December 26, 2012


  • $12,000- 1321 Easton St.- Choice Lee Shepperd to Jayson E. Smith


  • $110,000- 911 Vine Street- Geraldo Torres-Ruiz and Olga Rivera-Santana to Randy Barton and Brittney Valencia

  • $19,500- 108 East Lincoln Street- Patrick Woods and Darlene Hardin to Jerry Christopher

Cottage Hills

  • $74,900- 110 N. Oak Street- Kevin J. Votter and Carol S. Votter to David Fuller and Brittne Hall

East Alton

  • $10,000- 328 Goulding Street- United Community Bank to Gregory Gene Pope

  • $25,000- 1034 Rhondell Lane- United Community Bank to CLD Construction INC.


  • $95,000- 3 Sunset Hills Professional Centre- Richard C. West to Phoenix Professional Properties LLC

  • $383,000- 7851 Green Hedge Road- William J. Hertfelder and Cheryl A. Hertfelder to Adam Helmers and Ellen Helmers

  • $38,000- Richette Drive- Frank E. Zoeller Sr. to Lester Brune and Kristina Brune

Glen Carbon

  • $250,000- 208 Oakshire Drive East- Remington Properties LLC to Eric E. Williams and Nicole E. Williams


  • $38,000- 6209 Squire St.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to James Kelsey

  • $136,675- 114 Clarence Drive- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

Granite City

  • $13,333- 2615 Washington Ave.- The Bank of New York Mellon to Jason W. Miller

  • $70,434- 3132 Parkview Drive- U.S. Bank to Marilyn Doneff

  • $23,000- 1629 Mitchell Avenue- Bank of America to Homeinvestors LLC


  • $22,000- 142 E. Maple Street- Christy J. Andrews to Eddie Winson an Dora Winson


  • $50,000- 909 Cedar St.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Darrell Bradley

  • $905,000- 11117 Lake Road- Margaret Foppe and John B. Becker to Mick’s Farm LLC


  • $27,000- 408 Easy Street- Easy Street Enterprises of Marine INC. to Dennis Crow and Sharon Crow

  • $175,000- 3971 Yann Road- Brett Droy and Jennifer Droy to Christopher D. Garcia

St. Jacob

  • $52,380- 8937 Wendell Creek Dr.- Wendell Creek Estates LLC to Paoli Builders INC.


  • $1,300- 716 Brown St.- MO Seven LLC to Premier Real Estate Assets LLC

December 27, 2012


  • $10,000- 1011 Carson St.- Orville D. Johnson to Richard Shelton Carman

  • $98,000- 5101 Candy Ln.- Estate of Lillard Ray Jr. to Jim and Karen Ansell

  • $11,000- 3221 Edsall St.- Great Southern Bank to James K. and Terri L. Simon

  • $62,000- 5426 Nelson Place- Shirley J. Wooldridge to Kenneth J. Guetersloh

  • $18,000- 1717 Central Avenue- Vincent Smith to James J. Silverstri


  • $75,000- N. Beau Chateau- The Manning Club INC. to Daniel C. Buller and Donald A. Buller


  • $115,500- 638 Notre Dame Avenue- Rita B. Bowler to Kenneth L. Porter

Glen Carbon

  • $180,000- 62 Windermere Dr.- Bradley G. Jenkins and Julia W. Jenkins to Richard E. Shindel and Martha Shindel

  • $335,000- 2470 Kinder Place- Robert Anderson and Dona C. Anderson to Bradley Jenkins and Julia Jenkins


  • $45,700- 2719 Walter Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Kathryn Tucker

Granite City

  • $65,000- 2561 Boyle Avenue- Mark Shocklee to Thomas D. Rollins and Lindsay M. Rollins

  • $99,750- 1939 Delmar Avenue- Randall Robertson Trust dated 1-8-1998 to Eric Robertson

  • $34,600- 4209 Marigold Drive- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kasey R. Hood


  • $169,900- 1125 Radcliffe- Ronald D. Holt Jr. and Debra Holt to Michael D. Schlake


