Callis begins shifting cases from retiring Stack

Amelia Flood Dec. 10, 2009, 11:20am



Madison County Circuit Judge Daniel Stack will find his caseload lighter as he counts down to his impending retirement.

Madison County Chief Circuit Judge Ann Callis entered an order Dec. 7 reassigning a number of Stack's civil cases to her own docket for disposition.

The 83 cases do not include any asbestos cases according to the order. Stack has said he would concentrate solely on the county's asbestos docket for the remainder of his term which ends in November 2010.

All of the cases removed from Stack's docket are set for case management conferences Jan. 22, 2010.

The cases that are currently reassigned are as follows by case number, case title and case type:

04-L-304, Jacqueline Johnson et al vs. Marla Slecka et al, negligence

04-L-946, Mary Case vs. Jose Diaz Jr. M.D., negligence

05-L-099, Jeffrey McQuaid vs. Madison County Illinois et al, negligence

05-L-133, Carlotta Roady vs. Retz Inc. et al, negligence

05-L-138, Charles Knapp vs. James Kirn, negligence

05-L-465, GRP Mechanical Company vs. Kienstra Concrete et al, contract

05-L-483, Brandy Moerlin vs. Dale Martin et al, negligence

05-L-510, Sheila Dunn vs. Aisha Fuller, negligence

05-L-581, Michael Maddalino vs. Patty Hunter et al, negligence

05-L-618, Opal Boyett vs. Granite City Community Unit School District et al, negligence

05-L-659, Mark Graham et al vs. Bostrom Seating et al, other civil

05-L-717, Mary Novosel vs. Jeffrey Anderson, negligence

05-L-812, Dan Arnold vs. AK Steel Corporation et al, benzene

05-L-1050, Veto Kleinaitis et al vs. Ashland Inc, benzene

05-L-1092, Ivy Steel and Wire vs. AJK Inv. Co, contract

05-L-1119, Jerry Harty vs. Fire Safety Inc et al, negligence

05-L-1130, Rebecca Wolfe vs. Belleville Catering, negligence

05-L-1234, Commercial Agency vs. Mary Eaves, contract

05-L-1244, Sandra Thompson vs. Cadaret Rowan, negligence

05-L-1273, Charley Daughhette vs. Rosewood Care Center, negligence

05-L-1275, Alvia Hester vs. AK Steel Corporation et al, benzene

06-L-108, Nancy Bruner vs. Collinsville Hotel V, negligence

06-L-121, Amy Atterberry vs. Jacob Fields, negligence

06-L-176, Dr. James Esser vs. Mark Benz et al, contract

06-L-283, Thomas Williams vs. American Honda Motors et al, negligence

06-L-310, Christopher Gray vs. Ryan Huelsmann et al, negligence

06-L-344, Kevin Long vs. United States Steel, negligence

06-L-404, David Fulks vs. Navy Brand LLC et al, product liability

06-L-452, Carlyle Construction vs. Richard Kilbury, contract

06-L-487, Rowena Redden vs. Gilbert Black et al, negligence

06-L-661, Stacey Luber vs. Dr. Michael Mandis, wrongful death

06-L-681, Patricia Flanagan vs. Bow Wood River Inc., negligence

06-L-723, Vickie Lamere vs. Alton Memorial Hospital, negligence

06-L-736, Shirley Vincent vs. Brandie Odom, negligence

06-L-860, Mildred Aldridge vs. Donna Eberlin, negligence

06-L-1115, Robert Hill vs. Olin Corp., negligence

06-L-1137, Richard Martin Jr. vs. Union Pacific, FELA

07-L-001, Courtney Vostry et al vs. Apex Oil et al, benzene

07-L-009, Crystal Wiegand vs. Chelsea Griffing et al, personal injury

07-L-033, Moniger Excavating vs. Gleeson Concrete, negligence

07-L-050, Rodney Adams vs. Arthur Hoffman, negligence

07-L-071, Kristy Couick vs. Angel Fernandez, battery

07-L-077, Ronda Sechrest vs. Curtis Glover et al, personal injury

07-L-084, Victor Hawkins vs. CSX Transportation, FELA

07-L-093, Virginia Mitchell vs. Beverly Enterprises et al, negligence

07-L-163, Dr. Michael Zelkind vs. Piasa Anesthesia Group et al, contract

07-L-258, Tina Chunn vs. Shannon Logan, negligence

07-L-269, Marie Harvill vs. Joshua Mooney, negligence

07-L-285, Phillip Hensley vs. BNSF Railway et al, legal malpractice

07-L-300, Devonta Cotton et al vs. Crystal Bourland et al, negligence

07-L-314, Julia Emig vs. St. Joseph's Hospital, retaliatory discharge

07-L-323, John Jones vs. A&E Products Group LLC et al, benzene

07-L-339, Pauline Wells vs. Gloria Schoellman, negligence

07-L-498, Steven Norbury vs. Koch Serveying, negligence

07-L-514, Ashlee Hoffman vs. DaimlerChrysler et al, product liability

07-L-547, Betty Marler vs. Maryland Manor Apartments et al, negligence

07-L-558, Caleb Soben vs. Todd Horvath, negligence

07-L-595, Brook Davis vs. Juanja Taylor et al, negligence

07-L-615, Regions Bank vs. Ameren UE et al, wrongful death

07-L-629, Don Schulte vs. Apex Oil Company et al, benzene

07-L-630, Mattie Walker-Bennett vs. City of Alton et al, negligence

07-L-649, Phillip Castelli vs. Michael Castelli, contract

07-L-654, Robert Caban vs. Madison County Illinois, negligence

07-L-677, Joseph Cullivan vs. Union Pacific, FELA

07-L-718, Daniel Forguson et al vs. J&S Construction Management et al, negligence

07-L-725, Lois Nelson vs. Quik Trip, negligence

07-L-771, David Wiley vs. Seth Burnett, negligence

07-L-789, Budget Steakhouse vs. Dennis Price et al, contract

07-L-814, James Wise vs. Robert Hodge et al, fraud

07-L-823, Richard Hinman vs. Prime Development Inc., contract

07-L-828, David Krueger vs. Southern Illinois Railcar Company, negligence

07-L-835, Terri Hart vs. Mark Repking et al, contract

07-L-842, Norma Bellcoff vs. Yvonne Jordan, negligence

07-L-858, Shirley Peckham vs. Ashland Chemical Company et al, benzene

07-L-901, Eugenia Johnson-Jones vs. Alton & Southern Railroad, FELA

07-L-908, James Keith vs. Agency for Community Transport Inc., negligence

07-L-918, Christine Webb vs.Terry Kivlehen, contract

07-L-924, Estate of Rusty Burns vs. Amoco Oil et al, benzene

07-L-941, Rachelle Russell vs. James Green Management, negligence

07-L-989, Dr. Richard Boatman Jr. vs. Dr. William Beckert, defamation

07-L-997, Susan Reinhardt vs. Robert Allen, negligence

07-L-1005, Janet Schleeper vs. Jerseyville County Rural Water, wrongful death

07-L-1011, Estate of Joe Chiapelli vs. Rosewood Care Center, wrongful death

07-L-1026, Estate of Ann Gardiner vs. Larry Brock et al, wrongful

07-L-1055, Kurt Kimberlin vs. Floyd Warren, negligence

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