February 27, 2013

  • Wells Fargo Bank V. Paul D. Eleopoulos, Janice D. Eleopoulos, $34,456.27, 300 South 11th Street, Belleville. 13-CH-193

  • Homeward Residential V. Randy McEwen, Alice McEwen, $121,360.19, 607 Bethel Rd., Caseyville. 13-CH-194

February 28, 2013

  • Nationstar Mortgage V. Michael C. Dixon, $33,120.85, 23 E. Adams Drive, Cahokia. 13-CH-195

  • Wells Fargo Bank V. Douglas Allen Westcott, Demetria Westcott, $8,753.40, 14 Sandridge Drive, New Athens. 13-CH-196

  • Residential Credit Solutions V. Todd Horn, $63,595.53, 525 N. Jackson Street, Belleville. 13-CH-197

  • U.S. Bank V. Herbert Dorsey, Jazma Dorsey, $125,647.18, 16 Windsor Drive, Belleville. 13-CH-199

March 1, 2013

  • JPMorgan Chase Bank V. Christy L. Gates, Michael L. Gates, $156,765.81, 208 Lincolnshire Boulevard, Belleville. 13-CH-200

  • JPMorgan Chase Bank V. Rockquelle McIntyre, $100,474.27, 3323 Dovershire Drive, Belleville. 13-CH-201

  • U.S. Bank V. Fred Ward, $34,608.89, 1510 North 46th Street, East St. Louis. 13-CH-202

  • CitiMortgage V. Jennifer E. Toprani, Bill Toprani, $94,299.97, 1911 LaSalle Street, Belleville. 13-CH-203

  • Wells Fargo Bank V. Lance R. Phelps, Elana Phelps, $186,305.92, 610 S Missouri Avenue, Belleville. 13-CH-204

  • JPMorgan Chase Bank V. Jacqueline Anderson, $31,121.43, 1387 N. 39th Street, East St. Louis. 13-CH-205

  • Nationstar Mortgage V. Eric A. Bechtold, Sarah E. Bechtold, $124,466.02, 7203 Gary Dr., Belleville. 13-CH-206

  • Deutsche Bank V. Carl H. Bazile Jr., $58,994.43, 739 Terrace Drive, East St. Louis. 13-CH-207

March 4, 2013

  • Everbank V. Naketa C. Malone, $63,356.39, 617 W. Adams St., O’Fallon. 13-CH-208

March 5, 2013

  • Deutsche Bank V. Manuela Escoto, $38,490.19, 3126 N. 60th Street, East St. Louis. 13-CH-209

  • CitiMortgage V. Christi Robertson, $40,645.33, 30 Godier Drive, East St. Louis. 13-CH-210

  • U.S. Bank V. Tabatha Ann Burkhart, Jerrold Russell Burkhart, $63,160.38, 131-133 N. Virginia Avenue, Belleville. 13-CH-211

  • Wilmington Trust National Association V. Bond T. Stewart, $67,279.15, 6761 Mary Avenue, East St. Louis. 13-CH-212

  • The Bank of New York Mellon V. LAteeshia Williams, Marcus D. Williams, $49,121.95, 21 Gatewood Court, Belleville. 13-CH-213

  • HSBC Bank V. Jameelah Norman, $82,531.75, 2712 McCasland Avenue, East St. Louis. 13-CH-214

  • Deutsche Bank V. Mary L. Holcomb, Clara Holcomb, $61,562.01, 9130 Forest Drive, Fairview Heights. 13-CH-215

  • Bank of America V. Jeffery L. Haas, Pauling S. Haas, $89,342.08, 7012 West A St., Belleville. 13-CH-216

March 6, 2013

  • Banc of America Funding Corporation V. Gregory S. Wood, Ranae C. Wood, $488,135.78, 525 E. Waters Edge Dr., Shiloh. 13-CH-217

March 7, 2013

  • JPMorgan Chase Bank V. Troy G. Batson, Deborah A. Batson, $315,218.14, 624 Royal Crest Way, O’Fallon. 13-CH-218

  • Wells Fargo Bank V. Mary L. Alderson, $51,849.45, 415 Lebanon Avenue, Belleville. 13-CH-219

  • Regions Bank V. Tracy McClintock, Kelly Luecking, $45,082.30, 501 S. Bess, Marissa. 13-CH-220

  • JPMorgan Chase V. Anika Thomas, Brad Clark, $109,541.40, 2911 Reiss Avenue, Belleville. 13-CH-221

  • Bank of America V. Mark T. Clayton, Tammy Y. Clayton, $144,098.34, 303 N. Benton St., New Athens. 13-CH-222

  • Federal National Mortgage Association V. William H. Yaap Jr., Annie G. Yaap, $120,912.56, 9126 Bunkum Road, Fairview Heights. 13-CH-223

  • Wells Fargo Bank V. Anthony L. McNaughton, $82,620.49, 9105 Wedgewood Drive, Fairview Heights. 13-CH-224

  • Bank of America V. Robin Buie, $96,752.22, 235 Oliver Lee Drive, Belleville. 13-CH-225

  • First Horizon Home Loans V. Frank Leiber, Stephanie Leiber, $67,655.21, 4001 North Park Drive, Belleville. 13-CH-227

  • Bank of America V. Thomas C. Nichols, Jamae P. Nichols, $46,681.59, 8727 and 8729 Sterling Place, Caseyville. 13-CH-228

  • JPMorgan Chase Bank V. Bradley Phillips, $85,750.10, 425 State St., Dupo. 13-CH-229

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