Carrie Gonzalez May 22, 2015, 10:43am

May 8, 2015

US Bank v. Joey A. and Tammy S. Nelson , $233,614.93, 3 Linden Ct., Collinsville. 15-CH-295
Onewest Bank v. Loyd DeRossett, $220,061.77, 108 Windridge Dr., Collinsville. 15-CH-296

May 11, 2015

Bank of America v. Benjamin J. Bean, $39,235.61, 2742 Sanford Ave., Alton. 15-CH-297
HSBC Bank v. Richard Jamieson, $211,519.44, 7524 Stonebridge Golf Dr., Maryville. 15-CH-298
Wells Fargo Bank v. Jessie R. Monroe, $56,438.27, 925 Tonsor Rd., Alton. 15-CH-299
Wells Fargo Bank v. Sarah Voss and Derek Kehl, $62,708.20, 5571 Old Alton Rd., Granite City. 15-CH-300

May 12, 2015

Ocwen Loan Servicing v. James Applegate, $70,125.00, 223 Bowman Ave., East Alton. 15-CH-301
Ocwen Loan Servicing v. Darrell W. and Katie E. Ferkel, $93,706.24, 1212 Main St., Highland. 15-CH-302
Wells Fargo Bank v. Candie Liley, Carrie Gardner, and Christie Edwards, $38,276.29, 1426 3rd St., Cottage Hills. 15-CH-303

May 13, 2015

Bank of America v. Clifford McIntyre Sr., $99,549.36, 2555 Pontoon Rd., Granite City. 15-CH-304

May 14, 2015

The Bank of Edwardsville v. Timothy P. and Julie Mayfield, $54,749.95, 7937 Partridge Ln., Moro. 15-CH-306
CitiMortgage v. Peter and Maureen Downs, $154,531.63, 211 Walnut Dr., Collinsville. 15-CH-307
Carrington Mortgages v. Jesse T. and Amanda S. Macias, $122,259.88, 4830 Bambi Dr., Alton. 15-CH-309
Bank of America v. James A. Haldeman , $63,387.08, 1713 Spring Ave., Granite City. 15-CH-310

May 15, 2015

GCS Credit Union v. Timothy A. Wright, $23,067.10, 2813 W. 22nd St., Granite City. 15-CH-311
Bank of America v. Darin W. and Karen K. Girdler, $100,516.88, 1324 Zschokke St., Highland. 15-CH-312
Selene Finance v. Kristopher E. Munger, $87,608.35, 2908 Wayne St., Granite City. 15-CH-313

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