700- 117 Churchill Dr.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Tarayn F. and Robert R. Riley

  • $160,000- 2201 Centreville Avenue- Lois E. Hock to Darlene Schwab


  • $110,500- 1206 Perry Place- Carol J. Perry to Nicholas W. Gillespie

  • $237,500- 300 Guy St- Richard E. Bickel and Mary Bickel to Clinton E. Kite and Patricia M. Kite

  • $12,838- 442 S Fourth Street- Prairie State Properties LLC to Claude Smith


  • $10,000- 108 Park Avenue- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jimmie Gale and Jacqueline Marie Watson

East St. Louis

  • $817- 1635 N 50th Street- CR Capital Group LLC to Zevel LLC

Fairmont City

  • $37,000- 5524 Kinder St- Douglas H. Berning Jr. and Bruce E. Berning to Hector A. Gutierrez Jr.

Fairview Heights

  • $179,000- 35 Cedar Dr.- Mark A. Burgdorf and Tina M. Burgborf to Kevin D. Cannon and Ruth E. Cannon


  • $93,000- 411 North Dewey Street- Faith Thurman to Lauren L. May and Jacob R. Bayers


  • $87,500- 455 Rec Area Rd- Thelma Carns to Nancy Eagleston


  • $279,900- 7312 Northwood Court- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Steve P. Grabowski and Diana L. Grabowski

  • $243,500- 5775 Lake Briar Drive- David R. and Tanya Young to Benjamin M. Eichenseer


  • $204,750- 222 Hodgens Mill Lane- Michael W. Hutchison and Donna H. Hutchison to Zac D. Weatherly

  • $135,000- 707 Michael Street- Daniel Henderson to Travia D. Rose

  • $122,000- 288 Fawn Oaks Lane- Bryan Chasteen and Amy N. Chasteen to Paul D. Hangsleben and Karen A. Hangsleben

  • $192,000- 402 South Seven Hills Road- Thomas Michael Sharkey II and Wendy K. Sharkey to William R. Williams

  • $197,000- 7044 Milburn Estates Drive- Ryan M. McKinney to John M. Mazanek and Mallory Mazanek

  • $160,000- 326 Dewitt Court- Steven Boston and Deanna Boston to Eskridge R. Denton


  • $375,000- 5301 Live Oak Drive- Ralph J. Weilbacher Sr. to Carol Joan Meyer


  • $120,000- 3851 Tanbark Drive- Robert C. Barth and Cecelia Barth to Keith Hardy and Teri Hardy

  • $190,000- 200 Calais Court- Douglas E. Leedy and Lorrie A. Leedy to Robert C. Barth and Cecelia J. Barth

  • $158,000- Heatherwood Drive- Stephanie Schultz to Kyle L. Gordon

July 25, 2013


  • $18,375- 1836 Page Avenue- Bank of Springfield to Arrow Realty INC.


  • $31,000- 104 Saint Barbara Lane- Robinson Realty LLC to Frontside Properties LLC

  • $16,500- 2014 Florence Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Metro Property Partners LLC

  • $42,100- Robinson Realty LLC to Horizon Trust Company

  • $18,000- 116 Judith Lane- William H. Osborne to Elliot S. Hern and Linda S. Hern


  • $42,700- 8740 Botanical- Frontside Properties LLC to American Estate and Trust


  • $84,000- 406 Carter Drive- CitiGroup Mortgage Loan Trust INC. to Elisha Schaffer and David Schaffer

  • $98,000- 634 Florence Avenue- Dale P. Gummersheimer to Judy A. Zarate

East St. Louis

  • $22,000- 404 N. 24th- Patrillo Puarles to Gary Wilson and Tina Wilson

Fairview Heights

  • $144,900- 855 Harbor Woods Drive- McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC to Timothy G. Rodney


  • $36,000- 406 Turquoise- C.P.R. Properties to CNR INC.

  • $36,000- 857 Tanzanite Lane- Carolyn Stumpy to CNR INC.

  • $163,900- 836 Topaz Court- C.P.R. Properties to Mark D. Johnson


  • $340,000- 1331 Rainfield Gardens Court- Tim Reuning and Barbara Reuning to Cartus Financial Corp.

  • $340,000- 1331 Rainfield Gardens Court- Cartus Financial Corp. to Sean and Elizabeth Bordenave


  • $155,000- 5501 State Route 159- Fern E. Lunsford and Davey G. Lunsford to Scott M. and Jennifer E. Brown


  • $96,000- 15 Kenwood Drive- Edgar L. Mark and Carol Mark to Debra K. Brown

July 26, 2013


  • $67,500= 208 South Church Street- Fred Widel to Joshua Jolley and Corinna Morrow

  • $175,000- 2810 Frank Scott Parkway West, Unit 804- Regions Bank to Matthew E. Hoefle and Andrew Allen

  • $83,602- 210 Lebanon Avenue- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

  • $22,000- 109 S 30th St.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Cordell C. Richardson and Erika N. Richardson

  • $131,750- 249 River Laurel Drive- Federal National Mortgage Association to Allen W. Wicks

  • $97,900- 56 Cheshire Drive- Russell Irrevocable Trust to Erica Willis


  • $14,500- 1313 St. Zita Lane- The Heirs and Devisees of Margaret L. Payne to Robinson Realty LLC

  • $14,500- 609 St. Monica Drive- Jack L. Hill Living Revocable Trust to Robinson Realty LLC

  • $16,619- 1712 Loretta Avenue- Jerry W. Renfro to Ricardo A. Godinez and Lisa A. Godinez


  • $69,000- 2111 Sugarloaf Drive- Jean F. Bruce to Sandra L. McAlexander


  • $135,000- 309 W Washington Street- Fannie Mae to Linda Revoire-Marshall


  • $48,299- 14 East South Street- Deutsche Bank to John R. Williams and Julie L. Williams


  • $20,000- 6143 Roachtown Road- Estate of Leocardia Gyurica to Alex Joshu

  • $125,000- 137 Regency Place- Velma L. Vallandingham to Donna S. Griggs

  • $26,500- 7731 Hertel Rd- Sabre Investments LLC to Scott and Jan Giovanetti

  • $49,000- 8715 State Rt 163


  • $355,000- 1125 Hightower Place Drive- Michael J. Hatleli to Justin N. Henry and Kaitlin Henry

  • $138,818- 305 Kyle Rd- City of O’Fallon to North Parc Grove LLC

  • $143,100- 929 Carriageway Lane- Clayton L. McManaway to Frank G. Hautly Jr.


  • $156,500- 2751 London Lane- TTW LLC to Marques A. Sewell and Ella M. Sewell


  • $260,000- 2800 Creekside Place- Gary Stanek to Kerry E. Saunders and Kelly T. Saunders


  • $217,000- 8756 Old Lebanon Troy Road- Charity Fuehne to Bryan E. Chasteen and Amy N. Chasteen

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