Carrie Gonzalez May 8, 2015, 10:30am

April 23, 2015

Bank of America v. Joseph C. and Phyllis A. Ramsey, $31,706.59, 3024 Alby St., Alton. 15-CH-261
Quiken Loans v. Jenifer Standefer, $93,401.25, 9 N. Main St., Moro. 15-CH-262

April 24, 2015

Deutsche Bank v. Aaron and Amy Delong, $90,791.48, 5315 Williams Pl., Godfrey. 15-CH-264
Wells Fargo Bank v. Stephen G. and Priscilla G. Burlingame, $82,157.91, 334 Schneider St., Worden. 15-CH-265
Wells Fargo Bank v. Holley A. and Ryan Heidel, $150,561.46, 13 Trail Ct., Highland. 15-CH-266
Stearns Lending v. Justin and Hope Grider, $133,107.61, 3 Waikiki Dr., Worden. 15-CH-267

April 27, 2015

1st Midamerica  Credit Union v. Unknown Heirs of Jerry A. King, $34,205.86, 204 Victory Dr., East Alton. 15-CH-269
Wells Fargo Bank v. Mandi A. Smith and Chad Weiss, $120,960.06, 26 Lexington Ln., Highland. 15-CH-271

April 29, 2015

JPMorgan Chase Bank v. James F. Greenwell, $126,765.97, 813 Pardee Rd., Godfrey. 15-CH-272
American Pension Services v. Nicole Rose, $68,227.08, 1802 4th St., Madison . 15-CH-273
PHH Mortgage v. Catherine M. Keaveny, $74,562.81, 607 E. Church St., Collinsville. 15-CH-274
US Bank v. Jacob L. and Courtney M. David, $66,740.45, 3417 Oakwood Ave., Alton. 15-CH-275

April 30, 2015

US Bank v. Kent A. and Vickie Unterbrink, $104,213.40, 504 Tremont , Godfrey. 15-CH-278
Bank of America v. Richard W. and Marisa K. McCreary, $65,107.44, 704 Valley View Dr., Bethalto. 15-CH-279
Wells Fargo Bank v. William M. and Lacy A. Smith, $39,869.38, 3017 Circle Dr., Granite City. 15-CH-280
New Penn Financial v. Christine R. Huff, $160,838.63, 5 Washington Pl. , Edwardsville. 15-CH-282

May 1, 2015

Wells Fargo Bank v. Dawn C. and Paul Strong, $117.380.66, 436 Orchard Ct., Troy. 15-CH-283
Associated Bank v. Robert and Betty Perotka, $78,548.69, 714 Euclid Pl., Alton. 15-CH-284

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