  • $75,000- 8328 Castle Ridge Drive- Brian L. Brady and Wendy M. Brady to John Charles LaCopo and Mary Beth LaCopo

  • $340,000- 11 Foxboro Ct.- Robert M. Lechy III and Emily E. Lechy to Russell T. Krist and Dianna J. Krist

  • $280,000- 9 Zachary Ct.- IRA Banks and Shirline Banks to Jonathan M. Sones and Whitney N. Sones

  • $231,821- 1314 Rutledge- Lerch Homes INC. to Bryan S. Moss and Amy M. Moss

  • $135,000- 507 Lanahan- Larry M. Hoffman and Jacqueline M. Hoffman to James E. Shepard

  • $150,000- 410 S. Main Street- First Collinsville Bank to Troy Real Estate LLC

  • $220,000- 1459 Dale Drive- Jeremy A. Pfeffer and Monica A. Pfeffer to Travis Wisnaskey and Kimberly Rossetto

  • $213,000- 224 Shadowbrooke- Glenn C. Dodge and Lauren M. Dodge to Rupert E. Greeling Jr. and Carolyn S. Greeling

  • $188,000- 58 Cedarbrooke- Kenneth Neal Wagner and Eileen Patricia Wagner to John H. Vincent and Peggy E. Vincent

Wood River

  • $96,500- 320 S. 9th Street- David Buschschulte to Duane Grazier and Melody Grazier

December 28, 2012


  • $0- Reding Rd/Alhambra Rd- Dorothy A. Suhre to Brent R. Suhre and Vicki L. Suhre

  • $0- Reding Rd/Alhambra Rd- Richard L. Suhre to Brent R. Suhre and Vicki L. Suhre

  • $135,000- 401 East North- Wilma Jean Blom to Robert J. Dauderman and Kelsey R. Schumacher

  • $40,000- Elm Street- Delmar E. Blow to Robert J. Dauderman and Kelsey R. Schumacher


  • $157,000- 4409 Briarcliff Drive- Edwin and Kelley Millemon to Daniel and Jennifer Carter

  • $156,000- 2320 Fairview Dr.- Margaret Fricke to Paul Knetzet

  • $63,750- 3515 Ohio St.- Patrick S. Kearbey and Michelle R. B. Kearbey to Robert A. Estrada


  • $501,125- Clay School Road- Donald C. Eckart to John A. Bukovac

East Alton

  • $29,000- 309 Monroe Street- Robert C. Dawson and Georgia Mae Dawson to Steve Sitze and Carla Sitze

  • $56,000- 376 Spruce St.- Virgil T. Wehking and Norma Jean Wehking to Kenneth L. Worthy and Linda Kristine Worthy


  • $93,500- 8759 Maple Grove Rd.- William Hunsche Jr. and Kristie Diane Mueller to William Coker and Shirley Coker

  • $89,900- 13 Dorset Ct.- Heather Pehrson to Jars of Illinois INC.

  • $339,000- 126 Drake Ct.- David R. Byrne and Debra L. Byrne to Ben N. Frank and Kendall M. Frank

  • $133,500- 426 Buena Vista- John D. Busker to Jonathan Bargiel

  • $73,500- 115 E. College Street- Andrea M. Banduhn and Franz-Joachin Banduhn to Josh Hobick and Melissa Hobick


  • $30,000- 208 Alpine Drive- Ellen M. Curry to Dwight E. Bowker


  • $186,000- 1872 Appleton Court- First Collinsville Bank to Joshua Smith

New Douglas

  • $1,080,000- Binney Road- Dorothy A. Suhre to Brent R. Suhre

  • $1,080,000- Binney Road- Richard L. Suhre to Brent R. Suhre

St. Jacob

  • $239,000- 8739 Wendell Creek Drive- SWK LLC to Ronald D. Holt Jr. and Debra L. Holt

  • $57,500- 9701 Meriwether Drive- William R. Parkin Jr. and Christy A. Parkinn to Samuel Gallant and Pamela Gallant

