Madison County real estate Nov. 20-26

November 20, 2012 Alton
  • $50,000- 115 Market Street- Jennings Properties INC. to The T. Gaynor Blake GST Exempt Trust
  • $47,000- 615 East 16th Street- Diane M. Opdahl to Jonathan G. Harris
  • $149,111- 1618 Annex Street- Kendal L. Nolle and Rebecca C. Nolle to Prerak Patel
  • $112,000- 1016 Langdon St.- Maurice J. and Dorothy L. Schulz to Steven G. and Marie C. Gebben
  • $5,000- 201 Virden Woods Ct.- Willbrand & Hill INC. to Donald and Pamela Harrison
  • $11,500- 3027 Mayfield Avenue- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Shawndra D. and Lysandra M. Strotheide
Cottage Hills
  • $17,000- 86 Lincoln Ave.- Rana L. Valley to Wendy Boner
  • $177,000- 147 Barnett Dr.- Paul W. Turner and Mary E. Turner to Cathy T. Crowder
  • $72,000- 1232 Franklin Ave.- Darin D. Hartlieb and Aimi A. Hartlieb to Tamara L. Baker
Glen Carbon
  • $265,000- 6541 Oak Hill Manor- Cathy T. Crowder to Andrew C. Williams and Amy E. Williams
  • $115,000- 3127 W. Delmar Ave.- Layne E. Gibson to Caleb E. and Amy D. Haynes
Granite City
  • $16,150- 2329 Edison Avenue- Deutsche Bank V. BWM Properties INC.
  • $84,000- 4136 East Lake Drive- Jeffrey C. Boyles and Christy R. Boyles to Travis J. Papp and Misty D. Jerca
  • $20,000- 2020 Elm Avenue- Administrator of Veteran’s Affair to James O. Schmidt, Ruby M. Schmidt, David J. Schmidt, and Sherry L. Schmidt
  • $30,000- 2020 Elm Avenue- Amanda Rodriguez to Juanita Phengsavathdy
  • $155,000- 305 Cassens Ave.- Norma R. Friend to Deborah Moore
  • $50,000- 111 E. 4th Street- Phyllis A. Brown to Tiffany Eyers and Jason Huff
  • $250,000- 12 Forest Dr.- Michael P. Grear and Carolyn S. Grear to Scott Rushing
November 21, 2012 Alton
  • $70,000- 1228-1242 Milton Road- Miller Acquisitions LLC to Joshua and Julian Greer
  • $59,760- 121 Virginia Street- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Scot Parsons
  • $145,000- 2018 Greenbrier Drive- Keith A. Kepley and Alicia G. Kepley to Cornelius Ducey III and Taryn Borgmeyer
  • $29,400- 516 Main St.- Christopher Michael Williams to Diamante Capital LLC
Cottage Hills
  • $41,000- 152 South Oak Street- Herbert Hatten and Wilma Warren to Nicholas R. Kain
East Alton
  • $10,000- 96 E. Haller Drive- Michael Dudley to Robert E. Reid and Joyce A. Reid
  • $235,000- 108 Sugar Oak Court- Zacariah K. Woods and Ashlei Woods to Brain Waldron and Alicia Waldron
  • $232,000- 2713 Falcon Crest Drive- Asim Querishi to Joshua Newman and Savanah Newman
  • $103,500- 202 Hale Avenue- Jacqueline S. Baird to Paul J. Ottwein and Amber Roper-Ottwein
  • $190,000- 309-311 North Main St.- Wess Lewis to W. Edward Rodney
Glen Carbon
  • $44,000- 141 Ellington Court- Meridian Manors Development LLC to Scott Osborn and Shawn Hartman
  • $415,000- 6134 Stone Wolfe Drive- Jeffrey S. Morton and Shannon L. Morton to Albert J. Tylka Jr. and Annette J. Tylka
  • $330,000- 134 Ginger Hollow Ct.- Barry A. Maulden and Gail L. Czarnecki Maulden to Steven P. Platt and Brittany Platt
  • $80,000- 6701 South Davis Lane- CJD Construction INC. to Ethan T. Prough and Rachelle K. Prough
  Granite City
  • $138,000- 4605 Maryville Road- Aaron Misukonis to Cassandra Mikhail
  • $15,000- Burroughs Street- Gentry W. Politte to Michael P. Blasé
November 26, 2012 Brighton
  • $165,000- 507 Straube Lane- Thomas M. and Cathy A. Bensman to Christopher J. and Heather M. Brown
  • $85,000- 824 Victory Drive- Doug Hartmann Jr. to Michael Moore and Suzanne Moore
  • $149,000- 6 Kimberly Ct.- Wanda S. Carter and Garry L. Carter to Christina M. Durham
  • $86,300- 120 Mounds Avenue- Eileen Zike to Daniel D. Polacek Jr. and Rose A. Polacek
  • $375,000- 4 N. Shore Dr.- Samuel Mathis Cohen and Angela Donalta Cohen to Keith J. Moran and Rachel E. Moran
  • $170,000- 1912 Meadow Lane- Bernadine A. Brecht to Andrea R. Cox
  • $135,000- 857 Hale Avenue- Andrew Pape to Sue E. Stokley
  • $260,000- 1504 Lincoln Knolls Drive- Fred D. Helser III and Doni B. Helser to Charles J. Polster
  • $61,000- 1015 West High Street- Fannie Mae to Kathleen Schneider
Glen Carbon
  • $352,000- 105 Walden Drive- Spencer Homes LLc to Dennis A. Fickinger and Sherrie A. Senkfor-Fickinger
  • $253,000- 357 Jo Lee Lane- John Uzunoff and Patricia Uzunoff to Terry Lee Williams and Patti A. Williams
  • $103,000- 110 Ginger Creek Parkway- Matthew J. Siegel to Sheila M. Sova
  • $111,000- 25 Ginger Lake Drive South- Kathy Hassenflug to Gunes Ercal
  • $121,000- 341 Hand Dr.- John W. and Anita Arrington to Carl and Teshana Singleton
Granite City
  • $5,000- 2820 Edwards- David Bunk to Kimberly A. Sugg
  • $18,900- 3330 Lake Drive- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to John and Kathryn Koesterer
  • $205,000- 11 Dublin Drive- James B. Boyd to Alan Simpson and Janis Zoelzer
  • $765,000- 400 West Pontoon Road- Manheim Remarketing INC. to One Way Construction LLC
  • $67,000- 2720 Grand Avenue- Jane Parmley-Yates, Jeffrey Braden Parmley, and James Robinson Parmley Jr. to Jennifer E. Heck
  • $27,000- 6524 Old Alton Road- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Juan Osguera
  • $190,000- 23.52 Acres, St. Rt. 143- Darrin R. Ahlmeyer and Pamela K. Ahlmeyer to Seth Louis Ahlmeyer
  • $74,000- 2637 A Villa Park Drive Unit 5- Elmer Metzger and Betty Lou Metzger to Lori Dawson
  • $72,000- 1605 24th Street- Fannie Mae to Mark S. Robinson and Sandra S. Robinson
  • $308,000- 16 Belmont Place- Fred Childs and Monica Childs to Jacob B. Paitz and Lauri S. Paitz
St. Jacob
  • $495,000- 1770 Triad Rd.- Roger C. Schuerbaum and Diana K. Schuerbaum to Jeffrey Johnson and Melisa Johnson
  • $126,000- 512 Ruddy Court- Laurie R. Dupuis and Victor R. Dupuis to Kayla Schmidt and Austin Wuebbels
  • $730,378- Green Hedge Road- Joyce Reising to Kruckeberg Ventures LLC

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