Madison County real estate April 22-26

April 22, 2013 Alton
  • $19,000- 523 Sering Avenue- Patrick W. Monroe to Canam Properties
  • $209,890- 3051 Keebler Road- Lerch Homes INC. to Michael Mansfield
  • $202,000- 695 Chancellor Dr.- Barbara J. Hedgepath to Robert Stephenson and Christy Stephenson
  • $185,000- 3935 Sequoia Drive- James E. Schulz and Morgan Schulz
  • $87,500- 943 Delmar Avenue- Doroth Wickenhauser Trust to Ashley Wuellner and Darla Newman
Granite City
  • $119,643- 768 Chouteau- Federal National Mortgage Association to Benny J. Green and Christine M. Green
  • $58,896- 2732 Saratoga Street- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD
  • $100,000- 314 E. Clay- James M. Garner to Christopher G. Foote
  • $500- Jefferson St- Wilbur Owens and Rosetta Owens to Quaassim M. Aljeburi
Wood River
  • $75,500- 310 S. Central Ave.- Trevor R. Hart and Carolyn S. Hart to Thomas A. Degrand Jr.
April 24, 2013 Alton
  • $157,000- 2425 Gayle Avenue- Richard Sebold and Jennifer Sebold to Bruce Boyer and Sheryl Boyer
  • $124,000- 625 North Prairie Street- Lawrence and Margaret Militello to Randall and Melissa Harropp
  • $49,000- 332 Grant Street- Ronald W. Middleton to Rodney J. Lucas Trust
  • $127,000- 1600 St. Louis Road- Jo Anne Lemes and Eric Jey Lemes to Levi Hausman and Amanda Burr
  • $102,000- 100 Kingsbury Ct.- Curtis D. Hoelscher and Chelsea Renee Carnfield Hoelscher to Luke Niebrugge and Maria Niebrugge
  • $47,000- 317 Hartman- Jerry Lee Bolandis to John A. Lutz and Nancy L. Lutz
East Alton
  • $89,900- 1046 Hillcrest Drive- Dean M. Bennetta Michelle Ruppert to Alyssa Price
  • $25,000- Bohm School Road- Charles Alvin Wentz Jr. to Todd E. Johnessee
  • $165,000- 4810 Whitford Place- Jeffrey Pfeifer to Jason and Julie Harper
  • $69,000- 501 Maple Ave- Carol J. Stanfill to Merle E. Jackson and Sharon J. Jackson
  • $295,000- 515 Glendale Drive- Penn Builders LLC to James M. Powers II and Thea R. Powers
  • $100,000- 121 W. Thorp Street- JGS Properties 49 LLC to Michael Ninko and Deborah Lein
  • $39,000- 252 Sunnybrooke- Joseph E. Osborn and Donald P. Osborn to Jason Askew
Wood River
  • $75,000- 375 Central Avenue- Terry and Michele Buchanan to Bruce and Lilian Nohava
  • $207,000- 7508 Pinnacle Dr.- Luther T. Allen and Dawn M. Allen to Frank Adduci and Emilee Adduci
April 24, 2013 Alton
  • $49,950- 3277 Hawthorne Blvd- Rita L. Love to Tanekia Smith
  • $11,000- 3305 Fairmont Ave- Southwestern Illinois Properties LLC to Manuel Del Rio
East Alton
  • $20,000- 326 Tower Dr.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Daniel W. Davis and Sherry L. Davis
  • $432,000- 357 East Lake Drive- Gebhardt Homes INC to Linda Moore
  • $180,000- 8902 Maple Grove Road- Melanie A. Kasson to Blake A. Boyer and Cristina M. Caputo
  • $135,000- 620 Roosevelt Drive- The Anna Marie Holder Trust Agreement to Deborah A. Richards
Glen Carbon
  • $273,000- 244 East Oakshire Drive- Triple Crown Partners LLC to Cutris Drew Hoelscher and Chelsea Renee Camfield Hoelscher
