Associate judges reassigned

The Madison County Record Nov. 17, 2005, 10:30am

Madison County Circuit Court Chief Judge Ed Ferguson changed assignments of associate judges and courtrooms effective Dec. 5. The new assignments for the following judges are as follows:

Judge Ellar Duff: Associate judge, Civil Division, will hear LM, MR, CH, eminent domain and small claims jury cases.

Judge Barbara Crowder: Presiding judge, Family Division, will make all necessary assignments within the division.

Judge David Grounds: Family Division Docket, will hear paternity cases, IV-D cases and orders of protection.

Judge Nelson Metz: Family Division Docket, will continue to hear the family division cases assigned to him.

Judge Tom Chapman: Family Division Docket, will continue to hear current assignment and other cases assigned to him.

Judge Lewis Mallott: Alton/Granite City/Collinsville Docket, will handle those dockets of these outlying courts. He will also handle Highland appearances.

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