December 31, 2012


  • $220,000- State Route 140- Robert D. Henschen to Kenneth D. Korsmeyer and Janice E. Korsmeyer


  • $109,555- 703 State Street- United Community Bank to Parcel Mo Properties LLC

  • $62,500- 5239 Humbert Rd.- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Darra Lynne Phelps

  • $20,000- 1129 Brown Street- Heirs of Celia Ramirez de Salvador to ALD Properties and Fidel Ixmay

  • $72,000- 2125 Norside Drive- Marcey E. Steiner to Carrie E. Henderson


  • $18,700- 7610 Montclaire Avenue- Ohio Investments LLC to Charles M. Scheer


  • $94,000- 1252 Ridgewood Ct.- Michele R. Mason to Craig Jackson and Gail Jackson

  • $138,000- 501 Wadsworth Street- Anthony F. Borgia and Jessica N. Borgia to Aaron C. Morgan and Kristin M. Morgan

Cottage Hills

  • $50,000- 126 North Oak Street- Kevin J. Yotter and Carol S. Yotter to James Keller


  • $727,500- 5157 Seiler Road- Darlene Gusewelle and Ronald Williamson to Stutz Farms Partnership

East Alton

  • $70,000- 329 Locust St-Kent and Margaret Barnett to Steven Barnett

  • $45,000- 221 Goulding Street- Clay Davis and Alicia Davis to Andria Heinemeier


  • $250,000- 9127 Twin Hill Lane- Michael J. Rallo to Lynn A. Grotefendt

  • $285,000- 144 North Main- Imbers’ INC. to Hunter Joseph Holdings INC.

  • $105,000- 1025 Troy Road- Randy Leitner and Sue Leitner to Richard Louis Hicks

  • $1,530,000- 1091 South State Route 157- LER Investments LLC to KRF Properties LLC

  • $82,000- 3716 Cabernet Lane- Arbor Lake Development Company LLC  to Douglas Hann


  • $125,500- 720 Ramona Pl.- Ronald L. and Vicki Singleton to Linda K. Anderson

  • $130,000- 3311 Morkel Drive- Margaret McGovern and Linda M Cook to Daniel Vandygriff

  • $242,000- 503 Fleming Dr.- Robert L. Mawhorter to Howard and Karen Davis

Granite City

  • $156,634- 2641 Northbridge Court- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

  • $37,000- 22 Moorland Drive- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Juanita Ryan

  • $74,500- 2444 Terminal Avenue- Wise Choice Properties INC. to Kelli Spurlock

  • $56,000- 34 Georgetown Drive- Federal National Mortgage Association to Lynnea Carr and William Carr

  • $10,300- 2419 Dewey Ave.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Amber L. Canada

  • $65,500- 4510 Lakeshore Dr.- Steven W. Copeland to Daniel L. and Amanda M. Whitaker

  • $56,600- 3008 Mockingbird Lane- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jacob Depew

  • $45,000- 4778 Nameoki Rd- Bruce W. Smothers to Harvel D. Wallace


  • $95,000- 2112 East Street- Richard L. Schwarz to Harold and Jan Covili

  • $150,000- 3000 Thole Plocher Road- Dorothy C. Thole to Aaron and Angel Roeckenhaus

  • $105,000- 1121 18th Street- Dianna Miner, Lawrence and Anna St. Cin to Leonard J. and Lucinda A. Gall

  • $75,500- 1603 Zschokke Street- Willis K. Draper to Lisa A. Jantzen

  • $69,900- 1806 Washington Street- Lisa A. Jantzen to Jessica N. Warden

  • $15,500- 30 A Tamarack Lane- A and J Associates INC. to Ryan Faust

  • $11,500- 7 Sugar Creek Estate- Regions Banks to Lance Greve


  • $50,000- 110 Koala Cove- Jay Rensing and Jennifer L. Rensing to Lindow Contracting INC.