  • $128,625- 285 West Glen Dr.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Adam Wolfe
Granite City
  • $20,005- 2714 Cayuga St.- Federal National Mortgage Association to James M. Smith and Pamela K. Smith
  • $900,000- XXX Giger Rd- Keeven Family LLC to R&B Land LLC
Wood River
  • $81,900- 146 Grand Avenue- Richard Stinnett and Wilma Stinnett to James A. Berry and Kimberly S. Berry
April 25, 2013 Alton
  • $231,000- 867 Marc Drive- Dana and Terence Carmody to Richard and Jennifer Sebold
  • $66,700- 711 Reuter Street- Kimberly M. Consiglio to Aaron J. Smith
  • $35,000- 2424 Arthur St.- Patricia Yates to William E. and Nancy C. Brakeville
  • $136,000- 4604 May Drive- Federal National Loan Mortgage Corporation to Randall Fleming
  • $150,000- 590 Westview Drive- Frank P. Wood and Judith W. Wood to Philip Callovini and Angela Callovini
Glen Carbon
  • $255,000- 304 Aberdeen- Frank D. and Karen S. Bechtel to Anthony and Lisa Venzon
  • $187,250- 193 North Meridian- Scott R. Hillmer and Sandra L. Hillmer to Joseph Richard Hume
Granite City
  • $6,500- 2454 Missouri Avenue- Fannie Mae to Joshua Karius
  • $45,000- 23 Snowbird Lane- The Bank of New York Mellon to Randall J. Moore and Michael J. Moore
  • $216,000- 425 Cook Avenue- Boeker Properties INC. to Frank Bechtel
April 26, 2013 Bethalto
  • $130,000- 520 B Street- Austin W. and Margaret L. Opp to Thomas A. Davis
  • $183,000- 17 Willow Run Ct.- David G. Waltrip LLC to Kent A. Robinette and Rene M. Robinette
  • $20,000- 536 St. Louis Road- Marcia E. Biggs to Dennis A. Tarrant
  • $101,250- 138 W. Wickliffe Ave.- First Collinsville Bank to Cynthia Fink
  • $107,875- 395 Wilson Avenue- Dillon Smith to Jennifer Ralston
  • $118,000- 111 Gaylord Dr.- Anthony Janini and Barbara Janini to April A. Sage
  • $243,000- 2 Meadowlark Court- Michael S. Molinar and Vicki L. Molinar to Ernest Talbott and Michelle Talbott
Glen Carbon
  • $198,500- 7046 Augusta Drive- Jonathan L. Reader and Elizabeth A. Reader to Jay Kohlmiller and Kristina Kohlmiller
  • $162,000- 201 Bayhill Blvd.- Erica A. Goclan and Christopher J. Goclan to Ryan Austin and Rachel Austin
  • $42,500- 121 Meridian Oaks Drive- Meridian Manors Development LLC to Tottleben Construction Services INC.
  • $265,000- 121 Meridian Oaks Drive- Tottleben Construction Services INC. to Chris Goclan and Erica Goclan
  • $94,900- 3819 Stanka Lane- Stephen M. Moore and Rebekah Moore to Charlotte S. Hall
Granite City
  • $74,900- 4444 Wabash Avenue- Charlotte Johnson and Kevin H. Joyce to Christopher D. Smith
  • $77,500- 137 W. 3rd Street- Robert M. Moore and Katie Bedwell Moore to Justin L. Greco and Jonathan J. Greco
  • $330,000- 101 Windsor Drive- Patrick J. Idoux and Stacey Straubinger to Dominic M. Shafer and Bailey M. Shafer
Wood River
  • $120,000- 477 and 479 State Aid Rd.- Kenneth Karlas to Michael J. Marko
  • $265,000- 245 Sage Creek- Matthew T. Underwood and Laura A. Underwood to Christopher Newgent and Amanda Newgent

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