Madison County foreclosures April 29-May 3

April 29, 2013
  • Regions Bank V. Leta A. McClellan, $73,941.22, 686 Maurice St., Wood River. 13-CH-349
  • The Bank of New York Mellon V. Jeffrey C. Hudzik, $34,256.67, 3026 Marshall Ave., Granite City. 13-CH-350
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank V. Daron Zirges, Trisha Zirges, $109,809.29, (Attached to Exhibit A). 13-CH-351
  • U.S. Bank V. Susan Bast, Phillip Bast, $69,454.40, (Attached to Exhibit A). 13-CH-352
  • Ocwen Loan Servicing V. Edwin Wiley, Kelly Wiley, $278,866.86, 1767 State Route 160, Highland. 13-CH-353
April 30, 2013
  • Bank of America V. Paul A. Ventimiglia, Erin Ventimiglia, $113,334.38, 5017 Valleyview Dr., Alton. 13-CH-354
  • HSBC Bank V. Kim L. Morgan, Peter G. Morgan, $39,353.11, 617 E. 5th Street, Alton. 13-CH-355
May 1, 2013
  • Federal National Mortgage Association V. Andre Mathis, $60,189.22, 318 George Street, East Alton. 13-CH-356
  • The Bank of New York Mellon V. Sherri Andrews, $55,404.63, 107 South Windmill Street, Marine. 13-CH-357
May 2, 2013
  • The Bank of Edwardsville V. 241 LLC, Brenda Sue Plocher, $1,192,609.18, 241 North Main St., Edwardsville. 13-CH-358
  • U.S. Bank V. Timothy S. Maggart, $50,335.46, 2216 Mills Avenue, Alton. 13-CH-359
  • Bank of America V. Kris D. Meinhard, Wayne Allen Meinhard, $124,532.57, 8 Doe Court, Moro. 13-CH-360
  • Ocwen Loan Servicing V. Michelle L. Harmon, $92,550.29, 115 Crestview Drive, Wood River. 13-CH-361
  • Regions Bank V. Bradly D. Sipes, Jennifer M. Sipes, $61,545.73, 2837 Edgewood Avenue, Granite City. 13-CH-362
May 3, 2013
  • Pennymac Corp V. Unknown Heirs and Legatees of Mildred Skaggs, $56,064.65, 4501 Vine Boulevard, Granite City. 13-CH-363
  • Wells Fargo Bank V. Alexis J. Hooper, Eugene R. Hooper, $78,196.29, 4129 North Drive, Granite City. 13-CH-364
  • Deutsche Bank V. Michael Hurst, Mary Hurst, $81,823.22, 419 Butcher Street, Bethalto. 13-CH-365
  • Bank of America V. Danny R. Fish Jr., Unknown Heirs and Legatees of Danny R. Fish Jr., $71,835.30, 3702 Western Avenue, Alton. 13-CH-366
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank V. Duvward W. Johnson, $124,614.45, (Attached to Exhibit A). 13-CH-367
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank V. Samantha N. Moorehead, $34,912.19, (Attached to Exhibit A). 13-CH-368
  • U.S. Bank V. Tammy Sutton, $74,925.55, (Attached to Exhibit A). 13-CH-369

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