Class Action: Steven Faulkner v. American Express

Steve Gonzalez Oct. 1, 2004, 6:39am

On Friday October 8, Judge Byron will hear all pending motions in Steven Faulkner v. American Express, a class action case filed in April 2003 by the Lakin Law Firm of Wood River.

Faulkner, a resident of Edwardsville, claims he was illegally charged a currency conversion fee when he made purchases with his American Express card while traveling in Spain and Jamaica.

Faulkner says American Express imposes this fee only 'to increase revenue' and that it amounts to a 'breach of contract.'

A clause in American Express contract with cardholders says that claimants must select an arbitrator to handle such disputes. Faulkner holds that is unfair because the amount involved is typically less than $100.

80% of New York-based American Express' revenues are generated in the United States, according to Hoover's. They are represented by Burroughs, Helper, and Broom of Edwardsville.

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