  • $50,000- 220 Bauer Ln.- Linda Loui Demster to John E. Baker IV, Justin Albertina and Heather Albertina

Saint Jacob

  • $44,900- 107 and 109 Jefferson Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to James D. Wille and Dorothy M. Wille


  • $390,000- 408 W. U.S. Highway 40- Troy Development LLC to Oasis Construction

  • $168,000- 315 Bass Drive- Andrea Cox, to Linda R. Hoback and Kenneth H. Hoback

  • $34,900- 104 S. Dewey- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Kevin D. Horner

Wood River

  • $70,000- 530 N 6th St- Home Solutions to Alan Barnett


  • $122,048- 8401 Renken Road- Michelle A. Hamilton to James T. Page

January 2, 2013


  • $160,000- 700 Vandalia Street- Patricia Ann McChristian to Jerome A. Lager


  • $176,500- 9233 State Route 143- Mark E. Stephens to Jason M. Hale

  • $31,688,000- 28 W Gateway Commerce Dr.- JB Management LP to Westcore Delta LLC

  • $3,279,096- 22 Gateway Commerce Ctr Dr W- North Market Center LP to Westcore Delta LLC

  • $92,500- 8420 Rock Ridge Court- Black Oak Development LLC to David Taylor

  • $92,500- 9 Saint Andrews Avenue- Larry M. Vitale and Stephanie A. Vitale to Windy Winfield and Darin Duffin

  • $90,400- 834 Holyoake- Daniel A. Marion to James R. Bell III

  • $248,900- 33 Meadow Rue Drive- Bryan K. Hammonds

Fairmont City

  • $160,000- 6401 Collinsville Road- Rothman Properties LLC to Keeley & Sons INC.

Glen Carbon

  • $318,000- 20 Ginger Creek Dr.- Terry K. Anderson and Linda K. Anderson to Scott Lee Phillips and Rachelle Irene Phillips

  • $680,000- 190 Cottonwood Road- Eden United Church of Christ of Edwardsville to Young Men’s Christian Association of Edwardsville

  • $130,000- 3655 Wanda Road- Kenneth Wayne Hedger and Carla J. Hedger to Joseph Hedger and Jerri Gaither

  • $46,990- 6990 Augusta Drive- Savannah Crossing Development INC. to Gabrial and Lesley Wise


  • $55,000- 2718 Greenwood- Barbara Bollinger and Ryan G. Bollinger to Ryan G. Bollinger

  • $510,000- Pierce Lane- Joseph E. Wegener to Joehl’s Alfalfa Queen Farm LLC

Granite City

  • $35,000- 2727 Angela Drive- Brenda Joyce McCart to Diamante Capital LLC

  • $18,500- 2812 Washington Ave.- James R. wAtkins and Carol M. J. Watkins to Brian Howard

  • $195,000- 320 Ratz Drivve- Jamie Warren to Christine M. Vivod

  • $64,500- 1712 Bremen Avenue- Betty G. Steffen to Christopher T. Roberts


  • $168,000- 6832 Kensington Dr.- Darrell L. Brandt and Nancy G. Brandt to Mary Fierce

January 3, 2013


  • $19,999- 3202 Alby Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Ohio Investments LLC

  • $80,000- 3875 Humbert Road- Richard and Ursula Narup to Jessica Odell and Jessie Depper

  • $57,000- 3218 Clifton Ave.- Chad Davis and Stephanie Davis to Rachel Alexander

  • $70,000- 1912 State St.- Piasa Land Management to JNN Johnson Properties LLC

  • $74,900- 2610 Sanford Avenue- Daniel A. Flanigan to William Beiser and Gail Beiser


  • $66,500- 468 Shellview Street- Andrew Thomas Mosby and Theresa Mosby to Jose Villalobos and Leida Villalobos

  • $165,000- 212 N. Prairie St.- Larry Panyik and Linda Panyik to Ned’s Place INC.

