Wright Medical Group sued by woman who claims hip joint popped out of socket

Andrea Dearden Apr. 12, 2012, 2:20am


A Madison County woman is suing the makers of her hip joint replacement after it allegedly popped out of its socket and caused further damage to her leg.

Mary Bond filed the lawsuit April 2 in Madison County Circuit Court against Wright Medical Technology Inc. and Wright Medical Group Inc. Both are named as respondents in discovery.

Bond says she underwent a total right hip replacement in March 2007 when she was implanted with an artificial hip known as the Wright PROFEMUR Total Hip System. According to the complaint, the arthroplasty included the Wright Conserve Plus spiked acetabular cup shell, which is allegedly a modular design that puts the Conserve femoral ball joint in direct contact with the Conserve Plus cup, adding to the potential for metal on metal wear and debris.

The Wright Hip Implant is also allegedly designed with a flexible neck, that can be adjusted for length to allow a better match to a patient's bones. However, Bond contends that flexible neck increases the possibility for corrosion and failure. After receiving her Wright Hip Implant Bond says she began to have pain and to walk with a limp. In July 2011 Bond's artificial hip joint allegedly came out of the socket. As treatment, she says she was fitted with an abduction brace that she must wear 24 hours a day.

After a doctor's examination of her right hip in July and August 2011, Bond alleges she was told metal debris could be a contributing factor in her pain and that she would require revision surgery.

Bond accuses Wright Medical Group and Wright Medical Technology of negligence for manufacturing and selling what they allegedly knew was a defective product. She claims the companies are liable for the injuries she has endured after her initial surgery. Bond seeks an unspecified amount in damages, both punitive and compensatory, for medical expenses and court costs.

Attorney Robert D. Rowland of Edwardsville is representing Bond. They ask for a jury trial.

Madison County Circuit Court Case No. 12-L-410

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