  • $130,000- 413 Georgia St.- Revocable Living Trust of Beverly K. Bolton to David and Patti Daniel


  • $775,000- 9-15 Gateway Drive- TLO Collinsville Holdings LLC to JMJ Amalgamated LLC


  • $100,000- 4702 D’Adrian Court- William Beiser and Gail Beiser to Daniel Flanigan

Granite City

  • $10,000- 3 Roxbury Court- U.S. Bank to Jason Markell and Trent Kennedy


  • $200,471- 701 13th Street- R.E. Investments to Ralph Korte


  • $5,000- Yann Rd.- Curt C. Messerli to Leonard L. Messerli


  • $61,900- 144 W. 3rd St.- John E. Norris to James A. and Christine R. Velloff and Mark S.

St. Jacob

  • $249,900- 6 Longview Ct.- Robert C Harrison and Norris R. Brase to Michael and Karen Wilson


  • $219,000- 135 Stonebriar Dr.- Keith Clark Acord and Angelia L. Acord to Leslie E. Colyott and Judith M. Colyott

Wood River

  • $152,000- 504 South 9th St.- James A and Christine R. Velloff and Mark S. to John E. and Rhonda Norris

January 4, 2013


  • $33,000- 10816 Brand Road- Warren H. Otto and Shirley J. Otto to Ronald F. Kuzma


  • $159,000- 205 Virden St.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Sandy Nicolet and Randall L. Miles

  • $56,000- 5 Hickerson Place- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $3,000- 1225 Central Avenue- Naser Almasalmeh to Cynthia Lolley and Larry W. Lolley

  • $600- 924 9th Street- Naser Almasalmeh to Wendell and Barbara McAfoos


  • $158,000- 34 Kingston Road- Charles Schroeder and Carol Schroeder to Terri S. Bathon

East Alton

  • $190,000- 458 Florida Drive- Darren and Jessica Phelan to Ameren Illinois


  • $75,000- 6432 Karr Lane- Ronald Ellinger and Kenna Ellinger to Ryan Luckett and Amy Luckett

  • $133,000- 1319 Eberhart Avenue- Janice M. Moore and Randall E. Moore to Joshua N. Ariana and Stacey M. Ariana

  • $37,500- 3812 White Oak Lane- Matthew Jones and Amy Jones to Jerold Dwayne Amsbury and Kathryn Leigh Wilson

  • $400,000- 3328 Karros Court- Superior Home Builders INC. to David and Bridgette Rogers

  • $195,000- 4750 Chain of Rock Rd- Linda Lou Demster to Wesley Rickey, Paula A. Rickey, Richard Rickey and Tari R. Rickey


  • $45,000- 6111 Ernest Dr.- Sandra K. Stamm to Matthew Vitali

  • $45,080- 601 Nicolet Drive- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Granite City

  • $130,000- 2523 Commercial Parkway- Randall James Moore, Rhonda Lynn Moore and Ronald Joseph Moore to Norman G. Gantt and Patricia E. Gantt

  • $8,000- 2728 Saratoga- Benjamin Z. Johnston and Rebecca S. Johnston to HomeInvestors LLC

  • $101,104- 2821 East 25th Street- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $9,209- 2101 Benton Street- Regions Bank to Edwin W. Coplin and Dennis W. Eads

  • $850- 1344 State Street- Naser Almasalmeh to Kingdom Management & Investments LLC


  • $331,132- 2000 S. Delmar Avenue- Brent D. Bauer to Union Pacific Railroad

  • $233,396- 106 Joan Drive- Judith A. Boren to Union Pacific Railroad


  • $850- 2039 5th Street- Dr. Naser Almasalmeh to David Brooks


  • $40,000- 208 South Duncan Street- Bank of New York Trust to Ryan Jones and Douglas Jones


  • $140,900- 207 West Zupan Street-Kristin Harbin and Michael Highfill to Broc Carter and Kristin Carter

  • $1,436,751- 7700 Stonebridge Golf Drive- Stonebridge Partners LLC to TMEG INC.

South Roxana

  • $285,200- 101-103 Hedge Road- Arkansas Investments LLC to DAS Properties INC.


  • $27,139- 705 Lancelot Lane- Deutsche Bank to Alexandra Schaefer

  • $134,400- 52 Ashbrooke- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

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